20 Eye-Catching Neutral Kitchen Accessories


Have you ever looked at your kitchen and thought to yourself, “girl…this kitchen is looking a bit drab?” As you assess your space you are thinking, how can I refresh this space without doing an expensive remodel, right? Well, today I am going to share with you 20 eye-catching neutral kitchen accessories that will help brighten up your kitchen.

That’s right, neutral kitchen accessories done correctly can take a dark kitchen and brighten it instantly. Whether your goal is to lighten up your dark kitchen dining table or brightening up your countertops I have curated some amazing pieces that will help you accomplish your goals today.

1. Table Linens

Source: Target.com

One way to brighten up a kitchen table that has a deep wooden stain color or black is to add lighter linens to contrast the dark wood. You will be surprised how the neutral-colored linens will instantly lighten up your table. Needless to say, if you follow this tip you will not have to make a mega purchase of buying a new dining table set. Below you will find some beautiful and affordable table linens from Target.

2. Placemats & Chargers For Dining

If you follow me on Instagram then you already know how much I love adding a bit of organic texture that is light in color to a dark stained table. There are so many textures to choose from such as Rattan, Abaca, Wicker, wood, and many more! Incorporate one on these textures to your tablescape and you will enjoy the addition of depth and contrast to your table. Below I found a beautiful mix of placemats from pottery barn that you will enjoy.

3. Dinnerware

Source: Pottery Barn

Selecting the right dinnerware is just as important when you are trying to use neutral colors to brighten up your kitchen. So, with that said, step away from the dark dinnerware! Yes, I said it! If your goal is to create a bright and airy space especially if your table or kitchen is small in size then don’t do it. Remember bright light tones give the illusion of more space. Below I have found a selection of neutral dinnerware sets are various price points to get you started? Let me know which one is your favorite in the comment section below!

4.Timeless Centerpieces

Source: Chic Home Life

The final piece of decor that will add a sense of light to your table is a neutral centerpiece. I love creating a centerpiece that is timeless and interchangeable throughout the seasons. Simply layering a wooden table tray adds texture. It also makes the perfect backdrop to a beautiful cluster of candles or seasonal florals. Below, You will find a few ideas to get you started. My favorite from the group is my walnut wood accent table tray from Kirkland’s. If you follow me on Instagram (@chichomelife) then you have seen this beauty in my little squares there.

5. Area Rugs

Source: Wayfair.com

The perfect backdrop to a dark kitchen or dining table is a light cozy area rug. Selecting a light-colored area will also brighten and elevate your kitchen. Before selecting an area rug you will want to consider the following my recommendations below:

  • Do you have young kids? If so, you will need to consider an area rug that is easy to clean. Fibers like: Wool, jute, cotton, and sea-grass has been proven to be simple to clean.
  • Are your floors tiled? If so, select a rug that is plush with high-pile wool. This will add warmth and comfort to you and your family.

Once you have made finalized your needs then you will be ready to shop with confidence. Yes, you’ve guessed it, I have found five options to get you started!

6. Dining Chairs

Source: Wayfair.com

Now you may be thinking, that a dining chair is not considered a kitchen accessory, right? I know it isn’t, however, I felt the need to include it because having the right colored chair can be a game-changer for those of you that have a dark or even black kitchen table. If you are now raising your hand and thinking yep that’s me then keep on reading.

When your table is already dark I highly recommend adding a chair that is stylish and contrasting in color. You have so many textures to play with from light upholstered fabric chairs to chairs that have wooden textures. You can instantly brighten your space with a chair that is neutral with colors such as linen, beige, and ivory. Below you will find some beautiful options at various price points.

7. Wall Decor

Here is another item that many people would not consider to be a kitchen accessory, wall decor. If you have a kitchen dining room table set up by an empty wall, then this is a great opportunity to add a bit of character to your walls. Try adding either an interesting piece of wood art, metal art, or even a beautiful wall gallery displaying black & white photos of your family. This creates an element of interest to your kitchen. I have found some gorgeous options from simple picture frames to create a wall gallery to wall art.

8. Kitchen Canisters

Now that we have covered your dining area in your kitchen lets move on to the kitchen countertops. As we already know the kitchen counter can be a space where clutter lives EVERYWHERE! It becomes distracting and an eyesore every time you get ready to cook.

You see bags of sugar, flour, boxes of your favorite k-cups for coffee taking over your space to cook, right? Let’s reclaim the space by corralling them into neutral canisters. These items serve as functional storage and decor too! Whether your style is farmhouse or modern I’ve got you covered with some chic and simple selections below.

9. Utensil Holders

Source: Pottery Barn

The next order of business is gathering all of your kitchen tools and placing them inside of a neutral utensil holder. You can find these in various styles too! From Ultra modern to classic and traditional. Whatever your style may be getting these items in one area close to your cooking zone will make cooking in the kitchen fun! Take a look below, I found holders in marble, wood, and even a woven boho insider holder too!

