How To Decorate A Small Backyard Patio

how to decorate a small backyard patio

Hey friends, I am so happy to have you back! If you are new to my blog welcome, and if not I am so happy you are back for more! Today, I am ready to help out my friends that have a smaller sized patio. These spaces are a little more challenging to design because the space is very limited compared to a larger sized patio.

Today I will be sharing with you helpful tips on how to decorate a small backyard patio. You will learn about what are the characteristics of a small size patio, what to avoid when designing your space, and tips to consider before shopping. After we’ve touched on these main points I will share with you 15 decor ideas that will get you inspired to start your designing today! Are you ready? Let’s get started!!

What Is Considered A Small Patio?

small patio set

So I am sure you are still reading this post wondering if your patio is considered small-sized or you may be wondering what are the characteristics of a small patio? If the answer is Yes, let’s talk go into more depth. Patio spaces that are either 6-10 feet by 8-12″ feet or less are considered small size. This space typically fits 3-4 people comfortably without getting too crowded.

So, when you are getting ready to design your outdoor oasis consider measuring your space and calculate your square footage before setting your design process. To figure our square footage of a square or rectangular space multiplies the length x width = area. For example, my patio is 10×10 which equals 100 square footage.

What To Avoid When Designing Your Small Space?

Now, stop! I know you are extremely eager to shop and purchase your patio set, the decor, and all the things, but take a deep breath. Let’s talk about what you should avoid doing when designing your patio:

  1. Purchasing your furniture without reviewing the specifications: Don’t do it! Before you buy, read. Make sure this set fits your lifestyle. Ask yourself do you want to create a space for lounging or do you want a space to have small dinners that would require a table.
  2. Selecting too many accent decor pieces to your small space: Adding an abundant amount of decor pieces can make your patio look cluttered, chaotic, and make the area look even smaller. Which is completely opposite of zen, right? Limit yourself to just 5 simple decor pieces for starters.
  3. Selecting decor items that are too large: Again, have a small footprint to your patio adding accent pieces that are too large will also create the illusion of less space. Choose your pieces wisely and at the same time hold on to your recipes because you can always return, right?

Tips to Consider Before Shopping for your Decor?

woman thinking outside

My favorite tip to share when designing a new space in your home is to look at the dimensions of that dream set you have in mind. grab the tape measure and painters tape and physically map out your space to scale just like you would map out your wall gallery. this is extremely important if you are doing most of your shopping online…

Once you have followed this method, then you are ready to get started with your shopping and design process. Which is SO MUCH FUN!! To help inspire you, I have sourced some great ideas from furniture all the way to the decor accessories to get you started. Are you ready to check them out? If you said yes! Let’s get started!!

1. Find Your Foundation, A Gorgeous Patio Set!

macgregor outdoor set
Source: Home Depot

When designing your outdoor oasis I recommend starting with your statement piece, which is the bistro set. Once you’ve decided on the perfect piece that fits your style then begin to design around it. If you are still unsure of where to set looking for some great options, check out my most recent blog post, “10 Stylish & Modern Outdoor Bistro Sets”. I guarantee that article will get you inspired. In addition to that, below you will find a selection of bistro sets that are beautiful.

2. Find the Appropriate Sized Area Rug For Your Space.

Gray Nuloom outdoor rug
Source: Home Depot

Having an accent rug to complement your bistro set can elevate your outdoor space instantly. Try adding a rug that includes 1-2 colors of your patio set. For example, If your set has a black frame, then find an area rug that has a bit of black in it. Or if your cushions are blue then find an area rug with a similar tone of blue that complements your set. By doing this you will create a cohesive design. Here are some ideas to get you started. I found a mix of neutrals and color patterns for you.

3. Add A Fabulous & Functional Accent Table

pottery barn accent table
Source: Pottery Barn

Having an outdoor space to relax after a long day calls for a fun and stylish accent table where you can sit your yummy cocktails on, right? The important thing to remember when decorating a small space is to select a table that will not take up too much real estate and allow for enough space or drinks and a small plate. In order to take the guesswork out of finding a table below, I have found some great ideas for you to see. My favorite one is the Safavieh Athena Stone accent table. What’s your favorite?

4. Add Some Real Plants, Yes Real Ones!

herb garden

Yes, I mean it! You will thank me later. My mom, hubby (yes, he has a mean green thumb), and many of my favorite Instafriends inspired me to go real vs. faux. And let me tell you, it feels so good to take care of a plant and see it grow. It is also so therapeutic to walk into your space and see so much green! It makes me feel like I am at a spa or private retreat. Below you will find a mix of annuals, herbs, and perennials plant ideas for you to enjoy. I also added some mosquito repelling plants too! And guess what? You can have plants delivered too!! What a win-win situation!!

