5 Inexpensive Ways To Add Winter Decor To Your Family Room.

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Well, hello and happy New Year friends! Wow, Christmas flew by fast, right? I bet your homes were filled with beautiful holiday decor and now it’s gone. You have taken everything down and now your home feels empty? And, you are missing that winter wonderland vibe. If you are wanting that feeling, but don’t want it to look like Christmas, then this post is for you. Today I will be sharing 5 inexpensive ways to add winter decor to your family room.

I am excited to share this with you because you may already own these items in your home. Isn’t that exciting? You will not have to run out to your favorite decor store and spend extra cash in this new year. Now, throughout this post, if you feel the need to purchase something new I will include some affiliate links to my favorite stores as a resource to you.

1. Chunky Throw Blankets

Amazon pom-pom blanket

When I think of winter, I think of chilly nights and getting warm & cozy with a chunky throw blanket while I am watching my favorite movie or reading my favorite book at the moment, the homebody by Joanna Gaines. So bring out those blankets and dress up your couch for the season. It will have function and style to your space. The cute pom-pom blanket I have and love is from Amazon.

2. Textured Pillows

textured pillow decor

You know that I am obsessed with textured pillows and adding them to your winter space is perfect!! You can add texture with crocheted, chunky knitted and handwoven tufted pillows. If you would like to see more textured pillow ideas, then check out my article, “9 Gorgeous Textured Throw Pillow Perfect For Fall.” You will be amazed! However, I bet you already have some amazing pillows you can use.

3. Pine Cones & Pine Tree Leaves

pine and pine-cones

If you love the feeling of bringing the outdoors in then keep a few pine tree leaves out and use them as filler for your coffee table decor. I just placed a few faux pine leaves I used during Christmas on my table tray. In addition to that, I added a few large size pine cones. I added these because it reminded me of the pine tree we had next to my childhood home in Wisconsin. As a child, we would play around it and under it during the winter months because there was so much snow that it created a pine tree igloo, lol.

4. Warmth From A Vignette Of Candles

candle decor

Candles are an easy and inexpensive way to at warmth and a beautiful ambiance to a room. It also can serve as a way to create a soothing and stress-free environment after a long day at work, or if you are a SAHM a sanctuary from the kiddos too!

5. Rustic Touches of Wood Slices

wood slices

If you all follow me on my Instagram @chichomelife, then you already know that I am obsessed with these rustic wooden slices. They are perfect elements of winter decor and makes a great tray for holding candles or a piece of art. In addition to the wooden slices, I love to incorporate these small wooden coasters too! They are functional for guests to place beverages on as well as decorative too!

Well, friends, I hope you all enjoyed my spin on 5 inexpensive ways to add winter decor to your family room and I hope you try some of these ideas in your home today! Until then, I would love to know how do you decorate your family rooms after Christmas? Do you winterize or go straight to spring decor?

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  • I still can’t believe it how you’ve listed all of my favorite stuff for winter decor! Being inexpensive is not the only thing that makes them appealing, but it’s certainly a wonderful thing that you can make your home instantly cozy with just a few warm details. Winter should be all about layers and coziness and comfortable pillows, throws and rugs create that soothing atmosphere in split seconds.

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