How To Display Your Family Photos On The Wall

how to display your family photos on the wall

As you walk through your home do you notice a lot of blank walls and thought to yourself, “I would love to fill up these blank walls with some good memories?” Maybe its fond memories of your wedding day, the first birth of your child, or family photos were taken over the years? If you are thinking this you are not the only one!

To be honest we have lived in our home for almost 5 years and as a home decor enthusiast, I have been living with a lot of large blank walls in our home and unsure as to how I want to decorate them until now. Let’s be honest, we all have a lot of GREAT memories living inside our phones and cameras, right? However, you are unsure of what size and medium to reproduce your memories on? Well today, I will show you how to display your family photos on the wall using custom canvases from Simple Canvas Prints.

1. Plan Your Wall Design Before Hanging Anything!

new canvas prints

Yes, planning your wall design is extremely important prior to order your prints and shopping for additional wall decor to accessorize with. What size wall are your decorating? Is it a large wall or small hallway space? This will help you decided what scale of prints works best for your project.

The space I worked on is our entryway wall. It’s a large wall this extends up to the second level of our home. So, I knew I could not hang a grouping of small canvas prints. As a result, I decided to go big (that’s what they say in Texas) and hang three 30×24 large canvases with a small wall quote above. This set was from an impromptu family shoot in the backyard of our home. So, needless to say, remember to keep it simple if this is your first time.

2. Measure & Prep your Walls

measuring your photos

Before you begin to hammer any nails or apply those 3m command strips make sure you take important measures to avoid any unnecessary mistakes along the way. I recommend laying down your canvases, map out your layout, and measure. For this project, I wanted to hang my collection of 3 photos at least 2 inches apart from each other. In addition to that, I wanted to add a wall quote on top. Once I measured everything I was able to transfer the measurements that layout to my wall.

Now, if you are opting out from using nails and are using the 3m command strips, I recommend cleaning your wall first and allowing them to dry prior to attaching your wall art. This will ensure the best adhesion and avoid your photos and wall decor from falling down.

3. Grab An Assistant & Get Ready To Hang Your Precious Memories.

canvas photos in the home

Once you’ve followed the 1st 2 steps then you are ready to hang your precious photos. If you have large canvases I highly recommend grabbing an assistant to help, leveling tools either laser or a manual level and a ladder if needed. A level comes in handy to ensure your photo is hung straight and aligned together especially if you are hanging more that one photo.

For our entryway, I wanted to tell a story of my family’s time together trying to get the perfect shot for Christmas photos. It was hilarious!! I am totally sure you can relate trying to get the right shot, but goofy shenanigans begin to happen, lol! (that’s my family in a nutshell). Below you will find a few more angles of my canvases.

Canvas prints
Source: Canvas Made by Simple Canvas Prints
canvas prints entry way 2
Entryway View

Are You Inspired & Ready to Create Your Own Custom Canvas?


I bet you are so inspired and ready to start creating your very own custom canvases to hang in your beautiful home, right? If the answer is yes then I am going to tell and show you how easy it is to create your custom prints right now. I am so excited to have collaborated with Simple Canvas Prints with my home decor project I share with you all today. I have used this brand in the past and have nothing but great reviews from them.

Below you will find my video showing you how to upload, create, and order your very own prints today and I have an exciting promotion to share with you too. Ok… I will stop talking and let you watch the video!!

How to Order A Custom Canvas From Simple Canvas Prints.

Special Simple Canvas Prints Promotion

I am so thrilled to be able to share limited-time discount complements of Simple Canvas Prints. When you click on, “Create Your Custom Canvas” will receive the following off:

  • Receive 85% off your order, Yay!!
  • With Orders $19.99 & up will receive free shipping!

How awesome is that? All I can say is that you will love working with Simple canvas prints. It’s easy to order and the company ships your canvases with care. My packages in the past have always arrived damaged free and I love the quality of the canvases.

I hope that you found this post helpful and I hope I inspired you to begin taking your photos off your camera roll and begin mounting your beautiful memories on your walls. I am curious to know if you got started what memories would you begin to create on canvas first? Until then, you all stay safe, happy, and healthy.


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  • Beautiful, I’m trying to figure out how to blow up my wedding photos but I have them on cd is there a way to make that happen?

    • Hey girl
      I love that idea! If your computer has a CD drive you can simply upload them to a folder on your desktop and save them there. Or if you can take them to someone the has a computer with a CD drive have them upload them to Google drive. Just a few options to help you get started!! Please let me know if this helps? until then you have a great day my friend ??

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