The Best Kid-Friendly Kitchen Tables


You are here because you have young children in your home. They are resilient and filled with energy, right? They are so sweet and darling, but at the same time, they are heavy-handed and don’t know how strong they are. As a result, our sweet kids can become our decor nemesis when it comes to deciding on what type of kitchen table will fit your family’s lifestyle.

Today I will share with you 3 solid tips on what to look for when selecting the best kid-friendly kitchen tables for your home. My goal is to gift you with confidence before going shopping. In addition to that, I will also share some great tables I sourced online. Are you ready? Let’s get started, friends!

What To Consider Before Shopping

Before you start to browse the web and get excited about that perfect kitchen table set let’s make sure you have the following info prior to clicking and adding to your cart. Why? I want to lower the chances for returns, restocking fees and disappointment in the process.

  • Square footage: This is one of the most important steps. How large is the space where you will be placing your new kitchen table? Making the mistake and purchasing one that is either too small or too large can be frustrating. So get that tape measure out and draw out your space.
  • Family size: How many family members will be sitting at your table? Do you just want enough seating for you and your immediate family? Or do you want additional seating for visitors? For example, if you have a family of 4 I would recommend getting a table that would seat 6 people. Or if you entertain and always have your extended family and friends by then go for seating for up to 8 people only if your space allows it.
  • The shape of the table: Look at your space again to see what shape works best for. Does your kitchen call for a rectangular shaped table? or is it too small and may better fit a round-shaped table? Consider this prior to shopping.

What Surfaces Should You Avoid


You have most likely found so many styles of furniture that you have fallen in love with, but… You are now confused and unsure about which kitchen table surface you should consider. You are thinking to yourself, will the surface of this table be easy to clean? Will the surface of the table be smooth for those days of working on crafting projects with your kids? Let’s review the following surfaces you may want to avoid when shopping for your new table.

  • Glass top tables: Unless you like to clean fingerprints on this surface 24/7 then avoid glass top surfaces. In addition, this type of tabletop can create a safety issue, kids like to play under the table and a glass top table is not secure. If your child decides to get excited and knock over the glass top this can become a hazard.
  • Plastic/Laminate tables: These types of tables are very affordable and smooth to draw and write on. However, if your will be placing hot items like hot glue guns for crafting or a hot mug of coffee you may run the risk of melting and damaging the surface.
  • Painted Metal Tables: Yet another affordable type of table, I would avoid this surface too. Just think with your kiddos coloring or even with sanitizing and cleaning these surfaces daily you will run the risk of cleaning off the painted surface.
  • Surface Texture: One last thing to consider is the table’s surface. With kids, you may want to opt for a table with a smooth surface. Even though I love a table with a textured wood detail this can become frustrating for your child to draw or write on.

Recommended Surfaces That are Kid Friendly


Once you have completed your homework you are now ready to shop, Yay! But, you are probably thinking, “Tell me, what are the kid-friendly surfaces you recommend?” Okay, I feel comfortable sharing some insightful tips with you know. Below you will find a few recommendations, in addition to my suggestions. I will also share with you 4 styles to help get you inspired.

  • Solid Wood: The typical natural woods used for kitchen tables are Pine, Maple, Oak, and Walnut. The surface of these woods can be made smooth and are made to last a lifetime. This surface will be the most expensive and when selecting this type of surface will be an investment that will go a long way.
  • Engineered Wood: This type of wood is a composite of different woods. This product can be made with a wood veneer that is smooth and is a less expensive option. Engineered wood is strong and can be heavy.
  • Marble tops: If you are not into wooden surfaces then marble is another great option. It is durable, smooth to the touch, and easy to clean. Just make sure you purchase a marble surface that has been sealed in order to avoid pesky stains.

Below Are A Few Styles To Get You Inspired

Toscana-Extending-Dining-table- Seagrass-Chair

First up is this beautiful rectangular shaped table from Pottery Barn. The table is made with Tuscan Chestnut wood with small visible dents and carvings to resemble the look of salvaged wood. I sourced this selection for those of you that love this finish. The good news that overall the table is smooth and it’s stained and sealed with a protective lacquer for moisture resistance. So, you don’t have to sacrifice style over function.

Mateo-Extending-Dining-Table-Liam -Chair

The table pictured above is a style that has been created from engineered wood. The Mateo Extending Dining Table from Pottery Barn is made to be strong and has a high-quality veneer that helps keep the color and surface from cracking over time. Another great bonus is the top surface of the table is smooth and is made with Kiln-dried wood. Now, what Is kiln-dried wood? This product helps prevent warping, splitting, and mildew. This dining set is made to seat up to 6 people and when expanded it can sit up to 8.


Now, if your style is mid-century modern then you will fall in love with this dining set from Wayfair. This gorgeous walnut colored table has a beautifully designed starburst patterned about 18 mm thick crafted from ash veneer. Yet another smooth finish perfect for a family with kids. The base of the table is surprisingly made from solid wood (oak) and can set up to 4 people.

Chapman-Oval-Marble-Pedestal Dining-Table

Here is a completely different surface to consider, marble. This texture is smooth, easy to clean, and just looks stunning. I love the black iron base that offers a unique contrast to the white marble tabletop. In addition to all of the great features the products used is fair trade certified. This round table can offer to seat up to 6 people.

Well, friends, I hope that you found this article informative and inspiring. I also hope this alleviates any fear of shopping online. My main goal is to give your resources so that you are able to create a beautiful space filled with the right furniture that functions well for you and your family. Until then, leave me a comment below and let me know if you learned something new or if you have a favorite table you’ve seen in this post!

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