20 Modern Boho Decor Ideas For The Home Office

20 modern Boho Decor Ideas For the Home Office

Working from home is becoming more of the “new normal” these days would you agree? Many employers are saving money on monthly rent for office space by allowing employees to work for home.

If you are apart of the WFH (work from home) group then I am sure you have become inspire to update your home office, right? I bet the answer is yes and why not. Creating a space that fits your style is not only fun, but it can make your workday more productive being in a space that brings you joy.

Today, I will be sharing with you 20 Modern Boho Decor Ideas For Your Home Office. Yes, for those of you that swoon over the Bohemian or Boho decor trend this article is just for you. If you adore the mix or texture, color, and eclectic mix of global-inspired decor, get ready to be inspired!

1. Mid Century Modern Styled Desks

Mid Century Modern Desk Style

Before I dive into all of the decorative accessories, I want to first discuss the core essential pieces you should start with first. The important design elements, to begin with, is your desk, chair, and rug. These pieces will set the mood and tone for your home office. And if you don’t have a big budget to start with at least you will have the core pieces to start working in your boho-inspired space.

So, the desk…When it comes to creating a boho-inspired office consider incorporating a desk with a mid-century modern design. This style of furniture is commonly seen in boho designed spaces. You may be thinking, what are the characteristics of mid-century modern furniture? Well let cover a few together:

  • Mid-century modern furniture is usually simple in design and made from wood with natural finished exposed.
  • You will discover that most mid-century modern furniture is designed with tapered legs with the appearance of the furniture floating on top of the legs.
  • Mix Media: Some mid-century modern designs uses a combination of natural wood and man-made veneers.

The list above revealed a few design elements in order to help you get started with sourcing the desk of your dreams. To help you get started I sourced 10 different styles below. You will see a mix of wood and man-made veneers. If you see one you like you can click on the image and it will take you to my favorite websites for shopping for home decor! Do you see a favorite style already?

2. Global Inspired Rugs

boho rug ideas
Source: Wayfair

One easy way of adding an element of boho-inspired design into your office is by adding a rug with cultural influence such as African, Scandinavian, Asian, and many more. What makes these rug considered to be “boho-inspired” are the following characteristics:

  • Bohemian styled rugs are filled with bold and intricate designs inspired by many cultural designs from across the world. The designs can also be muted and subtle in tone.
  • Bohemian rugs colors can range from warm earth tones to bold jewels tones of blue, purple, and teal.
  • The material used to create these rugs are typically natural fibers in a flat-weave approach like sisal, bamboo, hemp, and jute. However, if you are not a fan of natural fibers you can now find boho-inspired rugs create in man-made material like Polypropylene. This material is very durable for high traffic areas in the home.

So when selecting the rug for your office consider the color, tone, and how much traffic you will have in your beautiful space. To help you get started I have sources a few styles below from animal, geo prints, and more! I am currently obsessed with the Makenna and Edoile styles! I spy an office refresh coming my way soon!

3. Mid Century Modern Accent Chairs

bungalo Barrel Chair
Source: Wayfair

Now that we have talked about finding your desk and rug I think you would agree with my next recommendation. That is sourcing that “Statement chair” for your desk. Caution, a few of the styles I will be sharing with you are purely for the aesthetics, however, I do want to stress the importance of finding an office chair that is ergonomically right for your back too. So, please consider the amount of time you will be spending in your home office. Your back health is important to me.

A common theme you will notice in the chair selections below is that most of them have that mid-century-modern flare to them. You will find all wooden chairs with the tapered leg style along with upholstered chairs. I am swooning over the Bungalow barrel chair that is featured above. I adore its intricate rattan detail on the back, the classical arm detail that’s accented with rugged rawhide, and black mahogany legs! I know this chair is not made for sitting for long periods of time, but it definitely makes a statement. What do you think?

4. Decorative Accent Tables

accent table ideas
Source: Wayfair

You are probably thinking, why should I include an accent table in my home office? Well, accent tables will simple in form can offer the following solutions to your office from:

  • Offering additional storage for books and other documents that you do not want to be displayed on top of your desk for other eyes to see.
  • If you are a plant lover and want to add some organic life in your office this would be a great spot to display your favorite plant.
  • Displaying your precious collectibles you have sourced from your travels. The options are endless.

5. Wall Art That Makes A Statement

Feather framed wall art
Source: Wayfair

Another way to bring in the boho vibes into your office is by installing some statement art pieces. I find that adding artwork to your workspace helps evoke a certain mood you want to feel while working. You can still artwork that’s inspiring and uplifting or you can install pieces that bring on that global traveler vibes to your space. Some examples of boho-inspired artwork may include the following designs:

  • Subtle abstract pieces that are linear in design. These are great just make sure you select pieces that will be calming to the eye.
  • Still life art designs like feathers, African masks, and plants are usually a win in bohemian spaces.
  • Cultural prints and motifs are another way to bring in that tribal look into your workspace.

