How To Create A Stylish Bead Pen

Hello everyone! Today I am so excited to share with you one of my latest projects inspired by my one of my favorite YouTube home decorating guru athomewithnikki!! I have followed her YouTube channel and blog since 2015. Her topics range from home decorating, organization, recipes, event planning and more. In addition to that, she’s also a great coach when it comes to organizing and planning for your professional work life too! Additionally, she has inspired me to share my love for home styling here at Chic Home Life! Thank you Nikki!! You are the best and keep doing what you are doing. Your content and what you share is life changing!

One night I was watching her DIY Planner Accessory video and girl, let me tell you I inspired. I agreed with her when she stated that basic pens are so boring!! They are and if I can glam it up my writing accessory without spending too much money, why not! So needless to say a few weeks after researching my resources I immediately hopped over to an excellent website that Nikki recommended to purchase the bead pen from The bead pen comes in a variety of colors from pink, blue, purple and this list goes on. The price for the pen was $7.00 however when I shopped the company was running a sale which ends this coming Tuesday (3/8/2016). If you follow me on Instagram @chichomelife, you may have seen my silver and gold bead pens. I was surprised at how fast my order shipped! I received it less than five days!! Which was perfect. Because over that weekend I decided to get started I got sick with a fever and sinus infection. So needless to say I was home bond and this project saved me from being bored out of my mind.

step 1 bead pen

The pen arrived nicely packaged, and it looks like you see if the picture above. Also in this photo, I picked up some Jesse James beads from my local Michael’s Arts and Crafts store. The cost of these beads was $4.99 for a strand. I will caution you. If you decided to purchase this same set of beads, you will need to drill a wider opening in the pink set of beads. I had to break out my hubby’s drill set and widen the hole with a slightly larger drill bit. You can also find cute beads at any craft store online too! Just make sure when you purchase your beads ensure that the hole is large enough to slide on to the bead pen. The beads that are similar to the Pandora bracket charms are perfect!!

step 2 bead pen

Once you have figured out your bead pattern, then you are ready to load your favorites onto the pen. It took me a while because I am so darn picky. For me, I LOVE the color pink. It’s girly and gives me a burst of happiness. Especially hot pink or fuchsia.  I also decided to have gold beads and some beads that had a bit of sparkle. What woman does not like shiny and sparkly things??? Another reason why I chose pink and gold is because the color scheme of my planner is pink and gold too!!

step 3 bead pen

After you have your beads positioned where you want them, then begin to twist on the cap of the pen. Make sure you wrap it on tight so that your beads do not move around while you are writing with it. That would be annoying for sure.

step 4 bead pen

bead pen

Now that you have everything tighten you are ready to put your pen to work! I am so in love with my new creations that I begin to utilize it while planning my new week! This bead pen project was so easy that I decided to make another pen in pink and silver.

step 5 perfect partner

My new pen is a perfect partner to my new planner!! During that same weekend, I also put together my new planner, Yay!! If you would like to see how I organize and decorate my planner, please let me know by commenting below. Until then, I hope this inspires you to try the fun craft to add a bit of sparkle to your busy workday. Thanks for visiting and may your day sparkle and shine!

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