10 Impressive Bohemian Wallpaper Ideas For The Home

Are you a fan of the bohemian design style? Do you find yourself swooning over an interior space that is filled with global-inspired patterns, texture, and colors? If you are shaking your head yes then you’ve come to the right place to find 10 impressive Bohemian Wallpaper ideas for the home.

Yes, wallpaper! One common design elements, you may see in boho-inspired room are accent walls featuring global-inspired prints and/or organic elements of nature. The design style brings a feeling of warmth and a sense of culture to any room.

Thankfully, if you have a desire to bring this style to a room in your home we have retailers like Wayfair that offer many options to view right from the comfort of our home. How awesome is that? However, before you get excited I want to share a few tips before you jumpstart a wallpapering project.

Before you begin your project consider the following before investing:

  • Measure your accent wall and calculate the square footage? Be sure to calculate that and order 15% more just encase mistakes happen
  • Do you have textured walls? If the answer is yes, then you will need to prep your wall by smoothing them out. Connect with a contractor for assistance.
  • Do you have an assistant ready to support you for this project as it will require two sets of hands?

Also, keep in mind if you are picky like me and want to see your potential product before purchase check and see if your online retailer offers sample swatches before committing to a big order. Once you have mapped out your plan then you are ready to shop! Yay!

1. Boho Botanical Inspired Print

scullin boho botanical wallpaper
Source: Wayfair

Peel and stick wallpaper is one of my favorite types of wallpaper to hang. It’s very forgiving for someone that is new to hanging wallpaper. This botanical print by Ebern Designs features a whimsical palm tree design in a muted neutral pattern. This is perfect if you are not quite ready to go bold with printed designs.

2. Neutral Yet Exotic Zebra Print

Corrstown Netral Zebra printed wallpaper
Source: Wayfair

Look at this beautiful large-scaled zebra print!! If you are into a neutral color palette and are a fan of animal prints then this wallpaper design is made just for you! Here is another peel and stick option for you that is easy to care for once installed. Each roll is 24″ in width and is create to be installed as a panel, side by side. This manufacturer included a 3/4″ of overlap down the right side of the roll in order to make matching up the pattern easier.

3. Modern & Organic Leaf Design

Schenk lead Wallpaper design
Source: Wayfair

I am feeling very relaxed looking at this modern yet organic leaf printed wallpaper by Gracie Oaks. This roll is unpasted with a 10.4″ repeat and straight match. It covers about 56.4 square feet. You will need to invest in wallpaper adhesive, adhesive tray, and an adhesive roller for this design. If you are not afraid of a little extra work then give this one a try!

4. Woven Boho Tribal Design

Malonne wallpaper design
Source: Wayfair

Look at this gorgeous boho tribal design from Wayfair. I love the subtle print of this peel and stick wallpaper design. The texture of the wallpaper is surprisingly made out of woven textured polyester fabric with an adhesive backing. So luxurious, right? Each roll measures 24″ in width and is designed to be installed as a panel side by side too.

5. Subtle Geometric Designs

Cory Geometric wallpaper design
Source: Wayfair

Large geometric prints are perfect for accent walls. This stunning watercolor diamond gray geo printed design is digitally printed on polyester wallpaper. That’s right my friends, this design is printed with a woven texture that has an adhesive backing to it. I bet this would look amazing in a home office or boho bedroom. What do you think? Leave me a comment below.

6. Feather Chervon Design

Whittaker wallpaper
Source: Wayfair

Now, this wallpaper design by Whittaker is just divine!! Your friends will think that you commissioned an artist to your home. I adore the large black feather chevron/herringbone design! Heck, I am tempted to order this one myself and install it in my office or powder room.

7. Organic Palm Leaves

jaydon wallpaper design
Source: Wayfair

Are you wanting to transform your space into a tropical oasis? If so, this large-scaled palm leaf design will do the trick! If you crave the coastal look for your boho inspire space them you will enjoy this Jaydon wallpaper design by Bay Isle Home. Just be aware that this design will require a traditional install since it is not a peel and stick wallpaper.

8. Black & White Chain Link Design

chain link wallpaper
Source: Wayfair

If you have made it this far then I know you must be craving for a bolder design, right? Well if the answer is yes then check this beauty out. The Hartfield chain & Link design is bold and at the same time will work with any color scheme in your home. Definitely a playful print waiting to be installed in your home.

9. Modern Geometric Design

modern geo print wallpaper
Source: Wayfair

Turn up the volume on daring and bold on this design by Brayden Studio. This design would be very glamorous if installed in a dining room or and space for entertaining. I love the movement in this design, for its very eye-catching and will spark some fun conversation.

10. African Mudcloth Inspired Design

african mudcloth wallpapper design
Source: Wayfair

Last, but not least, look at this beauty! I am swooning over this African mud-cloth inspired design by World Menagerie! This stunning peel and stick wallpaper design is another match made in heaven for those of you that adore the tribal-inspired designs! I can totally imagine this print in a moody room painted in dark charcoal or black matte tone, how about you?

Well friends, if you’ve made it this far then I know you have been inspired. Using bohemian-inspired wallpaper designs on accent walls in a room can completely transform a space and bring life to it. What as your favorite wallpaper design? Let me know by leaving a comment below. Until then, stay happy, healthy, and safe my friends.


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