What type of artwork do you enjoy the most? Let me know in the comments below. Until then, here are some great examples to check out.

6. Bohemian Wall Tapestries

bohemian wall decor-1

Macrame may be best known for its bohemian trend in our world from 1960-1970. However, the textile art form of knotting and hitching is believed to have originated between the 13th-17th century in places such as western Asia, Northern Africa, The Horn of Africa and, Western Indian Ocean islands. Later on, this style moved to the Americas, Western Europe, Indonesia, Israel, Turkey, and Iran.

Fast forward to today woven wall tapestries/macrame have become extremely popular in boho spaces again. Wall hanging like this features gorgeous workmanship of global-inspired designs with its brimming and beautiful knotwork. For those of you that have a love for eclectic decor you will fall in the options I found below.

7. Stylish Desk Lamps

desk lamp
Source: Wayfair

Desks lamps are essential especially if you are going to be working in the evening time. Having a desk lamp helps minimize strain on your eyes, yes eye health is important. Another benefit is that having a lamp makes reading much easier as it reduces the number of shadows and glares on your eyes.

So, with that said give your eyes some grace and get a desk lamp. Now, this is your home office and you don’t have to be boring. Find a desk lamp that fits your boho style. I found a mixture of metals from gold, copper, silver, black, and white. All of the desk lamps are sleek, modern, and chic. Check them out for yourself!

8. Table Top Desk Vases

table vase set
Source: Wayfair

Now, let us discuss desktop accessories! I will say this, I love desktop accessories however, let keep them down to a minimum to help avoid clutter. Having too many accessories can create the following stresses during your workday:

  • Distractions: Too many pieces of decorative pieces can steer you away for your way. Why? it creates clutter and when you have too much clutter you become tempted to start cleaning or re-organizing vs. working on your task for work. Has that ever happen to you? I am raising my hand now.
  • Claustrophobia: Yes, if you have a small work surface area adding too many objects will reduce your space for writing and a laptop to work.
  • Anxiety and stress: Too much clutter and also create a sense of anxiety and stress and suppress your productivity and creativity.

So all in all, having beautiful decor on the desk area creates a sense of style but remember to keep it minimal. Below you will find some gorgeous desk accessories ideas for your space.

9. Decorative Floor Plants

floor plant

Either real or faux, bring in organic matter into your workspace can become therapeutic during your workday. To me seeing green plants just brings on a certain type of relaxing energy during the workday for me. In the past, I was a HUGE fan of faux plants, but being in quarantine has given me a new appreciation for owning real plants. Why? Check out some of the benefits of have real plants in your home office.

  • Clean air benefits: Having plants in the office helps improve the air quality by removing harmful pollutants in the air.
  • Stress-reducing: Plants provide a source of cheerful energy in a work environment which helps fosters happiness and productivity.
  • Noise reduction: Plants have been known to be a buffer of sound.

So, if you are still a fan of faux plants then I have sourced a few options for you. However, I still stand firm on adding some real plants to your space because it will help you take work breaks to care for them. Caring for plants has been proven to be therapeutic too.

10. Global Inpsired Woven Baskets

wicker baskets
Source: Wayfair

Floor baskets? Yes! You will need some stylish global-inspired baskets for your office and I will tell you why? For one, baskets can be decorative for placing your real on faux plants inside. I swear your office will begin to morphe into a space that is worthy of a feature in HGTV magazine! Your decorative baskets can also serve as storage for those throws and pillows.

Yes, throws and pillows! I don’t know about you but in the summer months, it’s nice to have the A/C on but sitting in one spot for long periods of time reduces your body heat. The same goes for the winter months too! So, having a handy throw to wrap around your body is ideal. Check out the variety I found below. You will find a mix of solid, pattern and faux fur throws to chose from!!

11. Gorgeous Textured Pillows

woven pillows
Source: Wayfair

Textured pillows have been trending for years now! I adore seeing a mix of solid and handcrafted pillows available on the market today. You are probably thinking why have pillows in the office?

I love having throw pillows for additional back support when sitting for long periods. And you know me, the pillows have to be comfy and gorgeous at the same time. Additionally, sometimes I love to pile a bunch of decorative pillows on the floor and just sit a work too. So, there you have it! But if pillows are not your thing then you can skip to the next decor options for your office.

12. Chic Coasters For That Special Cup Of Coffee

Coffee coasters
Source: Wayfair

Having coasters for your office is a must-have especially is you enjoy drinking hot beverages during the workday. Why? If your desk is made from man-made veneers or laminate it is extremely important to have coasters. Hot drinks can melt or warp veneers which is no fun at all. Also if your drink has color, you run the risk of spilling your yummy drink on your desk and creating stains on your work surface.

Below, I have found a mix of wooden, marble, and ethnic printed coasters to get you started.

