About Us

Chic Home Life is a lifestyle brand that believes that everyone can have a home and life the expresses their specific sense of style, fashion and trend. Here at Chic Home Life, our goal is to share stylish and inspirational content that will inspire our readers to have the Chic Home and life of their dreams.

As a mom, wife and creative I personally love seeking out the latest in home trends as it relates to décor for styling a room. Additionally, I love collaborating with fellow creatives that love to share ways on designing a specific space in a home to sharing tips on simplifying your life through organizational guides.

The goal of Chic Home Life is to be your personal resource for design and décor tips, reviews on items for the home and life, recipes ideas (“Yummy Eats) for the family or that next dinner party. Most importantly, we want to be the place that provides simple living ideas to make your home and life function easily, and a resource to live a balance life through personal growth, family and health.

I truly want to be that person that helps inspire you to have the Chic Home Life you always wanted. Cheers to all and welcome to Chic Home Life!

About Natasha Hopkins

Founded in 2013 Chic Home Accents begin, by Natasha and husband Fred Hopkins. In 2017 Chic Home Accents transitioned to now Chic Home Life as a way share inspirational ways to improve your home, life and well-being. Based deep in the heart of Austin, Texas Natasha created a space where readers can have resources to create, decorate and improve their home living. Natasha is very down to earth, compassionate and ready to inspire and at the same time have some fun. Currently, she collaborates with a team of guest writers that enjoy all things design, décor and simple living.