20 Amazing Home Command Center Ideas

Happy new year!! I hope that you all had a safe and fun time bringing in the new year with your friends and family. I know we did! With the new year traditions, most people are planning out their goals and resolutions to start off the year on the right foot. To help you with you with the new year planning and organization for your family I wanted to share with you all 20 amazing command center ideas that you can incorporate into your current home.

command center-1

I love the way Cirburbanity created this perfect command center in a kitchen cabinet built in. It’s such a great way to utilize space when you are limited to wall space in your kitchen. The file organizers are perfect for placing mail, kids homework, and other essential documents for your family.

command 2

If you have ample wall space to create a command center then here is a great set up from One Creative Housewife. This center includes framed wall quotes that inspire you to work hard and never give up. In addition to the framed wall quotes, they created dry erase boards from a simple picture frame. What a great way to leave important messages or to-dos for your family. Just beautiful!

command 3

Here is another excellent example of how to utilize small wall space for your future command center. Jennaburger created this cute chalkboard inspired center that gives you the flexibility to change up your titles at any time. This center has great balance of design and function.

command 4a

Now if you like more of a neutral color palette, then you will love How to Nest For Less’s command center. In this design, you will see another use of a pictured frame turned into a dry erase calendar. How budget friendly is this? Love it!! Lastly the dividers with pens and pencils!! I don’t know about you, but I am always looking for a pen or pencil in my house.

command 5

Here is another spin on a neutral yet simple command center idea from Clean and Scentsible. I love the family branded established sign used to title the space and the simple use of the slat wall organizer for this space. The clips are a great way to post important lists or cute pictures of your family.

command center 6

For those of you that love color this center is for you! The burst of blue and yellow used in See Vanessa Craft’s command center makes this space so cheerful and exciting. From the colorful wall art to the colorful file folders you will be eager to get your family organized for the year.

command center 7

In this space, Miss Frugal Fancy Pants used this cute wicker style organizers. The wicker gives this space a rustic charm to this command center.

command center 8

Here is another Jenna Burger command center. If you love dark stained frames and organizers, you will love this look. Overall it’s simple and easy to re-create in your home.

command center 9

Wow! What a great use of space from The Happy Housie! If you are challenged with limitied wall space, this command center found a home inside of an unused closet. I love the white background with the pops of turquoise! Such a chic space that gives an element of surprise in this home. You open this up and WOW!!

command 10

Here is a classic and traditional look from Not Just A Housewife. This center is very clean and simple for a small space in your kitchen.

command 11

Here is another cute and colorful idea from Jenna Burger. My favorite feature is the antiqued window turned into a cork board for notes. In addition to that, I love how she added the hooks for hanging household keys. I mean how many times are you looking for your keys as you are dashing out the door? Me? All the time.

command 12

Now for those of you looking for a command center for your kids, you will love how A Bowl Full Of Lemons created this cute homework center in her kitchen. If space is an issue, you can clean out one of your kitchen cabinets to create a go-to space for your children’s crafting, writing assignments, and homework binders for school. This is a neat way to keep things clean and out of the way when you do not want guests to see.

command 13

Here are more great cabinet command center ideas from Just A Girl Blog. I love the decorative inserts added to the interiors doors of the cabinet. In addition to that, I amazed with the ample amount of storage and file containers to keep this family clean and organized.

command 14

What a great addition to this kitchen from Bliss At Home. Adorable mix of prints with the pops of turquoise. I like the technology station added to this center. You will never have to search for a place to charge your phone at this home. Great idea and I may have to try this in my home too!

command 15

Here is another kitchen cabinet center from Organizing Home Life.  She shows you how to make a cute space on a budget.

command 16

This center is so chic and simple. I love the added sparkle of gold that Dwelling In Happiness created. She used a simple home decor window and turned it into a functional piece in her home. You must check out her step by step crafting project for this beautiful center.

command 17

I love the simplicity of this center from Grace Lee Cottage. The simple addition of the metal organizer with a beautiful calendar that was crafted with gorgeous crafting paper, key holder, and wall art is perfect for any home. Not to mention very budget friendly project to create in your home.

command 18>

What a nice neutral center Mini Owls created. My favorite addition to this center is an area for little learning toddlers to play and organize too! Another great addition is the wall decor on this one with the cute pen/pencil holder and the adorable key holder, too!

command 19

How cute is this industrial command center from Lovely Etc? Another simple design utilizing an old glass cabinet door for the calendar. I also like the turquoise chalkboard clipboards used to display the family’s daily menu, and the other one is used as a to-do list.

command 20

I found this one over on Esty. It’s was an advertisement for the chore boards which are totally cute, but in addition to the chore list, I love the command center wall too. The layout is simple and clean; I love the family initial along with the collage of family photos and framed quotes. This is a simple addition to any family room, game room or office areas of the home.

I enjoyed sourcing out some amazing commands centers to help inspired you to get your home organized and ready to plan out a fantastic 2016. Until the next Wednesday…

Happy New Year!

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