How To Style An Entryway Like A Interior Designer

How To Style An Entryway

Entryways of today serve as the first impression your guests see in your home. Do you want your entryway to be boring and blah or do you want your entryway to be warm and welcoming?  I want mine to be warm and welcoming but right now it is feeling boring and blah.  My current entryway decor is mainly wall art at the moment. Which is fine, but it just doesn’t make a statement and I’m on a mission to change that. How about you?

I want an entryway that is functional and eye-catching and I am sure you want the same. Entryways can serve as a space to store shoes, mail, and keys. It can also be that last spot where you look into the mirror to make sure you look fabulous before leaving for the day.

Today,  I’m so excited to show you what I’ve found.  I found a beautiful example from Pottery Barn that will work as our inspo. Some things are practical and functional – like a lamp and a table tray.  But when you’re looking at the other items, think vignettes and seasonal décor.  Seriously you will be redoing your entryway too!

Entryway Inspiration

Entryway Inspiration
Source: Pottery Barn

1. The Basics: Table Selection

The Basics: Table Selection

There are so many things to love about Pottery Barn’s Easton Reclaimed Wood Console Table.  For starters, it is made from antique doors!  It has all the unique rustic charm that only salvaged pieces can have – distressed, worn and well-loved. 

I really like the legs on this table, and they come with adjustable levelers to ensure it stays balanced.  This console table is 74 inches long and the top is two inches thick. So my point is to select an entryway table that makes your heart sing and ensure that the scale of it fits the size of your entryway.

2. Wall Mirror Selection

Wall Mirror

Mirrors can do some much for a space and including one in your entryway is a great idea if you have the wall space.  This Layne Round Wall Mirror comes in three different colors – gold, silver, bronze – and two different sizes – 36 and 49 inches.  Mirrors reflect light and make spaces appear larger and more open. 

When placed on a wall behind florals and other décor they can serve as a piece of art reflecting to the observer what is in front of them.  And hello – who doesn’t want one last look before opening the door to greet a visitor or walking out of the house.  Mirrors are always a good idea.

3. Optional: Lighting


Lighting in the entryway is a must and the soft glow of a table lamp creates warmth. It instantly says “Welcome!”. This Bethany Ceramic Urn lamp goes with any décor.  It has a ceramic base and an ivory linen shade.  It also comes in three different sizes – 15, 23.5 and 27 inches.  You should choose the height that works best with your mirror placement on the wall above the console table.

4. Decor: Ceramic Vases

Ceramic Vases

The Marlowe Ceramic Vase Collection falls into the beautiful-yet-versatile category.  There are five different pieces in the collection, and you can mix and match to get the pieces you need.  I say, just get them all!  You will certainly be able to find uses for them.  They are so versatile and can be used all over your house. 

Think seasonal displays, fresh or faux florals, festive greenery, and holiday twinkle lights.  These vases are hand-crafted and have wrought iron handles.  My favorite is the ceramic bowl.  Now imagine pine cones and glass ball ornaments for the holidays.  You get the idea!

5. Decor: Glass Vases

Glass Vases

If you don’t like the ceramic vase look or it doesn’t match your décor, you can try this shouldered clear glass vase.  This is a classic glass vase that is perfect for creating a light, airy feeling.  It is 12 inches high and 9.5 inches in diameter, perfect for propping stems from various angles.    

6. Table Trays

Table Trays

Next up are these long metal trays.  They come in two different sizes and have a clean simple design that will also go with any décor.  They can be used to anchor the vases mentioned above or they can serve as the perfect place for keys, sunglasses and those bits of mail that always seem to pile up.

7. Woven Baskets

Woven Baskets

Don’t forget to add a basket or two in your entryway.  This Aubrey Woven Oversized Rectangle Basket would be perfect underneath the console table or even in a nearby corner.  I don’t think you can ever have too many baskets around your house.  They are great clutter busters for toys, blankets and pillows, even off-season gear like hats, gloves, and scarves.  These baskets are 27 inches wide and 18 inches deep.

8. Add Fresh or Faux Flowers

Fresh or Faux Flowers

These faux silver dollar eucalyptus branches are so pretty and would look great in any vase.  They look stylish when displayed alone or as a filler with other florals.  The silver dollar branches work well in seasonal displays at any time of the year.

With the seasons quickly approaching, perhaps it is time to give your entryway a new look, one that is warm and inviting and welcomes guests to your home.  Making a good first impression is always a good idea but making space for more seasonal displays and vignettes is really what it is all about.  The entryway just facilitates the first impression for your guests, which we’ve already agreed is always important. 

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