8 Benefits To Having A Retractable Screen Door

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Retractable screen doors have been around for centuries, yet they offer an ultra-modern, attractive, customizable design element that enables you to create a seamless transition from the indoors to outdoors. It is a perfect home improvement for a condominium, a single-family home, an apartment, or a duplex.

The Features

  • Universal Fit – These doors fit any window or door. Ideal for French windows, patios, terraces, French doors, and entryways.
  • Highly customizable to your needs. They come in single, slider or swing-out options.
  • A variety of closure options – such as latching handles that can be locked or magnets at the bottom and top of the door built into the frame.
  • Fit any size – as they can be customized to fit any size between the maximum height of 120 inches and a width of 48 inches.
  • Long-life – All the frames are aluminum powder-coated with color to withstand the toughest elements.
  • Corrosion-resistant, thus ideal for sea-facing homes.
  • Wide variety to suit your design needs – They come in 10 colors, 15 real wood veneers plus custom colors to match your décor.
  • Varied Screen Choices such as Standard which is a strong, stiffened fiberglass mesh. The No-see-um, it is an extra-fine mesh that protects from smaller insects called can’t-see-ums. The Solar screen that blocks more sun rays compared to the standard mesh. And a Pet screen that is a heavy-duty screen that withstands damage caused by pets.
  • The mesh colors- two options are available – charcoal black and grey.
  • Professionally installed to ensure they work perfectly while the workmanship is exquisite.
  • The roll control, safe glide return system, and spring tension ensure that the doors close slowly and softly. The screen slows down when being retracted keeping your fingers safe.
  • A cylinder or cartridge retracts the screen door rolling it out of sight when not in use.
  • The low-profile bottom rail is embedded into the floor so no stubbed toes or tripping. The groove of the slide is easy to clean with a vacuum.

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The Benefits

  1. These screens disappear when not in use this means they remain out of sight and out of the way. As they roll away, they do not get dirty. Besides they are easy to clean with the usual cleaning supplies. This reduces household chores yet facilitates partitioning and privacy when required.
  2. They keep disease-carrying vectors and insects away while ventilating your home. You could leave just the retractable screen door in place to prevent mice, rats, mosquitoes, flies, and other insects at bay while letting the breeze in on a sweltering day.
  3. During summer, they keep the house ventilated and during winter they can contribute to reduced energy costs. This is because they cause a 50% increase in solar heat gain, besides natural light. This translated to reduced electricity consumption while keeping your home cozy.
  4. These doors retract into a cylinder that curls the screen around a pole inside. While the screen is rolling back, it is brushed by a micro-fiber lining at the mouth of the cylinder. This lining brushes off any dust, pollen or soot clinging to the screen.screen door 3
  5. If you are allergic to dust and pollen retractable screen doors are what you need. These keep the indoors air free of particulate matter that may irritate your pulmonary system. You can take an extra precaution by cleaning your screen with a brush or microfiber cloth and even use a hand vacuum. This ensures that the mesh remains unclogged while filtering the air flowing due to ventilation.
  6. These screen doors also ensure privacy around the pool, the terrace or any part of your home by curtaining off an area you want to yourself. The self-storing feature eliminates the chore of removing the screen when the light is low during winter or cloudy days.
  7. Last but not the least, if you are renovating or redecorating they are easy to install or replace. They come in two options the add-on and built-in. In the built-in option, they come built into the window frame while the add-in is fitted into the window frame. The entire screen is encapsulated into a cartridge that pops out of the window frame for replacement or repair.
  8. You can reduce the cost of installation by 80 – 90 % if you choose an integrated retractable screen door. The cartridge feature also eliminates the chances of damage while transport. They are not only affordable, but they also find a wide application in garage doors and recreational vehicles (RV) due to their features and benefits.

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  • That is nice that the screens don’t get dirty when they roll away. Maybe it would be good to get some retractable screen doors that I could keep clean. This is something I will have to look into getting installed on my doors sometime soon.

  • Thanks for pointing out that retractable screens keep disease-carrying insects away while ventilating your home. My wife and I love the weather in the area we live in but can’t leave doors open because we have a lot of mosquitos. I will be sure to find a good screen service near me so that we can start enjoying the weather we love without giving in to the pests that surround our climate.

  • I loved that you said that retractable screen doors can keep the air indoor from having dust particles. My husband told me he would like a custom screen door. We moved to a new house and we need to do some remodeling soon.

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