10 Captivating Modern Desks For Your Home Office

With millions of people working from home, there will be a demand for a home office that is outfitted with a desk that is functional for productivity and packed with style. According to Forrester Research, approximately 63 million people will be telecommuting from home by the end year 2016. Now just imagine what the number will be in this new year! Are you apart of this group of professionals that will be working from home? If you are, I am sure you have already located that room in your home,  but now you have to decorate it, right? Unsure where to start? Let me help.

When I think about decorating a home office the first item I get excited about is the selection of the desk. I consider the desk to be the statement piece to any home office. It’s that piece that can be beautiful yet modern in design, and at the same time, it has to have function. If you are looking for that statement desk for your home office then let me share with you 10 captivating modern desks for your future home office.

1. Beautiful Floating Desktop

1-modern floating top desk-min
How beautiful and sleek is this modern floating top desk!! It offers ample storage with the 2 drawers on the left and the tall cabinet on the right. What a perfect piece that offers ample working surface for major projects or planning the family budget for the week.

2. TrendLine Hanover 2-drawer Home Office Desk

2-trendline handover desk-min

I love the mix of the stained wooden base and the clean white lacquered desktop by Trendline Hanover. This piece is very modern and perfect for a home office that is small in size. You can still have a stylish statement piece without sacrificing on functionality.

3.  Industrial & Rustic Writing Desk

3-kosas juliet desk-min

If the modern and rustic decor is your style, then you will love the Kosas Home Juliet desk for your space. The warmth of the reclaimed wood mixed with the dark metal gives this piece an industrial edge.

4. Modern Geometric Writing Desk

4-convenience concept newport desk-min

If you want a modern style desk, but you are a lover of dark stained wood then you will enjoy this desk by Convenience Concepts. I love that it is small in scale and if your home office is lacking in square footage, then this is perfect. Additionally, this beauty is very eye catching with the intricate geometric design on the base of each leg that supports this desk.

5. Pop of Aqua Accented Desk

5-48 aqua accent desk-min
I bet you are screaming for a pop of color in your environment if so this desk is a match made in heaven!! This aqua accented desk by WE Furniture is simple in style with the smooth lacquered desktop balanced with the silver metal legs. Another perfect workstation for your home office.

6. The Glamorous Panache Styled Desk

6-love charmaine blog-minSource: Lovecharmain.com

I don’t know about you, but I fell in love with blogger Charmain Dulak’s office tour! I loved it so much that I shared it on my Instagram page @chichomeaccents. If you love her desk as much as I do and want it for your space, I found another version called Tabitha by Pulaski furniture.

7. Rustic Mixed Media Writing Desk

7-antique nutmeg writing desk-min

Here is another industrially styled writing desk by Coaster Home Furnishing.  I adore the Rustic & industrial style mixed-media materials in the antiqued nutmeg stain desk with the metal finished base in Black. This is perfect for the modern farmhouse styled office of your dreams.

8. Sleek & Smooth Textured Desk

8-safavieh desk-min

Use the sleek lacquer finished desk by Safavieh as the base for a colorful decor scheme, or complement it with subdued colors for a modern and glamorous look for your space.

9. Bold Grid Iron Stainless Steel Design

9-gridiron stainless steel-min
Now, this is a statement piece for that 21st-century modern office by Modway!! This desk is shiny, smooth and sleek almost like a piece of jewelry for your office. What a dream this piece can be!! So glamorous!!

10. White Hollow-core Desk With Metal Accents

10-monach specialties-min

Here is another modern/geometric styled desk for you. The unique style and clean lines will definitely make a bold statement in any office environment.

If a home office refresh or makeover is on your project calendar for this year, then I hope that you came across a style that makes you excited to work from home. Whether your style is industrial and rustic or clean, smooth and modern, you will find a statement desk that will fit your style. Once you have found the “one” check out our previous article, “10 Items To Help Create A Chic & Organized Office”. Until then, have a blessed and productive day!


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