Vintage Market Days Of Austin Hill Country Review

I don’t know about you but lately I have become so intrigued with anything that deals with home decor and interior design. I am always excited and looking forward to my next adventure to the home decor store or a home show. Just recently I had the privilege of attending the annual Vintage Market Days Austin-Hill Country that was held April 29th, 30th and May 1st. You might be asking what is “Vintage Market Days”? Well, It’s a 3 day shopping extravaganza fill with vendors that are all hand picked in order to be apart of this amazing event. You can find everything from vintage antiques, furniture, and apparel to home decor, handcrafted jewelry, bath and body items and much more all while enjoying a variety of live music entertainment.

I can’t believe I have waited this long to attend a fun day filled with food, folks and fun for only $5.00. Like I mentioned it’s a 3 day event so I decided get my girlfriends together a shop on day 2 of the event. My thought process was maybe it will not be as busy on the 2nd day of the event. As a result, I picked up my girls and we began our 1 hour trip to Dripping Springs, Texas for a day filled with fun!!


To my surprise the event was held indoors which made me a happy shopper because during this time of year the weather can be either sunny and hot or rainy. So either way me and my friends would be able to shop till we drop without worrying about the scorching heat melting us away. I was also intrigued with all of the vendors that were showcased. We had artwork, clothing, furniture to even food vendors at our fingertips.


If you have never visited a show like this it is typically held twice a year. Once in the fall prior to the holidays and then again in the spring time. The event time frame is from 10am to 4pm which I thought was perfect. We decided to go on a Saturday at 10am. At first I was worried that the shopping event would be picked over goods from a busy Friday kick off and crowed, but to my surprise my friends and I got into the venue fairly quickly. In addition to that it was easy to shop because it was not overly crowed and plenty to shop for.


For me my goal was to hunt for interesting furniture pieces for my beauty/office room project I am currently working on, but with so many ideas and options in my face I could not stay focused. Do you find yourself having the same experience when shopping at shows like this?? I was in heaven, but overdosing in home decor overload. As you can see in this photo above there was so many beautiful antique finds!!!


In addition to the antique home decor options I also ran into some great pop-up clothing boutiques too! My friend B was all over the cute clothing and jewelry options while shopping. Me? I was focused strictly on home decor and furniture. But like I mentioned early that focus was merely broken when I encounter the aromas of delicious foods from this cute vendor called Mad Dash Mixes!!


Let me tell you, the cute merchandising pulled me in right away on top of the yummy smells of soups coming my way! I was not the only one pulled in by the smells, my friend B and M was also pulled in too! I guess maybe we were hungry, but either way it smelled so good. Ok… let me focus and tell you about this amazing company!! Mad Dash Mixes is owned by a cute couple named Manny and Sherri Leal. They are based out of Cleburne, TX and they specialize if dry food mixes from pastas, soups, desserts and more!!


I don’t know about you, but there are some days I want dinner prepare quick and easy!! And, it must taste delicious too! I have a growing tween boy with a BIG appetite just like is dad. In addition to that I am a busy working mother and wife, so there are days I want something quick and easy too! So I decided to explore a bit here and when I can across the Jalapeno Chowder is was on!!


To my surprise there was an area reserved for sampling their amazing treats! There were samples of the soups and cheesecake too. Needless to say after sampling the soups I was in HEAVEN!! I can’t believe I came to this event with a goal to purchase home decor. Instead I found myself and my friends filling up our hands with food, lol! I purchased:

  • Key Lime Pie Cheesecake Mix
  • 2 packs of the Jalapeno Chowder
  • Cranberry Pasta Salad
  • Mediterranean Pasta Salad

Each dry mix was on $6.00 each! Not bad and I love supporting new businesses especially nice people like Sherry and Manny! If you ever get a chance to visit Vintage Market day is Texas you MUST and try for yourself! I have already made the Jalapeno Chowder and the Key Lime Pie Cheesecake for my family and they LOVED it!! So I will be making this again soon in addition to trying out my Pasta salads too! If you following me on instagram @chichomeaccents then you may have already seen my picture of the Key Lime Cheesecake mini’s I made for my family. If not you should hop on over and follow.


Overall the Vintage Market Days was a fun experience. If you love finding unique pieces for your home or looking for great gifts for your friends and family you will find wonderful, food, decor, skincare, jewelry and so much more. Lastly, if you love supporting local businesses this is a great venue to do so. I truly love supporting small businesses with great client service and of course great product.  Most importantly you will have fun with your friends and family too! Stay tuned, my next post I will share my key Lime Cheesecakes from Mad Dash Mixes I made for my family until then… Thank you so much for visiting and may your day be filled with sparkle and shine.

Natasha Hopkins

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