10 Must-Haves For Your Home Command Center

If you have read my last post about “20 Amazing Command Center Ideas for Your home” you are probably like me and are ready to create the perfect command center for your home. If not you must read it before reading this post Ok…moving on. Now if you are getting ready to create a command center for your entire family or a center for your personal office space, these 10 must-haves will help you create the center of your dreams!!

Below you will find two of my favorite Command Centers, and I will share with you where to find similar items so that you can quickly get started with your project!! The 1st favorite comes from See Vanessa Craft. Like I said in my original post, I love the burst of color pulled through with the file folders and printed artwork.

command_1 ideas

In this photo you will see some cute and colorful framed art, a calendar to note important dates for your family, a hanging system to store keys, pens & pencils, a lovely wooden script and a file holder. You might be thinking that these items are hard to find, but they are not! Below will find some great suggestions along with links to similar elements in both photo’s featured in this article.

1. Wall Art

When creating your command center, I recommend using art or pictures to make a personal statement about your space. If your center is in the heart of your home, for example, the kitchen, then you may want to add colorful framed photos of your family. How enduring would that be to showcase the special people in your life? Another way to make a statement is by adding pictures of your favorite hobby. Whether its fashion, music, or sports, adding a personal touch like this showcases who you are and what you love.

Lastly, another great idea is adding pictures of colorful framed quotes. I love quotes that give me motivation and a purpose for the day. You can find some beautiful printable quotes from Etsy that are incredibly affordable, easy to download and sent to your local OfficeMax or printer store.

2. Calendar

A calendar is a must! When you have a busy schedule and a busy family life a calendar helps keep everyone connected. I love dry erase calendars because they are reusable month after month. Now if you are a little more crafty, you can create a fun dry-erase calendar by purchasing a beautiful picture frame, placing a printable calendar from Etsy inside of the frame, and then use dry-erase markers on the glass for an instant chic look! How economical is that? No more wasting paper or until you get bored of the printed design used inside your personalized calendar.

3. Hanging Storage system

In the photo above you may have noticed the amazing stainless steel hanging storage system from IKEA. I love the steel flatware caddy that is utilized for additional storage. How cool is the IKEA Steel organizer bar!! Such a great use of space to store pens, keys and other household supplies! I love the creativity in this storage system.

4. Wooden scripts

Wooden scripts are not necessary, but they are so cute!! Who wouldn’t love a fun script on the center of their wall saying, “Home Sweet Home” or have a family or personal initial in their command center? Mark your territory if you will! I know I would. You can find some gorgeous wooden scripts from Etsy. In addition to that, you can have them custom made for your home.

5. File Holder

With all of the receipts from purchases, to mail, coupons and homework from your little one a filing system is a must to organize your important documents. In the photo above they used an IKEA magazine rack to hold file folders. I also found some other cute filing storage like in the picture below. You can find the pewter magazine rack from Amazon for very little cost. They also had wooden options too. Be creative and if you can not find the color you want you can simply go to a craft store and buy some Martha Stewart decor paint to transform your filing system to fit your style.


This command center idea above is from One Creative Housewife I love the layout. It’s simple, neutral and has ample storage place for the entire family.

6. Cute File Folders

You can find some pretty chic folders on Amazon. I love file folders with cute quotes or sayings on them like the decorative folders from Roobee. If you don’t like quotes on your file folders, but more of a pretty print you will love these options from Kate Spade. Nevertheless, your options are endless when it comes to file folders.

7. Dry Erase Board

A dry-erase board gives you and your family the ability to leave quick reminders or fun love notes to your family! You can find many varieties of dry erase boards big and small. If you don’t like the dry erase board look, you can also take a beautiful picture frame, add your favorite colored scrapbook paper and turn that into a dry erase board too!! So simple and an affordable option.

8. Additional Storage Bins

Who doesn’t need more storage for their home? I’m sure we can all say yes to that question. Storage bins are a great way to store your children’s homework assignments to your big projects that you are creating to close the deal on a major assignment from work. In the photo above I like how they used the metal bins for their command center. You can also find some really nice wicker basket options if you love that farmhouse feel.

9. Notes & Post-its

If you do want to have a dry erase board for your space, then you will need to incorporate a small bin to house your cute little notes or post-its! You can find plain post-its or decorative & chic notepads to write memos for your next grocery trip or reminders for your child’s day at school.

10. Something to Write With

What’s a command center without some tools to write your important dates and messages to your family? If you are choosing to go the dry erase board option, then dry erase markers are must!! You can find dry erase markers at varies stores that sell office supplies. You can go bold and colorful or keep it classy with traditional black. Again if you are not using a dry erase board, then you will need to consider adding some cute decorative writing pens. Whatever your style may be your options are endless.

I hope that you find this post helpful especially if you are getting ready to create your very own command center for your home. I know for sure one of my many projects for myself in 2016 is to create my new office space featuring a chic and girly command center. Once I create that space, I will make sure to share the results with you all soon. Until then, thank you so much for stopping by and have a great day!

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