5. Find Some Planters That Fits Your Style.

plant pots

For me, planters are like jewelry for your patio and beautiful plants! Whatever your color scheme from monochrome, neutral to the bold beautiful bite of color, go for it. I love to have a variety of sizes to create visual interest. Remember, everything works better in 3’s! below I found a mix of all designs to get you inspired…

6. Bring On A Breeze With A Ceiling Fan.

Ceiling Fan
Source: Wayfair

Your tropical paradise will not be complete without a gentle breeze coming from a beautiful ceiling fan. Did you know that the downward draft that ceiling fans create makes it a challenge for insects to fly? I love this fact because I despise mosquitoes and pesky June bugs, yuck! When deciding on a ceiling fan make sure you measure and also make sure your patio is wired for one and has the necessary structural support. That will save you time and money, my friend.

7. Add A Bit Of Sparkle With String Lights

String Lights

I don’t know about you, but I love the romantic twinkle cafe string lights bring to any outdoor venue. So, why not add a little bit of sparkle to your outdoor space. We just recently installed them on our patio and I love them. You don’t have to have a special event to hang them. Why not make every night special at home.

8. Add Pouf or Ottoman For Cozy Relaxation Time

Source: Wayfair

Since this entire article is about small patio spaces, finding a small pouf or ottoman to prompt your feet up will be important. Right now, textures like jute, sea-grass, and rattan have become popular in ottomans and poufs. Most love them because they are small in size and can double as additional seating. Below you will find a mix of poufs and ottomans to help get you inspired.

9. Toss Pillows For Additional Comfort & Style

outdoor pillows
Source: Pottery Barn

Adding toss pillows are the easiest way to create a cozy-looking space. Just imagine being all snuggled up in your favorite chair be comforted by a glass of wine, soft chunky pillows, and cool breeze. I feel it right now! There are so many fabric textures to choose from polyester to many handwoven textures. Right now, the woven toss pillows are giving me life!!

10. Throw Blankets For those Chilly nights

pottery barn patio chair
Source: Pottery Barn

I know you may be thinking, it’s too hot for blankets in the summertime, right? Well, I have to disagree because on some summer nights we do experience a little cold front here and there. When that cold front comes and you still want to enjoy being outdoors to have that lovely sunset, you will be prepared. I found some very cozy and warm throw blankets in various colors and textures. Right now, I am loving any throw with pom poms!!

11. Small Table Tray For Snacks & Drinks

wayfair table tray
Source: Wayfair

Table trays are not essential, but they are very convenient when you want to bring a small snack or yummy cocktails out to enjoy with your BFF or your special someone in your life. There so many options to choose from farmhouse to modern I am confident you will find your perfect companion for your patio space.

12. A Cute Watering Bucket

watering can

Yes, I said it, a cute watering can! This item can be functional and act as decor too. There are so many styles & finishes to choose from galvanized, copper, ceramic, and many more! For my personal space, I selected a black modern styled watering can that is small in size and fits perfectly on my patio without taking up so much space.

13. Lanterns for Ambient Lighting

patio lanterns

If you still have a little space left on your patio to add a little more ambiance then I recommend adding outdoor lanterns. I enjoy watching sunsets as I am sure you enjoy them too. As the sun begins to set and slowly watching the lights illuminate from cafe lights and lanterns are so magical and peaceful to me. If you are needing a bit of magic and peace then treat your patio to some charming lanterns this season.

14. Outdoor Curtains for Shade

patio curtains
Source: Pottery Barn

My friends this photo is gorgeous! I love the addition of the outdoor curtains! They are beautiful in design and offer so many great benefits to your patio. Some of the benefits of outdoor curtains are that they can work are a sound buffer, they offer privacy for those romantic conversations, and they offer another layer of UV protection too.

15. Outdoor Fire Pits

outdoor fire pit
Source: Home Depot

Remember the times when you roasted marshmallows outdoors as a child? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to relax after a long day, warm up by a cozy fire pit and roast them with your family? I say, yes! There are so many options when it comes to adding a fire pit to your patio from wood-burning, gas, and electric. If your space allows for this I would check out some ideas below.

Well, friends as always. I hope that you found this article helpful and it also sparks some ideas for your patio too. Whether your patio is large or small I know you will grab some sort of inspiration to begin creating your very own outdoor oasis. Until then, leave me a comment below and let me know if you will be enjoying your outdoor space this season. Thank you for visiting.



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  • I love having lanterns on my patio. Additional soft lighting makes such a difference! The only problem I have is with real plants – I’m not a green thumb at all! LOL Love what you’ve done with your patio, Natasha! I don’t think I would have been brave enough to paint or stain the concrete, so you are definitely a home improvement guru. 🙂

    • Erin!! Hey girl!
      I agree that lanterns are a great source of soft lighting! I feel you about not having that green thumb. I am learning
      one youtube video and google search at a time. Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you have a fabulous day.
      XOxo Natasha 🙂

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