10 Things to Know Before Visiting Chip and Joanna Gaines’ Magnolia Market

If you ever wanted to know something new about me, then you will learn that I am a HUGE fan of HGTV’s Fixer Upper with Chip and Joanna Gaines. I have been watching their beautiful show since season 1, falling in love with their story, values, and passion for fixing up old homes into a place new families call home sweet home.

I have been captivated by Chip’s eye on turning a home into a functional space through construction and by Joanna’s ability to elevate the new areas with her fantastic eye on design. I adore Joanna’s Farmhouse/Shabby Chic design with her mix of rustic textures that she places into her design concepts. I also love how much this couple’s business has flourished over the years from having the Magnolia market retail space on Bosque back in 2003 and reopening in May of 2014 to the present of growing into what it is today as the Magnolia Market at the Silos.

Since their grand opening of the Magnolia Market at the Silos back on October 30, 2015, I have made it my mission to visit this fantastic birth of love that Chip And Joanna share with their local community of Waco, TX and of course us Fixer Upper fans too! Not to mention I live in the ATX which is only 1.5 hours drive time. (I can’t believe it took me this long to visit, lol) So needless to say, I made it one of my family’s spring break destinations this 2016!!

Now, if the Magnolia Market at the Silos is on your to-do list for this spring then today I want to share with you 10 things you need to know before visiting this home decor haven in Waco, TX.

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1. Best Time To Visit

As you can see in the photo, my family decided to visit during peak time which was spring break. We visited the Magnolia Market on a Tuesday morning of spring break, and at that time it was about 9:45 am in the morning which means the store has not even opened yet. That’s right the line was wrapping around the silos! My poor hubby was afraid that we would be in line all morning that once the store opened at 10 am it only took 15 minutes to get inside.

The store’s address is 601 Webster, Waco, Texas 76706 and the store hours are Sunday Closed, Monday-Thursday 10-6, Friday-Saturday 9-6. The best time to visit this store would be Monday-Wednesday around 3 pm that’s when the crowds die down, and you can shop with ease. Also, remember to avoid national holidays and school breaks because that’s when traffic peaks. I enjoy the rush, so I was prepared for the crowds.

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2. Magnolia Attractions

As you see in the photos above the Magnolia Market is a lot to offer. Of course, you will have a heck of a time visiting the retail space for tons of shopping which I will share below, but there is so much for the entire family to enjoy!! I was surprised to see an outdoor play area filled with corn whole sets, hula hoops, and more. You can have a fun and engaging time with your family during the visit.

In addition to that, I love how they relocated the Magnolia barn from the original location and incorporated it into the garden area of the retail space. There’s a wooden teepee to play under, children’s books for the kids to read, and flowerbeds filled with seasonal plants and flowers. Coming soon this spring will be a small garden shop for those that have a green thumb! Lastly, there are food trucks from Luna’s, Juice Bar, Common Ground coffee, Club Sandwich, and more!

3. Fun & Welcoming Environment

This place was so inviting and interactive that if you lived in the local area, you could take the family out for food, folks, and fun on the regular. There are so many places to sit for outdoor entertainment. Did I forget to mention that there is also a stage for entertainment too! Just thinking, that this would be an excellent location for an outdoor wedding reception or big family celebration too!

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4. Merchandise and Presentation

You will be in HEAVEN! At least I was when I saw the way the merchandise in the Magnolia Market was displayed. I love how Joanna designed the retail space similar to the styling you see on the Fixer Upper Show. You will see long and beautiful rustic tables showcasing the beautiful decor pieces for your home.

Additionally, you will see beautifully decorated vignettes throughout the store that inspires are a story for the season which is spring! You will be encouraged to begin DIY projects for your home instantly!!

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5. Affordable Merchandise, but…

The merchandise is affordable, but at the same time, some items are priced up higher than your typical Hobby Lobby, Home Goods, and At-home retailers. For example, I was in love with this gorgeous wreath, but the wreath was $21. Not that money was an issue…I just know I can find something similar at my local craft store for less.

So a word to the wise is come prepared with a focus and budget in mind because you will want to spend. Another option is to visit their Magnolia Market online store to get an idea of what you want to purchase. Keep in mind that everything online is not available at the store.

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6. Love Shopping Clearance items?

If you are a clearance shopper and like to shop for sale items, then there is a section for you at the Magnolia Market. There was a lot of clearance on seasonal items for the home such as Christmas items, thanksgiving wreaths and so much more! Take your time browsing for you may discover a hidden treasure for your home.

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7. Special Place for Chip

Even though this store showcases Joanna’s design style, you will find a unique space for Chip. I call it the man’s corner filled with Chip’s favorites. I love that you see a bit of him within the store. All I can do is laugh because he brightens up my day with laughter almost every episode of the Fixer Upper. How about you?

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source: Magnoliamarket.com

8. Magnolia House

If you can not get your Magnolia fix completed in one day, then you can stay overnight. That’s right overnight at their new Magnolia House B&B that just opened. I will be honest with you; they booked quickly!! So if you are looking to have the experience then I recommend that you begin planning for 2017. If you have not seen the episode during the holidays showcasing the creation of the beautiful B&B, then you should check your local cable provider and play the on-demand episode. It’s a beauty!! Otherwise, check the website for more details.

9. Other Attractions

I am pretty sure you will want to spend all of your time at the Magnolia Market, but if you are looking for more family fun to add on to your agenda then you are in luck. Just minutes away from this fantastic place you will find the Dr. Pepper museum. In addition to that if your children love the Zoo, then you will be in for a treat at the Waco Cameron Park Zoo.

10. Coming soon

If you have visited magnoliamarket.com, you will notice something coming soon. From the looks of the picture on the site, it looks like a bakery!! If you watch the fixer-upper, Joanna has a sweet tooth for cupcakes!! Me too! In addition to that, they are releasing their Magnolia Story in the form of a book.

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I hope that this was helpful to you especially if you are dying to visit for yourself. For me, I am sure this will not be my last visit. My mom is ready to join me for the next trip, and I have a few friends that would like to go too!! Have you visited the Magnolia market yet? If so, what was your experience like? Please share by leaving a comment below. Until next time I hope that your day is filled with sparkle and shine.

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