How to Create The Modern FarmHouse Look In Your Home.

How to Create The Modern FarmHouse Look In Your Home

With HGTV’s “fixer-upper” trends populating all over your local Target store, Modern Farmhouse design doesn’t have to break your bank. Incorporating rustic elements, soft feminine prints, subtle colors, cozy warm furniture, repurpose, reusing as well as finding a spot for all those vintage accessories that you spent a shiny penny on from the thrift store is easier than you think. Let’s take a closer peek to see how to fulfill this daunting task of creating your own farmhouse look and enjoy the process, along the way.

1. The Bedroom: Oversized Bedding For Comfort.

Do you picture, Chicken, waffles, and gravy as true southern comfort food? If you answered yes, then, oversized bedding with multiple cozy pillows and down bedding, gives a whole new connotation to “pigs in a blanket”. Layer on with other textures, throws, and patterns to make it feel more inviting and welcoming.  

2. Walls: Paneling As a Design Feature

Wood paneling is a signature look for any farmhouse design that draws testament to true classical elements. Any way you stack the hay; geometric, diagonal, horizontal, or vertical, the barn animals will still come out to play. Stagger bold neutrals randomly or in a strategic pattern for a bold, contemporary approach.

3. Paint Color: Variety Brought In Through Cool Pastels.

Variety Brought In Through Cool Pastels

The tone of Farmhouse design is set with simple neutrals; white and off white which are the pre-dominate paint colors. None the less, you can always sizzle in a few bursts of cool colors from the pastel family. Paint a group of cabinets, door or wall as accent pieces or a few pieces of furniture for a subtle statement.

4. Cozy Accent Chairs: A Chair Big Enough To Fit A Party Of Two.

Put on your big old cowboy hats to reminisce back in history about the simple life.  A nod to practical design, oversized bulky furniture with rounded arms can accommodate several family members in one place.  By adding slipcovers to transform and repurpose furniture, you are being, sustainable and timeless

5. Bedframes: Wrought Iron As A Modern Twist.

Carrying on the quintessential farmhouse theme trend of blending rustic and modern, wrought Iron bed frames elevate the appearance within the space.  To spice up your style game, you can combine materials with a wood base and wrought iron frame. Be sure to find bedposts that are linear, tall and slender for the minimalist contemporary style.

6. Visual Interest: Soft Feminine Prints As Interest.

Nothing articulates farmhouse design the best, more than soft, floral, feminine patterned prints or wallpaper. By evolving your grandmother’s outdated wallpaper, into something trendy, you are creating additional interest within the space. Prints as artwork, floral throw pillows, feminine rugs or throws are a few other examples of this design element.

7. Home Accents: Vintage Charm Through Accessories

Home Accents: Vintage Charm Through Accessories

Unravel your dusty flea market treasures and collect them all in one space, because, you have officially found a habitat for them. Whether it’s an old bicycle, a 1970’s telephone, Tungsten lamps or a ladder, spruce up the space with accessories. Don’t be afraid to layer on with various shapes, heights, and sizes, and add more, if needed.

8. Rug Decor: Rugs In Their Natural Element.

Rug Decor: Rugs In Their Natural Element
Source: Pinterest

Embracing the sustainable trend, as well as finding creative ways to bring the outside, indoors, is easier than you think. Low-maintenance, neutral colored and durable rugs made from sisal, jute, wool, cotton or other natural fibers are traditional to a farmhouse style. Geometric patterned rugs, tie into the modern country elements, as well.

9. Woven Baskets: A surprising use for storage

Woven Baskets: A surprising use for storage
Source: Pinterest

Weave baskets, hampers, and iron storage pieces have a unique place and charm within this style. There are multiple ways to use them; you can stagger open baskets on a shelf/bookcase, line up hampers on the corner of a room, tuck it under your bed for additional storage, use it dual purpose as an end table or show it off as an accent piece with an ottoman. Mix and match between textures and shapes to find your signature style.

10. Bring Nature Indoors: Repurpose And Reuse For Innovation.

Bring Nature Indoors: Repurpose And Reuse For Innovation

Farmhouse doesn’t have to be mundane, take a small walk into your backyard and gather up those twigs, branches, leaves, or salvaged and found objects to innovate and create unique artwork. Everyday objects found within your home, come in handy, as well. There are unlimited ways to repurpose and reuse.

The charm of country living, as well as the valiant edge of contemporary design, can be unified very easily, with a few simple touches. If you remember to use the guiding principles of warmth, simplicity, durability, reuse, repurpose and originality, you will be surprised how you can achieve your own version of the Modern Farmhouse design. Start small and eventually work your way up to bigger ideas. Find your inner voice to think outside the box and innovation will follow.

Give that rusty old penny another chance and you may be, truly surprised with what you have can achieve!

Please feel free to leave your feedback and suggestions on this topic; I look forward to reading them.  

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