10 Sensational Small Laundry Room Organization Ideas

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Laundry day, that fun chore that everyone looks forward to each week. We wash, fold, iron, and repeat in the same space weekly. For some homes, the laundry room is large and outfitted with counter space for folding, a place to iron, and storage solutions for laundry room essentials. Resulting, in a stress-free experience. On the other hand, most homes are equipped with a smaller size laundry area making it challenging to have a space for folding, fitting an ironing board for pressing your essentials, or space to storing items like detergents, clothespins and more.

Does this sound like your space? Would you like to refresh and organize your laundry room to be more efficient? You may be thinking that is impossible. Well, today I am excited to share with you 10 sensational small laundry rooms outfitted to with function and style for a stress-free laundry day experience. Whether your budget is big or small, you will be inspired to make your space more functional in this new year.

1.  Closet Laundry Room Made Functional

At Home ArkansasSource: At Home Arkansas

Even though this laundry space is tucked away in a closet in this apartment, the owner found a way to make this space functional and stylish too. Simply adding a countertop gave this owner space for folding and a place to add containers to store glass containers filled with items for prepping clothes for washing. Additionally, adding upper cabinets allows for additional storage for detergents, towels, and other equipment. Lastly, I love the hanging space added between the cabinets for hanging dress shirts after ironing. Sidebar, I love the metal backsplash!! How chic and modern.

2. Cabinets & Open Shelving For Storage

chrislovesjuliaSource: Chris Loves Julia

Full line of cabinets added on top in white touching the ceiling for added storage. Open shelving for additional storage with wicker baskets to fill up with socks, dryer sheets, and other laundry room essentials. Love the sink section for cleaning out stains and last-minute laundry wash prep. I love the element of decor jars filled with laundry detergent. On the wall, there is a wall hanger that is easily concealed and ready to use to hang up shirts when needed. I love how she incorporated wall art into this space to make it look like a living space vs. utility.

3.  Customize A Space That Works For Your Home

athomewithnikkiSource: At Home With Nikki

What a beautiful, clean, and neutral space this is created by one of my favorite YouTube decor gurus Nikki. The laundry was customized into a chic and functional space using built-in cabinets for additional storage overhead. In addition to that, I love the additional built-in open shelving to store her beautiful metal baskets for storing odds and ends for the laundry room. Over to the right on the wall are cute white metal buckets labeled for storing clothespins, loose change, and other essentials for the home.

How adorable is the functional decor that is displayed on the white table tray? The introduction of nature with a plant and the clear glass swing bottles that house her laundry detergents and other items. How creative!! Now, that chandelier rocks my world! What a great way to glam up the space. Lastly, I love the additional storage baskets on top to store other household items like mini vacuums, steamers, and irons. This is a great way to keep the space nice a clean vs. cluttered with boxes, utility ideas, etc. I would totally look forward to doing laundry in this space for sure!

4.  Going Vertical For More Space

interior godSource: Interior god

SaveIf you can’t go wide with your laundry, then go vertical. Vertical stacking of your laundry gives you’re the ability to have additional storage and functional work surface in your room. I love how this homeowner added the drying rack to the side of the cabinet. This is perfect for the small space when needing an area for drying those delicate items. The cubby holes filled with storage baskets are great for adding laundry room essentials hidden for a clutter-free space. This will reduce your stress when laundry day arrives.

5. Maximize Your Storage Options

irisnacoleSource: Iris Nacole

I love how this blogger maximized her space by adding a small cabinet in between the dryer and washer for additional storage. There is also a space for storing the ironing board too! That ironing board is out of sight and out of mind. Additionally, I love the marble countertop with an elevated shelf in the back to hold other laundry room essentials or display decor to beautify their space. Whoever said a laundry can’t be a beautiful space to enjoy.

6. Dual Hanging Solutions

bowerpowerblogSource: Bower Power Blog

This space is gorgeous!! You will get great inspiration for the design of this beautiful space on top of organization ideas too!! Another example of maximizing the in between the washer and dryer with a stack-able 3 shelf organizer!! Counter-top is perfect for folding. Upper cabinet for storage and I love that they left open shelving for everyday toiletries for easy access for visiting guests. Lastly hanging space and secondary hanging under the beautifully draped window. Nice use of space.

7. Farmhouse Styled Open Shelves

twelve on mainSource: Twelve On Main

Here is another wonderful example of open shelving to store laundry tools or displaying decor. The addition of cabinets is perfect for keeping clutter out of sight and out of mind. Love the warmth from the rustic wooden countertop, the subway tile, and shiplap!! This space is small but is efficient to get a day worth of laundry complete.

8. Wall Space For Drying Solutions

homewithbaxter-newSource: Home With Baxter

 Beautiful redesign in a simple and chic gray tones with white beadboard finish to the walls. Sleek countertop additional for tasking. Cabinets for additional storage along with wicker and chicken wire style baskets to store towels and other toiletries.  Now, look at the photo on the right. I love how this homeowner maximized her wall space with a wall-mounted drying rack. I love this item, it’s small and when you want it out of the way it assembles back together without taking up a lot of space.

9. Mason Jar Storage For Laundry Products

styleathomeSource: Style at Home

What a genius way to use large-sized mason like jars to store laundry detergents. I love this clean way of displaying laundry room supplies versus displaying the different branded bottles that laundry products come in. This creates a clean uniform look vs. clutter of different branded bottles. I love the farmhouse styled wire basket for storing towels for additional guests or family’s back up supplies. Smaller jars for clothespins and tools to scoop of laundry detergent.

10. Wire Basket Shelving

fourgenerationsoneroofSource: Four Generations One Roof

Here is another example of a closet laundry room with open shelving ideal for beautiful wicker storage baskets filled with paper towels. I love how this homeowner utilizes the wire baskets as a cleaning caddy filled with cleaning supplies essential for their home. In addition to the wire basket used as a caddy, this owner also mounted another wire basket on the wall for additional storage options.

Overall, there are so many ways to create a functional space in your laundry room. Just remember to assess your space and incorporate a work surface, storage solutions for cleaning supplies, appliances, and other essentials that will make your laundry day stress free.

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