Simple & Yummy No Bake Key Lime Cheesecake

With summer being right around the corner I am sure many of you are getting ready to celebrate many milestones with your friends and family. Many students are getting ready to graduate from elementary, middle, high school, and even college during this time of year and with that comes a lot of celebrations! We also have significant holidays coming this summer which will call for fun picnics at the beach, park, or even at your favorite spot called home.

Wouldn’t you agree that there is no celebration without some yummy food? I say yes to that! Because regardless of the party you go to you may be asked to bring a dish to share with your dearest friends. When that happens, do you find yourself experiencing a brief moment of panic? What should I make? How much time do I have to make it? I am too busy!! HELP!!! Right?

I do at times because I am a working mom that travels continuously, I am a wife and again a mom with a busy middle school-aged child that’s in sports and band!! So when the time comes to preparing something for the next party I am thinking…. what can I make that taste delicious and take minimal time to make it.

Well, remember a few weeks back when I visited the Vintage Market Days in Dripping Springs, TX earlier this May? If not, check out my previous post “Vintage Market Days of Austin Hill Country Review.” In that post, I shared my 1st time shopping experience, and I also shared a new vendor that I fell in love with called Mad Dash Mixes by Sherri and Manny Leal. They sell dry mixes of salads, soups, desserts and more.

I love their idea of dry mixes because they help cut your cooking time in half and you still have delicious tasting food for your family. During my shopping time with this vendor I ended up purchasing several different dry mixes, but the one I want to share with you today is the yummy “No Bake” Key Lime Cheesecake.


Did I say “No-bake” Key Lime Cheesecake? Yes, I said it!! So, I bet you are thinking… SHARE!!! And, I will because this is the perfect dessert to make for your summer parties. First of all, this key lime dessert is sweet, yummy, cool and refreshing for the upcoming hot summer days. So with that said let’s jump right in..

The “No Bake” Key Lime Cheesecake mix comes in a packet as you see in the photo for only $6.00. The package will make enough for one cheesecake or 6-8 servings. The lime’s in this photo is just for the picture, and I eventually used it for garnish.

When I initially got started, I was going to serve my desserts in these see-through glasses, but later on in this post, you will notice that I changed my mind and decided to serve them in my ramekins from pier 1. I also wanted to display them on my DIY serving tray I made. If you would like to know how I crafted this item, then please leave me a comment below.


What’s so cool about this recipe this that there is no MSG and it’s gluten-free (Note: depending on what ingredients you add can change the “Gluten Free”)!! Now, you are probably thinking what items do I need to grab from your local grocery store? Guess what? You will only need three things:

  1. 16oz of Softened Cream Cheese,
  2. 8oz of Cool Whip and an
  3. 8” graham cracker crust or loose graham cracker crumbs if you are planning on making single served mini cheesecakes as I did.

Make sure you soften your cream cheese for it will make it easier to blend. Then make sure you have your cool whip ready for the next step! I LOVE extra creamy cool whip!! How about you?


Once you’ve added your cool whip, begin to mix the two ingredients. I am using my Kitchen Aid mixer that I owned for years! However, I want to upgrade to the Kitchen Aid stand mixer this Christmas. (smile)


Now, this step is completely optional, but I decided to add food coloring to my Key Lime Cheesecake. I added a few drops of green and yellow coloring to make my dessert appealing to the eye and guests too!


As you can see I decided to use my ramekins instead and now you can see how to food coloring made this dessert colorful to the eye!! At this point, you will want to refrigerate these yummy treats for 4 hours.


After these lovelies got a chance to refrigerate for a while, I decided to garnish them with whipped cream and a slice of lime. How pretty and delicious, right? My family enjoyed them so much!! For me, I was so happy that they taste amazing and only took less than 30 minutes to make!! If you are looking for a dessert that is cool, refreshing and yummy then you must give Mad Dash Mixes a try! I am so happy with my purchase from them that I had to share them with you all here too!

Until next time..have a great day!

P.S. – Looking for another easy dessert recipe? Check out my post on making macarons!

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