Simple & Chic Spring Centerpiece Idea

When the spring season comes around like many of you, I become inspired to update and refresh my decor throughout my home. From my family room, as you saw in My Spring Coffee Table Decor post to my kitchen and many other areas, I am ready to start my spring decor projects. As a result, I ended up surfing my favorite online stores like Amazon, overstock, and Pier1 for ideas. Now, if I can’t find ideas there, then I usually will hop into my car and begin the search for the latest and greatest at my local home decor stores.

Shopping for new home decor items each season can be fun, but it can also burn through your budget quickly. To avoid putting a strain on your budget, you can quickly update your home decor by merely shopping your home first. That’s right! Shop what you have at home first. Just think about the beautiful serveware you have stored away for “special occasions” that could be used as a perfect centerpiece for your kitchen or dining room table.

Today I am going to share with you how I created a simple and chic spring centerpiece for my kitchen table utilizing my antique white dinnerware collection by Portugal. The pieces I decided to use are my Portugal serveware bowls from HomeGoods. I know that I can just fill them with food, but here’s what I chose to do to make them a beautiful centerpiece for my kitchen table.

My Supply List:

  1. 3 Placemats or Table Runner
  2. 3 10 inch serving bowls
  3. 3 Green boxwood Spheres
  4. 2-3 stems of faux flowers
  5. Kitchen or Dining room table (Hahaha)


1. Placemat or Table Runner

The first thing I went looking for is a clean and neutral table runner to place on my table. The only problem was that I did not own a neutral table runner!! In addition to that, a purchase of a new table runner was not in the budget since I had other projects going on in my house, so I had to be creative with what I had. As a result, I decided to use my placemats!! Yes that’s right, placemats! I love the texture, color, and durability of them, so I decided to pull together 3 of them to create my table runner.


2. Add 10-inch Serving Bowls

I knew that I wanted to fill these bowls with some greenery, but I did not want to purchase anything new. So, I decided to look through my dinnerware collection by Portugal I bought from Home Goods during the holidays and found these beauties. Even though they are for serving food why not use them to house my greenery? They are neutral, simple and chic with the dotted pattern that adorns the edges of my favorite dinnerware, In love already!


blog 4

3. Add Greenery For Instant Color

I found the green boxwood spheres from my local Hobby Lobby store for $9.99 each. However, I got them with my 40% off coupon that was in their weekly ad. So they were only $4.49 each, yahoo!! I added them to my bowls to create the feeling of bringing the outdoors inside. And what is spring without seeing landscapes turning green and flowers beginning to bloom? I had to have that feeling in my kitchen for sure.

blog 5
blog 6

4. A Touch of White Florals

I love the addition of the greenery, but I wanted to see tiny flowers peeking through. So, I decided to take the floral stems I purchase from hobby lobby and cut them into small little florets using my wire cutter. After that, I randomly placed them throughout my centerpieces to add interest. Otherwise, you can keep it plan. Be creative. The options are endless!!

blog 7

5. Adorn Your Table With Your Creation

Once I completed my creation, I arranged them on my kitchen table, and I was good to go! I am so happy with how this simple and easy project turned out. This centerpiece will transition well throughout the spring and summer months. I can also switch it out with fall florals too when the time comes, but I am sure that I will mostly like haul something new for our home. It’s hard to keep a gal away from Hobby Lobby, Kirkland’s, and HomeGoods.

Creating this centerpiece was so simple, so I just had to share. I challenge you to look through your cabinets and bring out your beautiful pieces of china or dinnerware to create a centerpiece that fits your style. Until then, happy decorating and may your day sparkle and shine.

About the Author

Natasha is very down to earth and compassionate person that lives for sharing content as it is relates to making your home life a joyous place to be. She loves sharing home decorating tips & tricks, home decor resources, and yummy recipes to enjoy with your family. Additionally she is very passionate about sharing talented writers that is just as passionate about home life, design and decor and simple living with her audience.

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