5 Simple Easter Decor Ideas For Your Kitchen Table

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Spring is finally here, and I am so excited to share with you 5 simple Easter decor ideas for your kitchen or dining room table. These ideas will not break the bank, but they will be simple additions you can easily infuse with everyday white dinnerware you may already own. I love decorating my kitchen table for special holidays like Easter. However each year I do not like to spend hundreds of dollars on seasonal decor. Why? Sometimes seasonal decor can be trendy and needless to say the dollars spent on that beautiful decor piece for that moment in time turns into an item listed for sale at the next annual yard sale, right? Having a little deja vu?

My goal is to encourage you to find Easter decor pieces that are timeless and simple. Items that can be used year after year. Additionally, items you can intermix with your current decor items you may already have on your kitchen table right now. Today, you will get a chance to get a small tour into my kitchen. I will show you how I enhanced my kitchen table for Easter simply by incorporating 5 core pieces to transform my everyday table setting into a simple and chic Easter setting for my family.

1. Build Your Foundation With White Dinnerware

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You may have already heard this from many interior design enthusiasts and stylists, but owning a set a classic white dinnerware is key. It is very easy to transition white dinnerware from season to season. Whether it’s for Christmas or Easter, white dinnerware will always fit in and what’s so great about that is you can always mix in over colored dishes with them too.

I love my Portugal dinnerware set I collected over time from Homegoods. It’s simple with a little added texture of the beaded edges. The white color is a perfect contrast to my dark kitchen table, and it just brightens the space perfectly. If you don’t own white dinnerware and are looking to invest in a new set, then check out my article, “10 Classic dinnerware Options That Will Blow Your Guests Away.” My current centerpiece for spring is my large 10-inch serving bowls filled with greenery. If you would like to learn how I made this centerpiece, then click here to read.

2 . Add Easter Inspired Decor

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Last year I found this beautiful blue speckled eggs nest from Pier1. I adore this item so much because it was organic looking. It felt like I was bringing a piece of nature indoors for my guests to enjoy. The sad part was at that time was I could only locate one item (After Easter shopping). So, it was my mission to see if they would carry this beautiful piece again. To my surprise, I was able to locate it online, and all it took was one click to have these beauties shipped home!! This was my inspiration for the entire table setting!!

3. Add Traditional Easter Egg Decor Real or Faux

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Simply adding a white serving bowl filled with colorful Easter speckled eggs can also brighten the space without spending too much money. I love how they enhanced my table to Easter just in seconds. They are also the perfect companion for the speckled egg nest that I placed inside my soup bowls. Secret, the eggs that I am using are faux fabulous. However, this would be a fun craft to do with young kiddos too!! My kiddo is a teenager now, so this is no longer a “cool” thing for a teenage boy.

4. Organic Napkin Ring with Twine & Greenery

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Instead of the traditional napkin ring, I opted for twine and faux greenery. I wrapped the twine around my cream dinner napkins by threshold I found at Target about three times before for making my knot and bow. Once I wrapped it, I added a few sprigs of greenery I found from my local Hobby Lobby. Now if you have access to real greenery from your very own garden then use those instead. I would use rosemary or mint because they would add a gentle hint of fragrance to your table setting.

5. Add Cute Easter Figurines

Throughout this article, you may have seen a couple of porcelain white birds on my table and cute bunny rabbit along the way. These are simple additions that will not overwhelm your table because you will want to save room for the feast that you will be serving your friends and family. So add small pieces to suggest that Easter feeling without going overboard. Your table will be easy on the eye, and your guests will love the simple touches.

I had a great time creating this fun table setting for my family that I will be using this Easter, and I hope it inspires you to create one of your own. If you would like to see more articles like this in the future, please comment below on what you would like to see. Is it something for mother’s day, father’s day or 4th of July?? You name it. Until then, I just had to share the additional pictures I took the day of the photo session. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

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