6 Helpful Tips That Will Improve The Curb Appeal Of Your Home


House porch with beautiful landscape

First impressions are lasting ones, and they tend to make or break property sells. Buyers and renters form an opinion about the house within eight seconds of laying their eyes on it. Gnome-filled yards and plasters that peel off the building turn people away and prompt them to move on. On the other hand, houses that look great from the outside make people crave to see what awaits inside. Here is how to add character and style to the exterior and wow the viewers and drive-by-inspectors.


1. Setting The Outdoor Stage

The property’s outer appearance is what constitutes its street appeal. Some houses naturally have a ton of it, while others demand you to roll up the sleeves and put in some money. Of course, older houses involve more work and investment. Regardless of these differences, though, rule number one is that to set the stage, you have to start with decluttering.

Scattered clutter and rubbish are the first victims of this task, but you should also deal with items such as garden hoses, kid toys, old doormats, etc. Furthermore, replace or spruce up features like letterboxes that suffer from weather exposure. Do not overlook the detail and see how your house number holds up: This element is both about functionality and aesthetics.

1-exterior lighting

2. In New Light and Tone

Outdoor lighting works miracles for the curb appeal of any house. It highlights architectural features and makes the property look warm and alluring. New fixtures can make a big visual impact and attracts buyers to stop by your home. A good garden lighting, for example, subtly snuggles up to the front of the house and summons a shimmering sensation.

Furthermore, the front door with a fresh coat of paint emanates feel-good and welcoming vibes, while, an eye-catching entryway steals the show. Well-placed stepping stones beautify the appearance, protect the lawn from foot traffic, and guide visitors to the front door. Marble, sandstone, and Portland stone are some of the most popular solutions for steps and paths.

Beautiful entrance porch

3. Do Not Allow Beauty To Take A Backseat

Homeowners with a front deck or verandah should take advantage of these features and make them fully shine. This can be accomplished by assembling a seating area with quality chairs, benches, ottomans, cushions, accessories, and tables. In any event, nice outdoor, weather-resistant furniture is an absolute must.

A front porch with new woodwork or tiles is also worth considering, as it represents one of the first features that the visitors encounter. At last, a decorative front fence is a superb option to line the yard and improve the sense of security, which is paramount to those who have children or pets. A picket fence can be built within a day and it will make the property appear bigger and more alluring.

3-exterior makeup

4. Exterior Makeup

Façade is one of the crucial aspects of the curb appeal. Thus, ponder on an exterior facelift: repainting, re-pointing, fixing defects, enhancing the siding or trim, and or rendering over ugly facades. High-grade solutions like sustianbe fibre cement cladding are always preferable. It is a durable coating system with excellent sound-proofing properties and low maintenance requirements.

Such a pre-finished compressed facade is ideal for green homes and those owners who aspire to go green. What is more, with an unlimited color choice, you can certainly boost the aesthetics. Speaking of which, the choice of the paint color is of the utmost importance, and it should not be as crazy as one on the front door. In fact, it should match the era and overall design of the building.


5. A Green Sanctuary

Next, turn your attention to the front garden and strive to achieve an immaculate look. That is to say that trees, branches, and shrubs must not ruin the pretty picture and obfuscate the features of your home. So, trim overgrown foliage, do away with weeds, and add some fresh mulch.
Introduce splashes of color to the front with new plantings and eliminate dead spots. Put your green fingers to good use and create a manicured, inviting lawn. Those who can afford it should also consider incorporating a brand new turf. This investment could add thousands of dollars to the sales price and pay off multiple times.



6. Beauty Is Only Facade-Deep

A book is often judged by its covers and a house by its façade. Therefore, take a long, critical look at your home from the street and be objective. Take care of anything that blocks the view and obscures the beauty of the building. Maximize street appeal to make a style statement and an immediate impression. Your house will become a standout magnet for buyers, so do not miss your chance to put the best face of your home forward and spark attention in the neighborhood.

Lana Hawkins

Lana Hawkins is a crafty girl and an architecture student from Sydney, Australia. She is the editor-in-chief on Smooth Decorator. Lana enjoys writing about inspiring interiors and creative home improvement projects. Lana is interested in sustainability and green building, and that's where she gets most of her inspiration. In her free time, she loves cooking and spending time outdoors.

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