5 Ways to Add Rustic Charm To Your Christmas Tablescape

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Happy holiday friends! I just had to hop on and share my Christmas tablescape I created for our home this holiday season. I am so glad I created this fun table setting a while back because with the changes in the weather I have caught a nasty sinus infection this week. So, since I am home bound per doctor’s request, I wanted to share this with you all while I have a spark of energy. (yes, I am bored, lol) In this post, I will share 5 ways to add rustic charm to your Christmas tablescape this season. So, if you need some inspiration as you finalize your holiday dinner plans then grab a cup of cocoa and let’s dive in.

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1.  Rustic Place Setting

I don’t know why I get so excited when I see a slab of wood layered on top of cedar branches!! I instantly think of a rustic Christmas in a log cabin in the woods. This year I decided to re-purpose my wooden trays from last year and add my new Pier1 cedar branch placemats I got online for only $5.56. I needed a way to introduce the color green to my tablescape since my home is decorated in red and green.

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2. Galvanize Lanterns With Candles

Having a focal point or a statement piece is important for any table when you are entertaining your guests. In my home, I wanted to introduce and an element of texture with galvanized metal. So, of course, I used the Hearth and Hand With Magnolia house lanterns as my element of texture.  I decided to use the medium and small lanterns because the large-sized lantern blocked too much conversation space when it comes to dining with my guests this year. To finish my scape I wanted to add a little ambiance to my centerpiece, so I went for chunky ivory candles at different heights. The add just the right amount of glow to my table.

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3. Adding Pine & Berries

When I see pine and berries, I get all of the Christmas feels running through my body. How about you? So I just had to add pieces of that element to my table. I decided to clip off pieces of my pine and cone garland and layer them on the sides of the lanterns and in between to have a bit of green to the centerpiece. Then I added sprigs of berries to tie in some red. You can find pine garland at any retailer like hobby lobby, Michael’s, and even Amazon!!

Christmas Tablescape-5

4. Napkin Rings With Pine & Berries

I always have napkins at my kitchen table, but this year I wanted to dress up my cotton napkins by threshold at Target. So, I decided to add the hearth and hand with magnolia “Gather” rings. I love the metal touch and the simple lettering on them. In addition to that, I decided to embellish them with cedar branch leaves and berries. I purchase one spray of cedar branches and one spray of berries from Hobby Lobby, and it was enough to complete 6 napkin rings. Just the simple touches can transform this beauties in to Christmas.

Christmas tablescape-6

5. Metal Place-card holder on chopped Wood

I guess you can tell that I am loving my Hearth and Hand with Mangolia purchases, huh? I just thought it was be so adorable to place a simple message of peace, love and joy at each setting inside the hearth and hand placecard holder. (I created these cards in Microsoft word.) Then I thought to myself, lets place them on top of my birch wood coasters in order to continue that rustic theme.

I hope that you all enjoy my quick update to my table for Christmas. And if you have not started your Christmas tablescape, then I hope this inspires you to create a fun statement for your own family this Christmas. Well, I better go rest for now.  Questions: would you like to see a video of my tablescape? If so, leave me some feedback below. My voice is gone, but I can create a video with just holiday music to get you all in the mood. Until then, happy holidays my friends!!

Xoxo Natasha

Natasha Hopkins

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4 thoughts on “5 Ways to Add Rustic Charm To Your Christmas Tablescape

  1. This is simply breathtaking and sublime… those lanterns are such a conversation piece.. I’m loving them so much… I need just 2 🤣. Loving the wooden chargers sitting on the cedar branch placemats… I bought them from pier 1about 2 months ago.. love them. Everything comes together in pure perfection… you are amazing at decorating a space.

    1. Hey sweet Faye,

      Thank you so much!! It warms my heart that you love this space and that it inspires you too!!it is so much fun chatting with you and I look forward to seeing your post too!!
      Merry christmas my friend.🎄🎄

    1. Merry Christmas Kendra!!
      Thank you so much for your sweet comment! It is always a joy to chat with you!! I hope you are already for Christmas. Xoxo Natasha ❤🎄❤

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