5 Wood Accent Wall Ideas That Will Elevate Your Master Bedroom Instantly.

I bet you are here because you are tired of looking at that huge blank wall that is above your bed, right? I bet you are looking do design a wall that gives you that instant WOW factor every time you walk into your sanctuary, your master bedroom. Today, I will be sharing with you 5 wood accent wall ideas that will instantly elevate the look and feel of your bedroom.

In the past, wood has been known as a staple feature for flooring in homes. This is due to the warmth and charm wood adds to any interior space in the home. Now fast forward to 2020, designers have changed the way wood is used in homes today.

From Shiplap to reclaimed wood we have seen the shift of these textures moving onto the walls, resulting in some eye-catching statements in the world of design. Below, you will find some ideas to get you started on your future master bedroom project.

1. Rustic Look: Reclaimed Wood

The reclaimed wood wall feature is a great way to create that rustic country feeling in your space. I love the way the designer installed the planks in a verticle format using a variety of wooden tones for visual interest. This will definitely give you that cozy rustic cabin in the woods feeling to your home.

2. Peel & Stick Wood Flooring For Accent Wall? Yes!

Yes, I said it, peel & stick wood flooring for an accent wall. You can drive up to your local Home Depot and find aisles filled with peel & stick wood flooring offered in so many widths, tones, and affordable price points. This can be a simple project to start this weekend!

3. Moldings: Geometrics Shapes.

Moldings: Geometrics Shapes
Source: Wayfair

If you have browsed through your favorite home decor magazine, Instagram and any other home decor media then I am sure you have seen this beautiful design feature. Wood moldings are traditionally used to finish off a floor install or crown moldings on the ceiling.

Now, designers have become very creative in using moldings as a feature on the wall. You can create a simple gride format on the wall or go wild with geometric shapes as you see in this photo. Another affordable way to create an accent wall in your home.

4. Cottage Look: Board & Batten.

Cottage Look: Board & Batten
Source: Curatednest.com

Board and Batten walls are used very frequently in a farmhouse styled floor plan. Yet simple a chic, the board, and batten design is very easy to install in your home. You can use various sizes of plywood boards to create a sign of your choice. I am crushing on the painted white look in this photo, how about you?

5. Modern Farmhouse: Shiplap

At first, I thought Shiplap was a trend inspired by HGTV’s Joanna Gaines. However, the shiplap wall treatment has proven to be a design feature that is here to stay. This treatment can be installed in the traditional horizontal format or get creative like this project in the photo above. The designer opted for geometric design painted in white, and it is absolutely stunning!

Needless to say, accent walls utilizing wood can create a warm and cozy look to any bedroom. Before starting a project like this I recommend, identifying the space you want to update, finalize the wood accent wall you want to achieve and measure your space. Then head over to your local home depot and begin to shop for all of your tools needed for your next weekend project.

I hope that you all found inspiration from this article. Which design feature did you enjoy the most? Let me know by leaving some feedback below.

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