How To Space & Install Pendant Lights Over Your Kitchen Island

how to space & install pendants-light-for-your-kitchen-island

Are you getting ready to start a DIY project this weekend that involves installing a beautiful pendant light for your kitchen island? If so, how exciting! Or you may be thinking, I am excited, but I don’t know where to begin, right? if that’s you, then you’ve come to the right place for help.

In this post, I will answer the following questions that you may have on your mind right now such as:

How Far Apart Should I Hang My Pendant Lights?


The general rule of thumb is to space your pendant approximately 30 inches apart. However, that rule can change depending on the size of your fixture and island. For example, if your kitchen island is 6-7 feet in width then you will want to install 2 fixtures.

  • First, find the center point of the island.
  • Next, space the lights 30-36 inches apart with the widest part of the pendant being 30 inches from the other pendant.

How Much Space Should I Have Between My Countertop & Light Fixture?

Most designers recommend spacing your pendant light 30″-36″ from the top of your countertop to the base of the pendant. Keep in mind, you will need to consider the overall height of your ceiling and you also want to have a clear viewing path when you are tasking over the space.

How wide should my pendant light fixture be?

Many people ask, how big or width should my pendant light be? The size or width should be determined by how much lighting you need to illuminate your working area or space. Below you will find a simple guide to figure out what’s best for your kitchen.

  • Pendant 10″ are smaller will give off the least amount of lighting. More ambient effect to the kitchen.
  • Pendants 10″-20” are medium in size and will give off basic lighting for tasking in the kitchen. Especially if you have other sources of light from recessed lighting.
  • Pendants 20″+ are considered to be larger in scale. This size is great if this is the only source of lighting in order kitchen. Or if you have a large kitchen with ample ceiling height they can also be used for aesthetics or drama.

How Many Should I Hang Over My Island?


First of all, I want to be clear and say that it’s your island and you can install as many as your heart desires. However, if you want a standard guide then I will give it to you. If your island is 6 feet in length, then you can place a pendant light every 3 feet totaling 2 lights. If you have a 9-foot island then go for 3 pendant lights. Needless to say, measure first before you begin to shop.

What Tools Do I Need To Install Them Myself?


Assuming you already how the electrical installation complete, then installing the light fixture can be easy. Below you will find a quick tool list to help you prep for your installation day:

How to Install Your Pendant Light.

If you’ve made this far, then I know you are ready for the next step which is installing your fabulous fixture. I know your time is valuable, so I save you a step and found a simple and get to the point video to walk you through the installation process.

When To Hire An Electrician?

If you are getting ready to install pendant lights in an area with a single lighting source that you are trying to convert/add 1-2 additional fixtures, then I recommend hiring an electrician. The reason why is that your project may require adding additional wiring that needs to be up to code, among other requirements. So, if you aren’t aware it’s better to be safe.

The cost for installation can start from $80 per hour & up and this will vary based on the expertise level of your electrician. If you are in need of an electrician you can click “here” to find an expert that’s available in your local area.

Resources To Find The Perfect Pendant Light For Your Kitchen.


There are so many resources available to find the perfect pendant light for your kitchen. I can be as easy as stopping by your local home improvement store and shop their lighting selection in store. However, I know many of you are busy and would prefer to let your fingers do the walking and browsing the web.

You will have unlimited options to chose from and with the easy return policies you can find what you want and have a few options shipped to your home. Then you can narrow down your selections and return the fixture that you will not use. If you need some ideas to get you started then click on our latest article, “20 Farmhouse Style Pendant Lights For Your Next Kitchen Island Update” to help you get started today!

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