20 Copper Desk Accessories & Decor Options For Your Home Office


Recent changes in our household have resulted in the relocation of my home office to a more prominent area of my house. When I say prominent, I mean an area that is easily seen by visitors, an area where the door cannot be closed to hide the clutter.  

Because of its new prominence, I wanted my home office to look sophisticated and pulled together, but also functional and organized.  I did not want the new area to scream “junk pile” or “I just raided the back to school aisle at Walmart.” Enter copper.  

I have always loved copper metallic accents in home décor.  With its soft rosy glow copper is the perfect combination of shine, elegance, and warmth.   Copper is modern and timeless, and it easily complements any color palette, from black and white to off-white and pastels. 

The list below contains some of the items I considered during my search for copper desk accessories for my home office. They will add the perfect finishing touches to my space while adding function and organization.  

1. Around Your Office

  • I just love globes.  They are a symbol of travel and adventure.  This copper glass globe would look amazing sitting on a bookshelf in your home office.  The globe itself is a transparent glass sphere, and the continents are copper-colored illustrations.
  • Flowers make me happy.  They are cheerful and always put me in a good mood, which is essential for productivity.  If you want flowers, you need a vase and this one would be the perfect copper accent for your office.  At a little over five inches tall, its speckled copper brightness will add some shine to your desk.
  • Office aromas are very important.  Citrusy scents are my personal favorite because they uplift and de-stress.  This mini jar candle from Anthropologie gets rave reviews for its great smell, but it made this list because of the copper top.  Even when not burning, it will still add a little sparkle to your desk.
  • My office relocation included the replanting of a palm plant in need of a larger pot.  When I come across these planters I knew I had found the palm’s new home.  I love the modern minimalistic look of these lightweight planters.  They are tapered at the bottom and fit perfectly inside their copper stands.  These planters come in two sizes – the medium size is 20 inches in height and the large one is 24.5 inches.  
  • A small serving tray is always a good idea in a home office.  It is a very versatile accessory and can be used for corralling small items on your desk and for carrying various items to and from your office.  This small textured tray has a warm copper finish and would fit perfectly into any copper-accented space. 
  • Every home office needs a wastebasket.  While trash receptacles aren’t the most exciting thing in the world, they do provide an opportunity to incorporate some finishing touches into your décor.  Wouldn’t this copper wastebasket look much better than a dull plastic one?  Definitely!

2. On Your Desk

  • This little trinket dish makes me smile.  It is the perfect mix of quirky and function and an excellent spot for paperclips, jump drives, or push pins.
  • For me, the biggest culprit behind productivity is a cluttered desk.  If I have piles of paper and pens scattered all over the place, I have trouble focusing on the task at hand.  Without a spot for things to live, clutter takes over.
  • These copper wire letter trays can easily be stacked, so you might want to order a couple (or three or four).  They look great and can certainly make a dent in the piles of paper mess.
  • This copper metal pencil cup for under $4.00 would make a home for all those scattered pens and pencils and this copper letter sorter is great for sorting your incoming and outgoing pieces of mail.  Both minimalistic, modern, and functional.
  • Looking for some new scissors?  This pair of bent steel sewing scissors has gotten excellent reviews for its weight and cutting ability.  The vintage copper finish is what first caught my eye and they instantly transported me back to my grandmother’s sewing room. 
  • Another staple of the home office space is a tape dispenser.  This modern yet minimalistic one would work well in any mid-century or modern farmhouse style.
  • One of the first things that made it into my shopping cart was this LED table lamp.  I always need extra task lighting on my desk and at 24 inches tall it is perfect.  The copper shade with the marble base is really what sold me though. Copper and marble always equal classic, modern style.
  • Even in the age of all things digital, we still seem to collect a lot of papers in my house.  One day I will get around to scanning and storing them in the cloud somewhere, but until that happens, I need a place to keep them organized and sorted.  This copper wire hanging file basket is made of natural copper and has a sturdy wire construction.  It would look nice on your desk or your bookshelf, or it could even be mounted on a wall.  
  • Speaking of file folders, check out these confetti glam copper ones.  They come in packs of three and include gold foil accent labeling stickers.  Yes, please! These glam copper file folders would look great, as would, these softcover ruled notebooks…also in copper!  I’ll take two, please.
  • Another must-have for my desk is a coaster.  Coasters are boring, but they do serve a purpose, so why not make them pretty?  These caught my eye.  I love the white, pink, and copper combination and one of these coasters would look pretty on your desk even when you don’t have a glass of wine sitting on it.

3. On Your Wall

  • If you are one of those people who likes to keep their desks clear of all distractions, this wall-mounted organizer may be just what you need.  This entire organizer measures 27 inches from top to bottom, and the clips, hooks, basket, and shelf attachments can all be moved around to suit your needs.  This is a very versatile piece that would work well in your entryway, your closet, or even your kitchen.
  • If you have empty wall space in your home office, adding a mirror might be a good option.  Mirrors reflect light and automatically make areas feel open and bright. This mirror would look fabulous in a home office.  I love the texture of this copper hammered frame on this mirror. It would match wonderfully with the other copper accessories in the room.
  • Also, for your home office wall check out this set of two wall vessels.  Holy cuteness!  These 3-dimensional ceramic vessels could be used to hold office supplies or small succulents or herbs.  I think three of four of them hung together would make an impressive statement.  

I hope this list has given you some ideas and inspiration for incorporating copper into your home office décor.  I know I am always more productive when my office space makes me happy and energized. The key is to organize your space and surround yourself with things that are both functional and pretty.  Try a couple of these atomic number 29 inspired office accessories and add a little shine to your desk and a little sparkle to your workspace!

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