25 Fun & Goofy Guy Gifts For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is marked by boxes of chocolate, bouquets of roses and lots of bling. But wait! Isn’t that all designed to make you squeal? What about the guy in your life? Doesn’t he deserve a little appreciation and a good gift too?

If you are one of those gals who expects a thoughtful and romantic Valentines gift, but you tend to grab something at the last minute for him, it is time to up your game. Make this the year that you shock and surprise your guy with a gift he can’t help but love as much as he loves you. Short of ideas? That’ okay. We have compiled a list of items that are designed to bring a smile to any guy’s face.

Gadgets Galore

What man does not love gadgets? From the simplest to the most ultra-tech, it doesn’t matter. Guys love anything they can play with. If your man is entranced by gadgets, here are a few budget friendly ones to consider:


Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch: This simple gadget is great for the guy who enjoys tracking his workouts, monitoring his performance stats, and gauge his progress.

2-magnetic wristband

Magnetic Wristband. A great gift for the handyman, this wristband lets him keep a hold of small screws, nails and bolts while working. Practical, yet fun, this magnetic wristband ultimately works as a third hand, making every job easier.

3-stylus pen

3-in-1 Touchscreen Stylus Pen. This sleek multi-functional stylus can be used on phones, tablets and computer screens. It comes with a flashlight and is versatile enough to carry in your short pocket.


Techy Gift Basket. Not sure what gadgets your guy will love? Consider a pre-made gift basket that is chock-full of techy gadgets and fun toys.


Levitating Bluetooth Speaker. Make your guy smile with a futuristic floating wireless speaker. With high end sound quality, this speaker is not only practical, it is also loads of fun.


Drones. What man could resist launching his own drone? From the simplest to the most complicated versions, drones come in all shapes, sizes and price ranges.me console. Featuring 80-plus of his favorite games, he will enjoy this blast from the past with hours of gaming fun.

The Great Outdoors

If you have an outdoorsy man, then we have lots of ideas for this Valentine’s Day. Here are few he may enjoy.

9-waterproof backpack

Waterproof Backpack. Don’t let a little rain dampen your outdoor fun. Gift your outdoorsman with a waterproof backpack to keep every outing dry. Designed with his comfort and ease in mind, this stylish backpack can be used in all types of weather and terrain.

10-sleeping for two

Sleeping Bag for Tw o. Warm up those cold nights under the stars with a backpack made for two.

survival kit

Survival Kit. Carry everything you need in an emergency on your wrist with a Para cord survival kit. Featuring an embedded compass, fire starter, knife, and whistle, this easy to wear bracelet is a must have for the outdoorsman in your life.


Camping Hammock. From the forest to the beach, this lightweight hammock is great for a relaxing weekend adventure.

12=picnic backpack

Picnic Backpack. Make planning a romantic picnic for two easier with this all-inclusive picnic backpack. It comes with everything you need for a day together in the woods including including a cheeseboard, wine opener, plates, wine glasses, utensil and cooler to store your food.

Sports Stuff

Show your guy how much you care by giving him a gift that showcases his love of sports. Here are a few ideas.

13 3d golf swing

Golf Analyzer. If you have a golfing enthusiast on your hands, help him improve his game with a golf analyzer.

14 wringley field blueprint

Ballpark Blueprint. If your guy is a Cubs fan, surprise him with blueprints to Wrigley Field. This unique print is designed on museum quality paper and is ready to be framed for display. Other ballparks also available.

15 football dice game

Football Dice Game. A fast paced games that can be played alone or with a group, any football fan will love this.

16football uniform wallet

Used Uniform Wallet. Gift your favorite guy a piece of authentic game jersey worn by the pros made into a wallet. Made from authentic jerseys from top college and professional teams, these unique wallets are available for multiple sports and teams.

Cooking Classics

What man doesn’t love to eat? Whether he is an expert griller or an upscale chef, consider one of these classic cooking gifts this Valentine’s Day.

17 darth vader mug

Darth Vader Mug. Practical and fun, this unique coffee mug is perfect for the galactic nerd in your life.

18 whiskey wedge

Whiskey Wedge. This unique silicone wedge allows your guy to enjoy a cold glass of whiskey without watering it down with ice.

19 meat book

Meat Guide. What guy doesn’t love a good slab of meat? In this book Meat: Everything You Need to Know, he will learn everything he needs to know about choosing the best cuts as well as cooking it.

20 molecule cuisine set

Molecular Gastronomy Kit. A kitchen chemistry kit for grownups! This innovative kit will let your budding chef experiment with algae and other texturing agents to make homemade sauces and dressings.

21 mr beer home kiot

Homebrew Kit. Brewing your own beer is a fun way to experiment with different flavors and styles. With a home brew kit, your special guy can create his own special recipes.

22 tabasco spicy dark chocolate

Tabasco Chocolate Wedges. Chocolate isn’t just a good Valentine’s gift for women. Men like it too – especially when it comes with a bit of a twist. These unique chocolate wedges offer the perfect mix of sweet and spicy. Features a smooth dark chocolate with a hint of heat thanks to a mix of Tabasco.

Just for the Two of You

Valentines’ Day is a day set aside for love and romance. Spice up your evening with a gift designed for just the two of you.

23 conversation starters for couples

Conversations for husbands and Wives. What a fun way get to know one another again, and better. Each side has a question and an accompanying Scripture verse or quote that is sure to spark some lively conversation and lots of laughter. Learn more about your partner's hopes, worries, dreams and joys with this fun resource.

24 what i love about you

What I Love About You and Me Book. This simple fill in the blank book gives you a simple way to tell him what he really means to you. Filled with 112 pages of prompts, this book will allow you to tell him all of the things he needs to hear.

25 date night in

Date Night In: 120 Recipes to Nourish Your Relationship. This simple yet eclectic recipe book gives you plenty of ideas for ways to spice up a night in.

Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be reserved for making women feel special. It should be a day for couples to enjoy the love they share. Show your special guy how much you care with a thoughtful gift that is chosen with him in mind. Men need to feel appreciated and respected. BY taking the time to tell him that you know what he likes with a gift that says “I’m for him” you will show him how much you really care.

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