My New 2016 Planner Set Up

You might be thinking…2016 planner set up now? It’s March 2016, why such a late start to planning? My philosophy is that it is never too late to get organized and be a better planner. When organized, you work to your fullest potential and having a personal assistant like a planner can help achieve that. Now, I personally always had some planner from my digital calendar in outlook or a simple handheld planner from places like OfficeMax. But after many years of learning more about myself and what motivates or get me excited to drive goals I decided to create a system that works for me.

I LOVE crafting! So I wanted to create a planner where I pull together fun colors and ideas into one place with stickers and quotes to get me excited each day. After getting inspired by tons of Instagram and Pinterest planner ideas, I decided it was time to treat myself to a planner that fits my style in 2016.

Back in February, I decided to order my very 1st Filofax Domino planner. I decided to order the gorgeous hot pink color that you see in the photo below. I love how smooth and durable this planner is. However, a transformation was in the making for this beauty. So let’s break down my planner set up!

Brand– I am using the Filofax Domino a5 Planner This planner has a vinyl exterior which makes it easy to clean and is also a great shield against water spills too. You may notice the cute tassel, right? I found that beauty at my local Michaels Arts and Crafts for $4.00? I think? But not over $5.00.

Size– All Filofax organizers features a six ring binder, 16 index, assorted notepaper, a ruler/page marker, to-do lists, a section for contacts and addresses and a 2016 weekly planner. The Domino measures 8.2 x 0.7 x 5.8 inches. It’s the perfect size for me because I like to write relatively large and it leaves room for me to add all of my inserts and stickers when I begin to plan out each week. In addition to that this planner fits perfectly in my tote that I carry with me on the go!

Blog planner_1

Inside-When you open up my planner you will see a pocket folder where I keep my Project life quote cards by becky higgins. Sometimes I need a quote or staying to boost me up for the month or the day. Sometimes finding a quote that inspires me will set the tone for the day for me and how I interact with people. You may notice on the very 1st page on the right I have a quote that says “Be the Change you wish to see in the World.” I adore this quote!!

Moving on, to the top of the folder I found some cute post-its by Fiddle stick sticky notes for $2.99 at Hobby Lobby. I always like to keep these handy for quick reminders throughout my week. At the bottom, I have some cute Clip rite solid clip tabs I found at OfficeMax for 3.29 that I decided to label with my p-touch machine and embellish with my Heidi Swapp clips for $3.50. I use these for call outs to essential tasks that need my attention.

blog planner_2

blog planner_3

Inserts– Even though this planner came with necessary inserts I wanted to have some colorful ones. As a result of my Etsy searches, I decided to download Madeincratadise’s beautiful predated 2-page monthly calendar for only $3.00. In addition to that, I also downloaded A5 2016 Vertical Week on 2 page printable hourly schedule with a Sunday start by Perfectly organized. I love this set up because I need to know what’s going on in my daily schedule. I tend to be a busy mom, wife, and businesswoman so having an hourly breakdown of my day works best for me.

blog planner 4

Tabs– To keep things organized and fun I decided to create my labeled tabs. Since the color theme of my planner is pink, gold and white I decided to use the Be Bold Be Bright foiled sheets by The Paper Studio from my local hobby lobby. The paper came in a pack with 80 foiled sheets for only $19.99.  You can trace the tabs inserts that came with the Filofax planner, cut them out and laminate the finished tab. How pretty!! Then to finish things off, I used my P-touch machine to label each tab! My sections are as follows:

  • Calendar: a Monthly overview
  • Schedule: Weekly view of what’s going on daily and by the hour.
  • Projects: Each tab includes a new project I have going on either for home or my blog. Did you know you can create projects in Microsoft Word and print them out using the A5 setting? S
  • Blog section: for ideas and overall performance
  • Social Media Section: for recording Stats
  • Supplies: for my ruler and a pocket for my washi tapes, my paper studio Celebrate life quote stickers and my 365 the happy planner stickers.

blog planner 5

In the back section, I keep a notepad that I found at OfficeMax. I decided that it was too boring, so I decorated the top of the notepad with my super cool foiled paper in the pink with a gold heart pattern. In LOVE!! Lastly, this Filofax has a place to store my cute pink and gold bead pen that I crafted last month. If you did not see how I created this sparkly piece of joy, then click on “How to Create A Stylish Bead Pen.”

Overall, I had a great time creating a personalized planner set up for this has kept me organized in my home, life, and spirit. I hope that you found this helpful and inspire you to be a master planner of your life and future goals. Until next time I hope that your day is filled with sparkle and shine!!

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