How to Create A Stellar Home Office


With trends such as remote work, freelancing, and telecommuting gaining prominence, more and more people are deciding to abandon offices and retreat to their home environments. However, working in the kitchen while simultaneously preparing lunch simply does not cut it. Your work-space has a profound effect on your mood and productivity. What you need is a dedicated work area, where you can get into the zone and nail your tasks. The process may involve trial and error before you get everything right, so brace yourself.

1. A personal touch

It is time to think beyond the sterile, uninspiring cubicles people call corporate offices. It is your home, so unleash the inner designer. Try to put together a stimulative environment that ignites passion and creativity. Think in terms of posters, framed photos, potted plants, accessories, etc. Add items that help you spawn ideas, but do not go overboard with décor.

Visual clutter should be avoided at all costs, as it impedes focus, increases the level of stress, and acts as a detraction. Disorganized and an office that is too casual obstructs your workflow with unnecessary mind blocks. Noise is also not a welcome guest in your office, so preserve privacy and peace. Adhere to the psychology of colors and reconsider your wall color choice.


2. In The Limelight

Set a simple, minimal stage: Efficiency is your guiding light. Those who can afford it should consider expanding the room and gaining more space. At the very least, do not blend the office with the rest of the domestic landscape. It best fulfills its purpose if you keep it a separate entity, away from the rest of the home goings-on. It pays off to focus on the functionality first and add flavor and character later.

For instance, you have to get the lighting right. A desk lamp that is too dim or bright undermines concentration, induces eye strain and affects the mood. The best kind of lighting is a natural one, so make sure to harness it. Still, even if the positioning of the windows works to your advantage, you’ll most likely need multiple sources of artificial light. Pay close attention to the angle, location, intensity, and color of the fixtures.

3. Piece By Piece

Furthermore, quality office furniture is an absolute must. Get your hands on a quality work desk, and strive to keep it clean and well-organized. Pair it up with an ergonomic, adjustable chair. Place your technology, and you have laid the foundations for uninterrupted workflow. However, know that sitting around the whole day, even in the most comfortable chair, is not the recipe for a long and healthy life.

In fact, a sedentary lifestyle can take a big toll on you and cause back pain and other health issues. It is, thus, a good idea to consider standing desks and other innovative solutions. An extended period of standing comes with its own perils, but that is when anti-fatigue mats come to save the day. These resilient and comfortable surfaces spur low-intense muscle activity and mitigate detrimental health effects.

Finally, note that storage space has a vital role to play. Everything should have its proper place. Keep things stored, yet close at hand. Utilize shelving, filing cabinets, files, pencil cups, trays, and folders. Get rid of piles of paperwork, scattered knickknacks and keep the cable mess at bay. To make the most of the available space, go for customized and built-in storage solutions.

4. New Professional Heights

The concept of “Do not take your work home” has been turned on its head. Individuals working from their homes are rolling up their sleeves and investing in personal sanctuaries of productivity. They know that when engrossed with a ton of work, things like a swell design and quality furniture make a huge difference. So, inject your personality into the office and accommodate your specific needs. Let it support your work habits and facilitate your climb up the career ladder.

Molly Milson

Molly is a student of Interior Design. Drawing, photography and especially urban design are her passions. Aside from studying, she enjoys watching documentary movies about the history of art and interior design.

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