My Spring Coffee Table Decor

After creating our last post, “15 Stunning Coffee Table Decor Ideas”, I become instantly inspired to update and refresh our very own coffee table for spring. In our home our family room is the hub for our family and guests to visit, so with that in mind, I wanted to create a beautiful and yet functional statement. As you tour my coffee table, you will find elements that will generate a feeling of warmth, cheerfulness with color, and love. If you already follow me on Instagram (@chichomeaccents), you may have already seen a glimpse of my coffee table. However today, I will give you more details of my creation.

coffee table-1

For starters, I love using table trays as a base to create warm and loving family vignettes. Inside this tray, I decided to fill it with candles for those nights I want to create a warm and ambient feeling in our family room. You know for those romantic moments or when I want a little peace. It makes a difference during a long day at work. In addition to our candles, I added a family photo of a fun time we had visiting the Willis Tower in Chicago. Lastly, I decided to green up the space with some faux green plants. You may say.. faux plants??? And I say YES faux plants! Why? Because I do not have a green thumb at all. Whether you have a green thumb or not adding green plants can create a sense of bringing the outdoors inside.

coffee table-2

On the backside of my table tray, I decided to add a cute container that house candies for our family and guests that visit. So it’s not only a lovely filler of space, but a functional piece to store candy. I also like adding little quotable decor throughout my home. I sourced this cute quotable block from Hobby Lobby that says, “Home is where my people are” and it’s so true!! Whether you are family or a friend, you are considered my people. So be creative, quotables like these stir a feeling that I like to evoke to my guests and it’s how I feel.

coffee table-3

I love displaying my favorite books of the moment on top of my faux book that I found from Hobby Lobby. The books that I am currently reading of Elements of Style, by Erin Gates and The Complete Book of Home organization, by Toni Hammersley. Did mention that so far both are a great read! Stay tuned for a review of both books!! Ok… Another reason why I like to place my favorite book on our coffee table because they serve as a great conversation piece when I have friends and family visit. They can get an idea of what my passion is for the moment.

coffee table-4
I know that you remembered that I said a faux book, right? Well…A faux book can be used decoratively, but I love to use them as storage! These are a great way to hide the clutter of T.V. remotes, magazines or for my family card games. Just image the doorbell rings, and you have paperwork, magazines, and such cluttering the table. You can just gather them and tuck them away. Your guest will be like, how do you keep your house so clean?

blog pic6

Lastly, to add a cheerful burst of color, I decided to add my turquoise chalked vases. I love that the color of these vases coordinates with the color scheme of my toss pillows. And a beautiful vase is not complete without adding some flowers, right? Yes, these are faux flowers because the vases are decorative. However, there are times when I may switch the vase and flowers for a crystal vase with real flowers. It all depends on the mood and what I am feeling during a given week. So give yourself 1-2 seasonal options.

blog pic7
You may be asking where did you get your coffee table from? Just in case, I found this lovely a year ago at my local Hemisphere furniture store. Like I said I don’t have a defined decorating style, so this table was perfect. It has simple storage, ample enough to play family games and most importantly spacious enough for me to create fun vignettes that showcase my passion for my family, decor and our home. Thank you so much for stopping by, and I hope this inspires you to make your home sparkle and shine.

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