20 Charming Ways To Give Your Kitchen That Farmhouse Feeling


The word farmhouse and décor used together has become ever so popular since the premiere of the 1st season of HGTV’s Fixer Upper featuring Chip and Joanna Gains back in May of 2013. Joanna Gains made each viewer fall in love with her modern farmhouse-inspired interiors that showcase a mix of rustic furniture and décor finds that she collected from many of her favorite vintage shops. After each Fixer Upper reveal most people, including myself, found themselves searching the web or their local home décor stores to find fixer upper inspired décor in order to recreate a space in their homes.

The space most people get excited to recreate that farmhouse feel is the kitchen. I see why because the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s the place your family spend time cooking together, kiddos completing their homework at the kitchen table or a place to hang out with friends crafting the night away. So with the kitchen in mind I decided to share with you 20 charming ways to give your kitchen that farmhouse feeling to enjoy for many years.

1. Printed Wall Décor

Who says printed framed art has to go on the walls? You can simply create a small vignette by your kitchen sink displaying a cute soap and water sign along with a cute soap dispenser and towel rack on a tray for your guest to use. This is a perfect way to give yourself and your house guests a secondary place to wash their hands while visiting your home.

soap sign

2. Vintage Bread Box

How adorable and functional would it be to have this vintage bread box on your kitchen countertop? You can now get rid of the plastic bags of bread laying around your counter top and place them away in this cute box. You could also use this box top conceal other items in your kitchen like gadgets and other utility items that you may use on a daily basis too! It is also a plus that this bread box is neutral in color so it would fit in during any time of the year.
bread box

3. Picture Vases & Flowers

Why not dress up your kitchen counter-top or dining table with a simple white pitcher vase filled with fresh flowers. These are great for adding a decorative element to your space. If you love to entertain for your friends and family then I would recommend purchasing more than 2. These can be great for serving several types of beverages at your next dinner party or storage for your wooden spoons and spatulas too!

white carafe_5

4. Galvanized Trays

If you are trying to add an element of texture to your kitchen then these galvanized trays are the perfect addition. You can use table trays for grouping together items to make a centralized location for your coffee station. I have also seen them used as a perfect serving tray for breakfast in bed too!!
galvanized tray set_6

5. Rustic Wooden Storage Box

Looking for a place to store or showcase your plants or favorite coffee mugs in your kitchen? Then you will fall in love with this rustic wooden storage shadow box. This shadow box would be perfect to store your favorite coffee mugs above your coffee station in your kitchen. You can also store your tea bags and k-cups inside those adorable little drawers.

6. Cozy Up with Toss Pillows

Does your kitchen contain a built in banquette? If so, cozy up your space with a typographic pillows like “home sweet home”, fall harvest or whatever makes you feel excited to be home. I love them because they are comfortable and at the same time it gives your guests a story about you and your family.
burlap toss pillow_8

7. Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

As you notice in most kitchen designs today consist of the most requested farmhouse styled sinks. A large sink makes washing large size dishes, pots and pans so easy to clean. You can even wash a beautiful baby or puppy in one of these beauties too.

farmhouse sink_9

8. Farmhouse Kitchen Faucet

Do you have the farmhouse sink with that builder basic faucet? Why not take your sink to the next level and enhance it with a farmhouse styled faucet? Not only are these stylish, but it makes washing dishes a breeze.
farmhouse kitchen faucet_15

9. Wall Mounted Scale

If you would like to bring that farmers’ market feeling to your kitchen, then try adding a faux clock scale to your space. This will add an element of interest to that perfect corner in your kitchen. Try accessorizing it with some some fresh cut flowers to liven up that special corner.

metal and wood wall scale_10

10. Vintage Chandelier

Adequate lighting in your kitchen is extremely important as it is functional for tasking and at the same time can create beautiful ambiance to your space. If you are wanting a beautiful piece of jewelry for your farmhouse style kitchen, then this vintage chandelier is perfect for your space. I love the rustic rope and metal detail on the bottom section of the chandelier that would make a perfect companion to a rustic styled kitchen table.
industiral vintage chandelier_11

11. The Farmhouse Sign

Do you have the window over the sink in your kitchen and are looking for ways enhance the space above it? Try adding a cute vintage farmhouse sign above a window or on top of your kitchen cabinets with a beautiful floral garland. This will definitely add a bit of charm to your kitchen.

farmhouse printed sign_12

12. Bushel Baskets

Are your kitchen counter-tops, island or dining set looking a bit bare? Then consider adding bushel baskets filled with greenery, flowers or pumpkins. This will give your kitchen a little more character instantly.
farmhouse basket_13

13. Kitchen Canisters

Every kitchen calls for storage for your everyday essentials for cooking such as flour and sugar. Additionally, you will also need storage for your favorite coffee and teas. Adding these cute mason jar canisters will instantly bring the feel of the country to your kitchen. I love the neutral color of these jars!! You can fit them into any themed decorating style of the season.

14. Rustic and Cozy Dining Set

There is nothing that says farmhouse kitchen then having an old fashioned styled wooden dining set for your kitchen. Just imagine looking at your beautiful tablescape while enjoying a yummy dinner with your family and friends. A great table to create a life time of memories.
farmhouse dining set_16

15. Mason Jar Dispenser

Most kitchens has an area where you can easily have access to washing your hands and preparing a yummy meal for your family. How cute is this mason jar soap dispenser!! These would make a perfect decorative element and at the same time functional for your family.

mason jar_soap dispenser17

16. Flatware Caddies

With the fall season in full swing along comes the family gatherings and celebrations. When hosting a large scaled dinner party sometimes having all of your serve wear out makes the hostess life easier. Try adding this cute galvanized flatware caddie at your buffet table for your next party. This caddie can also house your cleaning supplies too!! I love when you can multi-task home décor items!!
flateware caddy_18

17. Embellished Dough bowls

Have you been on Instagram and pinterest lately? Dough bowls are everywhere!! They are decorated with florals for the season, pumpkins and so much more!! This too would be a great addition to your dining table or counter top in your kitchen.

18. Table Runners

A kitchen table is not complete until you add a beautiful table runner. For the farmhouse feel try adding a burlap runner to your table. I love the texture and warmth it brings to the setting and they are so durable too.
burlap runner_20

19. Rustic Galvanized 3 Tiered Trays

I love seeing kitchens utilizing the rustic charm of galvanized 3 tiered trays for housing a functional coffee station filled with beautiful coffee mugs. I have also seen them used as a beautiful centerpiece filled with indoor herbs, flowers and fruits. Lastly they can be used to place yummy desserts and treats for your guest to enjoy during that girl’s night out at your home. Whatever your spin is this piece will enhance your kitchen.
galvanized 3 tiered server_1

20. Old Farmhouse Inspired Scale

For the avid chef of the home having a functional scale for the kitchen is a must in order to create those delectable meals for the family. However, if you are not a sous-chef, but want the look of that in your kitchen then try adding a vintage like scale the more decorative then functional to your kitchen counter top. I love how you can just simply decorate it with a candle and simple greenery to create a point of interest and warm to a space.

scale clock_2

I hope this article was helpful to you especially if you are getting ready to create your farmhouse styled kitchen in your home. For me I will be using some of this inspiration for our very own kitchen and in a future post I will share with you how I style my kitchen for the season. Until then, happy decorating and welcome to the fall season!!


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