How to Create A Beautiful Fall Pocket Napkin

pocket napkin

Happy fall, friends! I hope that you are all enjoying the cooler temps and the seasonal changes in your neck of the woods, I know I am. As we transition from Halloween to Thanksgiving I genuinely get inspired to start preparing my home for entertaining my friends and family for Thanksgiving dinner, how about you? The first decor change that comes to mind is creating a fun tablescape for my family and soon to be dinner guests. I love putting together statements pieces!! Today I will be showcasing how to create a beautiful fall pocket napkin for your tablescape. If you are entertaining guests and would like to use this idea in your home then lets jump right on in!

Fall Pocket Napkins Supply List

  1. Dinner napkin: Cotton Napkins Set of 4 Cream – Threshold, Target $9.99
  2. Twine: Jute Twine by Kinglake, Amazon $5.99
  3. Eucalyptus: Ashland Eucalyptus branch, Michaels $4.99
  4. White mini Pumpkins: Michaels or Amazon
  5. White mini florets: Michaels
  6. Silverware of choice

target threshold napkin

1. Select Dinner Napkin of Choice

The dinner napkin I decided to use were these cream cotton napkins by Threshold from Target. I purchased these a few years ago, and they continue to be an excellent staple for entertaining my family. So, word to the wise, keep neutral napkins in your decor inventory as they are so simple to use during any occasion.

Jute twin

2. Jute Twine To Add Character

I love keeping jute twine on hand. It works perfectly for embellishing items in my home decor, holiday wrapping and in this case pocket napkins too!! You can find these in bulk at Amazon for a great price. Again, another great item to keep in your home decorating tool kit.

eucalyptus stem

3. Faux Eucalyptus Stems

Here is another great staple to keep in your home for seasonal decorating. I love intertwining Eucalyptus as filler in my centerpieces I create through my house. I use them in my centerpieces, garlands, and vase filler too. In this project, I will be using it as a decorative piece on my dinner napkin.

fall leaves pick

4. Faux Pumpkin Picks

This season, Michaels Arts and Crafts had an AMAZING selection of fall picks! Anything with a neutral pumpkin on it rocked my world.  For this project, I only used the pumpkin and the green and white berries. If neutral tones are not your jam, then feel free to add traditional colors of the season. Michaels is currently out of stock of this one. However, Amazon had some great alternatives too. Click here to see them.


6. Gather Supplies

After I sourced all of my supplies, I trimmed off the items I wanted to use on each pocket napkin. Organizing my supplies made my assembly process much easier and fun too! Now, that you have your supplies ready below, you will find my step by step guide on creating the pocket napkin.

pocket napkin guide-1

Step By Step Video


Well, Friends, I hope that you have enjoyed this simple guide to creating these cute pocket napkins. If you love them, I hope that you will make them for your tablescape this season too. If you follow me on Instagram @chichomelife and you decide to make these for your home, please tag me. I honestly would love to see your work!! In the meantime, I would love to know your decorating plans for Thanksgiving are you team neutral or team give me some color?


pocket napkin-2

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  • I ABSOLUTELY love this idea, Natasha! So festive and lovely. I appreciate all the direction on where to get the supplies, too. This will be a fun project. The video is super helpful. Thanks for sharing!

    • Angie,

      Thank you so much for stopping by and checking out my latest video and your valuable feedback. I had so much fun creating this project 🙂

  • I love the twine idea!! I’m a chef so I’ve got loads of it laying around. Good to know I can use it in such a cute way!

  • This is so cute! If I had more than just my husband and son and grandma for Thanksgiving or achristmas I would definitely do this! Maybe real eucalyptus? Ehhhh that may clash with the scents of fall going on lol.

    • Happy Holiday Brittney!!

      I feel ya!! But… Real eucalyptus would love and smell amazing too!!
      Thanks for stopping by my dear.
      Natasha 🙂

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