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10 Items To Help Create a Chic & Organized Home Office


Having a home office has become more popular in the past 10 years. As it relates to women, we are either working from home, developing our very own home based business, crafting, or just need a space to manage our home and family finances.  Most business women are wanting a beautiful space that is functional and inviting to work in, but do not know where to begin. Today I will share with you 10 items that will help you create a stylish and organized work space that you will love for years to come. So you are probably thinking… what are the 10 items, right? Well lets jump right in!

1_size of desk

1. Desk Size

The size of your desk will make a big difference on how you utilize your space. Before picking out the desk of your dreams make sure you measure out your work space. In addition to measuring out your home office you will also want to consider what other items you want to fill your space with. For example, do you want to have a bookshelf for storage, a reading nook with a cozy chair to read in, a crafting table, and sitting area for guests that may visit. Consider the essential items that means the most to you and then have fun shopping! I love the way this Pinterest user styled their small space. It’s functional and not over crowed with too many pieces of furniture.


2. Storage

Storage is another item to consider in your home office. If you are working with a small room adding credenza to that space can make it feel crowded. So I love the way Cynthiamartyn on Instagram maximized her wall area by adding bookshelves as a way to store important files or crafting items. The burst of pink is very playful and inviting. I definitely would enjoy working in a space like this. The other reason why this office is pleasing to the eye is that the office clutter is hidden by the use of storage bins and filing boxes. Everything is out of site and out of mind making it easy to concentrate on the task at hand in this home office!

3_reading nook

3. Reading Nook

Consider adding a cozy reading nook to your space if you have the real estate for it! It is so nice to have a space to break away from the desk and cozy up with your favorite book of the moment. This reading nook can also double up as a space for guests to sit when they are visiting or sharing fun business ideas or a girls crafting night in. I adore how Eclectically Vintage created this chic space mixing different textures from the rattan side table with her favorite books with a beautiful vase & flowers. In addition to that I love the inviting upholstered tufted arm chair with the toss pillow and throw. I would be reading for hours!

4_office decor

4. Office Decor

There is nothing like personalizing your office with pictures of loved ones, inspiring quotes to get you motivated or flowers to green up your space. Consider breaking up the monotony of books on every shelf of your bookshelf with these key elements. Love Grows Wild did a great job of styling her bookshelf. It is very clean to the sight line and draws you in to look at the fun quotes and pictures.

5_command center

5. Command Center

A command center is a must in your office. You will need a space to place your most important to-do’s, accounting and other items to manage your home or business. I LOVE how this Pinterest user created an organized command area for her desk! It’s so colorful with the burst of pink office supplies she used to jazz up this awesome organizer by Poppin. I also love the quotable filing folders and the decorative planner that’s on her desk too. This trend is still popular in 2016 and you can find accessories like on many online retailers like amazon and more! To make me love this even more is the addition of the vase of pink roses!! Now a girl could get used to fresh cut roses everyday, but they can become pricey. So, places like Hobby Lobby and Michael’s are great resources for finding faux flowers to add to your beautiful space for less over a period of time.

6_tech storage

6. Tech Charging Station

There is nothing like seeing a messy area with cords running wild in the office. It looks chaotic and can disrupt your workflow. Or, there is nothing like spending long hours working on the computer and come to find out that you phone or other technology’s battery is low. To top that off  you can’t find a USB cord in site. A cool must have is a charging station for all of your techie toys!! Driven by Decor created this AWESOME unit by converting a simple wooden desk accessory into a charging station. This can be achieved by drilling holes in the back and inserting a power strip for you to plug in your devices when not in use. All of the cords will be hidden and ready for use.

7_wall decor

7. Wall Decor

In order to keep yourself motivated to achieve your goals daily I highly recommend that you style your space with some of your favorite quotes. You can find many wall quotes that are framed to simple downloadable prints online. Craft-O-Maniac used pretty clip boards with inexpensive printables to fill her wall space. It’s simple clean and elegant use of the wall in her office.

8_comfy chic chair

8. Comfy Office Chair

A comfy office chair is a must! If you are going to be spending hours in your work space treat yourself to a high quality and chic chair. (Your back and bottom will love you) On Pinterest this user found a gorgeous neutral chair for her space and added a pop of color with the toss pillow.. (Now… I know you are distracted by the shoes, lol) Comfort is key and it does not have to be the traditional office chair with wheels, but if that is your style then go for it!

9_office lighting

9. Office lighting

Since this is your beautiful and chic space ensure you have adequate lighting in order to function. Of course natural lighting is the best lighting for productivity, but consider what type of light source works best for your space. I am inspired by the lighting in this picture from Simply Brittany. In this office she decided to go for a stylish chandelier lighting. It’s beautiful and glamorous (swoon). Just make sure you take your measurements and consider what style will fit the scale of your room and ceiling height.

10_desk accessories

10. Desk Accessories

Last but not least is accessories!! I love this idea from Pinterest using the black, white, and gold desk accessories. This color will coordinate with any color scheme you decided to use in your space. Trinket trays has become so popular in home decor and they can be a perfect fit for those days you are ready to get down and dirty with your projects. You can place your rings, watches and other items there without worrying about misplacing them on the floor or God knows where. You can use cute serving trays to vanity trays as a toss tray. Be creative. In addition to that, I also love the use of candles to set the scene for a relaxing work atmosphere. These Kate Spade candles they are so cute, but you can use whatever candle and scent that makes you happy.

I hope that you found this post inspiring as you tackle on your very own home office project. I know my next project will be creating my very own office in our home and I can not wait to share with you my before and after. My goal is to create a glamorous styled space where I can be productive with work, beauty and crafting of course. Until then have a great day and happy decorating!

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