10. Wooden Kitchen Utensils

prologue 5-piece-utensil-set
Source: Wayfair

Now, you know I could not resist sharing some charming wooden kitchen utensils with you all. The texture and tone are gorgeous against neutral decor and are safe to use while cooking. Many experts suggest that wooden utensils are better to use when cooking for the following reasons: wooden utensils don’t conduct heat, they will not scratch the surface of your pots and pans, and they will not melt or leach chemicals into your yummy dishes.

11. Bread Boxes

Source: Wayfair

If you are a bread lover like me, then I know you have yummy loaves of bread lined up like soldiers on the countertop, right? That’s great, but I bet it is take up some counter space especially when you are ready to chop up some food for dinners and such. Well, why not take your delicious loaves and store them inside of a cute bread box? I found 5 different styles for boho, farmhouse, and more that I know you will adore!!

12. Coffee Bar Accessories

Source: Wayfair

I know most of us can’t live without caffeine, so I ‘m going to assume that you have a coffee station set-up somewhere on your countertop, right? You most likely have your favorite mugs, k-cups, and other coffee essentials lined up taking away valuable countertop space. If not, bravo! If yes, then I have pulled together some ideas for you.

For starters, I have found this simple mug rack in the photo above. It’s perfect for holding your favorite mugs. I have also sources to different k-cup holders for k-cup users and for those that use Nespresso pods too. In addition to all of that, I found some cute coffee bar decor that will work in any space. (*secret: you can use 3m Command Picture Hanging Strips to hang artwork onto your backsplash to avoid damaging your wall or tile.)

13. Spoon Rests

Source: Wayfair

Spoon rests are cooking essential. You need them as a placeholder while cooking your favorite recipes for dinner time. Since cooking spoons are an everyday need to avoid messes on your countertop why not fin on that neutral, simple, and chic. There are so many options out there. You can spoon rest options from marble, wood, typographic, and much more.

14. Cute Tea Towels

Source: Wayfair

You know a kitchen will not function without kitchen towels. And, of course, they have to be cute, right? I came across so many ideas from Wayfair.com. My favorite one below is “Alexa wash the dishes”, lol!! Which one is your favorite below?

15. Woven Baskets

Source: Target

In the past, woven baskets are usually known to being more functional. You use them for storing all of the things like pillows, toys, and all of the eyesores in the home. Now baskets are being made to be functional and as decor. Target has shocked me with the variety of styles offered. You can find baskets for hanging plants in your kitchen, placing floor plants inside for decor, and even storage for those open shelves on the wall or on your open island. Check them out for yourself!

16. Woven Baskets for Wall Decor

Source: Pottery Barn

If you are into the boho and modern farmhouse style, then you will enjoy bringing the idea of having woven baskets as wall decor. They are available in so many shapes, textures, and sizes to fit any kitchen of any size. I love seeing them grouped on to a wall by the kitchen table area or a transitional wall close to the pantry.

17. Salt & Pepper Shakers, Cellars, and Pinch Bowls

Source: Pottery Barn

However said that your salt and pepper shaker, mills, and bowls have to look drab? No one! Of course, having these items at your kitchen serves a purpose, but make them look fabulous, bright, and modern! Throw away those outdated ones and start off fresh! Below you will find a mix of textures from marble to wood and I am so positive you will find one that meets your personal style.

18. Mixing Bowls & Colanders

Source: Pottery Barn

How many of you still own a rainbow collection of mixing bowls? They are plastic, scratched up, and need to R.I.P? Did you raise your hand? If so, let them go and start over with some sturdy ones that are easy to care for. As you may have caught on neutral mixing bowls serves as a function and can also be used as decor! If you have an island you can leave them out and fill them with fruit. Or, if you have open shelving in your kitchen you can leave them out as decor there too.

19. Soap & Lotion Dispensers


I love branding labels, but only on select items of clothing. Sometimes having so many branded labeled bottles of different sizes and colors can create a sense of clutter. So, I recommend taking your favorite dish soaps, lotions, and hand soap and pour them inside a neutral lotion/soaps dispenser. When doing this you will create a clean look that is modern and aesthetically beautiful.

20. Tiered Trays

Source: Wayfair

Tiered trays can be beautiful as decor and functional too! You can utilize tiered trays as a mini coffee bar on top of your kitchen counter-top. You can also use them on top of your kitchen table as a centerpiece!! The options are endless. Below you will find a variety of options for your home.

Well, friends, I had a fun time curating some beautiful neutral kitchen accessories ideas for you all today. I hope you found this post insightful and inspirational to get you started with your next kitchen decor refresh. Should you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment below until then always say inspired to make your home a sanctuary you love to live in.

* Disclaimer, “this blog post contains affiliate links. When you click on any link and decide to make a purchase with my favorite brands I will receive a small commission that goes toward funding my blog and other social media platforms. Thank you for your support!”

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