Let’s Talk About Japandi ‒ the Latest Interior Design Trend

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Popular trends in interior design come and go, but it seems that one particular trend is going to stay. Since it earned the title of timeless interior design style, Japandi took the world by storm. As its name suggests, Japandi is a very interesting and unique fusion of two popular yet seemingly very different styles – Japanese and Scandinavian. While these two interior design trends have very extreme characteristics and require quite a lot of effort to get introduced into one’s home, Japandi features the best of both worlds. This makes it a lot easier for homeowners to apply it to their environment since there’s plenty of room for creativity as well.

1. Main characteristics of Japandi

In general, Japandi is a minimalist interior design style, which is a common ground for both Japanese and Scandinavian trend. This means that the accent is on using things that matter, getting rid of clutter and creating a perfect balance.

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Moreover, the color palette mostly involves the use of pastel colors. Soft grays and blues are especially popular, but you still have the possibility to introduce pops of color with accent walls or other details. One of the most obvious characteristics deals with the question of materials. Japandi is all about nature. Apart from plenty of greenery, wood, stone, and other natural materials make the perfect combo for Japandi style.

2. Living room paradise

Mixing and matching of different styles is especially evident in a living room, but the result should always be fairly simple yet warm and textured. This may sound like an impossible mission, but the minimal use of accessories won’t be a problem if you focus on your furniture. In general, very bold lines and raw forms are combined with sleek and modern style when the furniture is concerned. You can easily find modern sofas and then have fun looking for unique coffee tables, chairs, and even shelves.

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For example, your usual modern sofa decorated with cushions or sofa covers matches extremely well with unique coffee tables made of stone or wood that feel like a part of a forest more so than a living room. However, the mix of the two styles creates a soothing balance. With plants and minimalist décor, this look is perfect for a truly cozy living room.

3. Bedroom bliss

If you want to decorate your bedroom Japandi way, you should also be prepared to mix and match the zen vibe of Japanese style and minimalist coldness of Scandinavian décor. The bed should always be your statement piece. Regardless of whether you want it to be simple yet very bold and bulky or with intricate wood carvings and lines, you should use it as a starting point in décor. So, depending on your bed choice, your wardrobe and nightstands can be very sleek and modern or embellished with details in Japanese style. Either way, it would be best to match the wood shade of your furniture and break the warmth with cooler wall shades, rugs, and other accessories.

4. Perfect Kitchen

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The best way to decorate and design your kitchen with Japandi style in mind is to use softer and colder pastel shades for walls and backsplash while keeping the warmth of wood with your kitchen elements. You don’t have to replace your kitchen elements when you can get waterproof self-adhesive wallpaper that resembles wood or bamboo and use it for countertops and cabinet covers. On the other hand, you can do quite the opposite. Use earthy colors for walls and opt for marble print for your kitchen elements. Make sure to organize and declutter your kitchen space for the best effect.

5. Relaxing bathroom

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At the end of the day, is there any room that’s more important than the bathroom? The bathroom is the place where you need to feel completely relaxed and stress-relieved and, in that respect, proper design of this room is essential. Japandi is a great way to achieve the perfect harmony in your bathroom. Again, think natural. Soft wall or tile shades match the wood and stone theme well. In general, you can add faux wood panels and a large statement wooden mirror and combine it with the coldness of modern stone basins and bathtubs. You can also ditch the panels and put up some shelves that match the mirror. In the end, you can also use vinyl wallpaper with stone or wood print for a budget-friendly option. Don’t forget to add warmth with nice plants and a soft bathroom mat.
Unlike for Japanese and Scandinavian interior design style, there’s no one set of rules that you need to follow to get your Japandi vibe. As long as you achieve the harmonic look, you can go with a personal take on your Japandi-inspired home design and décor.

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