13. Stress Relieving Candles

wooden candles
Source: Pottery Barn

While candles these days are decorative in form just like the candles featured above from Pottery Barn they also play an important part in reducing stress during the workday. How? well, let us discuss a few good points and I know you will be convinced!

  • Stress reduction: Just the flicker from the flame and the low lighting provided by candlelight creates an ambiance of relaxation and calm. We all need that during the workday!
  • Creativity boosting: When the brain is relaxed from the sight and scent of a candle you become a bit more productive during the workday.

A few scents known to relax the mind, body, and soul are lavender, Vanilla, and Sandalwood for starters. Lavender is known to relax and calm the mind. Sandalwood is a stress-reducing scent known for its natural, clean scent, perfect for lighting at the end of a busy day in the office. Vanilla, oil has sedative qualities that help reduce anger and anxiety. So consider adding one of these into your office.

14. Decorative Throw Blankets

throw blanket
Source: Wayfair

Throw blankets are a must-have in a home office. With the A/C running at home in the summers months and the chilliness from winter calls for additional warmth from a throw blanket. I keep a few in my office just encase I want to cover my leg or cover my arms. My favorite textures are chenille, faux fur so the winters months and cotton blends.

15. Mix Media Wall Shelves

Leaning ladder shelf
Source: Kirklands

Wall shelves are trending right now especially floating wall shelves that are wooden with metal accents. Wall shelves can be a functional way to use for storing office supplies in addition to showcasing beautiful art pieces you many have collected for an exciting vacation destination.

Before selecting your shelving for your office I recommend measuring the size of your office first. If you have a substantial amount of space then go for a bookshelf or a leaning wall shelf like you see in the photo above. However, if you have a smaller footprint to work with then I suggest you experiment with floating wall shelves on an accent wall of your choice. Below you will find a few ideas to get you started.

16. Add An Eye-Catching Chandelier

mistana farah chandelier
Source: Wayfair

Chandeliers are like the cherry to the top of a yummy ice cream sundae. A chandelier is like eye candy to any interior space in your home. So, why be basic in your space? When selecting a light fixture for your boho space consider finding one that is modern, bold, and filled with texture! In most boho-inspired rooms you will find the following elements on a chandelier:

  • Rattan or woven design.
  • Linen Fabrics.
  • Metal & Frosted Glass Dooms with a geometric design.
  • Bamboo & other wooden textures.

I have sourced about 10 different styles I know you will love! So far I am drooling over the Farrah drum chandelier with the rope accents from Wayfair!

17. Global Inspired Wall Baskets

Woven wall baskets
Source: Potterybarn

Adding woven wall baskets like the example above from Potterybarn can really transform your space into boho. You can find wall baskets like these made usually from fibers like water hyacinth, bago bago vine, palm leaves, and many more. I recommend finding a mixture of sizes, colors, and patterns and hang them on a wall in a grouping.

18. Create An Accent Wall With Wall Paper

Swett wallpaper roll
Source: Wayfair

Wallpaper can be another way of transforming your space. If you want to play around with an ethnic or geometric design try incorporating it on an accent wall. This can be very eye-catching and fun. Just remember, that this will be your working space and if you are easily distracted then go for a more subtle print.

If you are afraid of committing to wallpaper then go for the peel and stick options. I love those because the installation of this medium is super easy and forgiving. Not to mention when you become bored with the design peel and stick wallpaper is easy to remove, yay! And if you are still afraid of committing to an accent wall try framing your favorite wallpaper design and use it as wall art!

19. Sculptures & Unique Global Inspired Decor

Boho sculpture
Source: Wayfair

Wow, we are on the final two decor must-haves for a boho-inspired home office, Yay!! To complete this design style try adding some tribal-like decor to your bookshelves of desktop. Below, I found decorative such as:

  • Tribal Magnifying Glasses with a sculptural handle. It gives that old world charm to an office. I am channeling Indiana Jones and his exploratory adventures!
  • Wooden Sculptures for bookends on a desk or bookshelf.
  • Mosaics dials and many more!! Check out the options below!

20. Decorative Poufs

Moroccan pouf
Source: Wayfair

Last but not least is adding a gorgeous Moroccan pouf to your space. You are probably thinking, what for? Well, here are a few things to consider. Do you have little ones at home? I remember when my son was younger he would frequently visit me while working at home. He did not want anything but just to be close to mommy. So, I would have a little chair where he could sit and either color or read while I was finishing up some work.

A pouf can also work as a footstool too. I know I have peaks of the day when I just need a mini-break by putting my head back and elevating my feet. How about you? If a leather pouf is not your style, you can find poufs in many other fabrics and styles. Check out the variety below.

Well, friends, I hope that you found this article inspiring. My goal in creating this boho-inspired office decorating segment is to inspire you to stop looking and wishing about creating a home office, but to give you enough resources to get you started. Yes, get you on your way making your dream office a reality.

Should you have any questions on anything listed about please feel free to leave a comment below! Until then, stay happy and healthy my friends.

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