15 Must Have Laundry Room Accessories

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Creating that laundry room filled with function and style can be pretty exciting. From designing the perfect cabinetry, counter-tops, and flooring to the purchase of that top of the line washer/dryer duo can be a process. However, once the space is complete, it is time to create storage solutions and decor that will fit your style so that laundry day will be efficient and stress-free. Today I am excited to share with you 15 must-have laundry room accessories that will add function and style to your space.

1. Portable Laundry Room Hamper

1_laundry hamper

Having a laundry room hamper adds function for transporting laundry efficiently from each room in your home. I love the classic antique bronze finish mixed with the heavy-duty canvas bag that is easily removed for washing. This is ideal for a large family trying to keep the laundry contained and mess-free.

2. Table Top Ironing Board

2_table top ironboard

If you struggle with space in your laundry room when it comes to a large over-sized ironing board, then consider a tabletop ironing board. It’s small and easy to place on top of a work surface without losing space to iron. I know how difficult it can be to iron clothing in a small space with a gigantic ironing board in your way. You begin to feel claustrophobic and stressed. Let’s stop that and be smart with the space we have.

3. Wicker Milk Crate Baskets For Storage


Some laundry rooms are blessed with Cabinets to conceal the clutter of laundry room supplies. However, there are some spaces that have open shelving that can reveal unnecessary clutter which can make doing laundry a little stressful. If that sounds like your space, then try adding wicker milk crate Baskets for Storage. These are perfect for placing irons, towels, dryer sheets, and other cleaning supplies organized and tidy.

4. Wire Milk Crate Baskets


If you are into the farmhouse industrial style, then these wire/metal milk crate baskets are another alternative to storing your laundry room supplies. Additionally, if you do not want to see through your wire baskets, you can quickly line then with fabric. You can line them with any color that coordinates with your laundry room wall color. The options are endless.

5. Storage Laundry Supplies In Mason Jars

5_large masonjar

Most people may think that mason jars are only suitable for food storage. However, these 1-gallon mason jars are perfect for storing laundry essentials like clothespins, dryer sheets, detergent, and much more! I also like the clear glass mason jars for the fact that they are clear and you can monitor your stock levels of supplies more easily versus having then hidden and losing track of your supplies.

6. Industrial Numbered Wall Hooks


Give your laundry room that farmhouse look you love with this cute numbered hook set. I love how they’re numbered 1 through 6 in a lovely, old-fashioned style. These are perfect hanging lightweight clothing and hats. Or, if you are very crafty, you could hot glue these on a wicker or metal storage bin to add a bit of interest to your laundry room decor.

7. Sturdy Hangers Are A Must

A laundry room would not be complete without a space to hang up freshly laundered clothing, right? That is when you will want to have sturdy hangers like these from Honey-Can-Do. They are great for shirts, pants, dresses, and suites, and they’re strong enough to hold your favorite coats and seasonal gear. I love the fact that they come in a pack of 24 for only $21.49.

8. Vintage Inspired Laundry Room Decor

8_laundrywall decor

Now that you have your laundry room organized the way you want it, why not add some wall decor to the space. I adore this vintage-inspired washboard that has a metal washboard with wooden edges. The perfect laundry room decor accent piece for your home. This can be hung on the wall or leaned up against a wall.

9. Laundry Detergent Box

9_laundry container

If vintage decor is your thing, then this laundry detergent box must be added to your space immediately! This modern cream design is a perfect addition to your utility room. Not only will it keep washing powder or capsules secure in this attractive box. The tight tin plate lid will keep your washing powder nice and dry.  The finish is smooth and glossy and easily wiped down, and it also comes with 4 mesh bags for washing your delicate items too.

10. Galvanized Cleaning Supply Caddy

10_galvanized caddie

When it comes to having all over your cleaning supplies corralled in one place this adorable galvanized caddy will help save the day!! This caddy is typically used for storing flatware; however, it is perfect for storing stain removers, lint brushes, and other cleaning solutions for your home. So if farmhouse decor is your thing, then this is a match made in heaven.

11. Space Saving Wall Mounted Drying Rack

12_greengrass plant

Does your laundry lack floor space for hanging clothes? Try adding a wall-mounted drying rack. This is perfect for adding convenience for drying your delicates, swimsuits, towels, or wet winter gear on these handy drying racks. Each rack tilts out at three different angles, so you can choose the perfect height for hanging your clothes or accessories.

12. Bring The Outdoors Into Your Laundry Room

Adding an element of nature to your space can create a cheerful and relaxing environment while completing that fun task of laundry. If you are blessed with a green thumb, then add a colorful plant to the space. If you are not blessed with the green thumb, then add faux plants to your laundry room. Even though it may not be real, it can give the illusion and feeling of having the outdoors in your home.

13. Add functional Yet Beautiful Lighting

13_industrial chandelier

Who says your laundry room light has to be boring with that builder basic lighting kit? Why not elevate your space with this beautiful industrial styled pendant light by Claxy. If you are into the farmhouse look, this will create that feeling in your room. I love the geometric shape and the dark metal finish.

14. Industrial Metal And Wood Utility Cart


Is your laundry room lacking in work surface? If you have the luxury of space in your laundry room then adding this industrial metal and wood 3 basket utility cart is a match made in heaven. I love the fact that you have the work surface for folding clothes, and it comes equipped with additional storage bins too.

15. Laundry Room Themed Wall Art

15_wash and dry art

If you love to adorn your walls with contemporary artwork, then you will enjoy hanging this beautiful creation by Jennifer Pugh. I love the simplicity of the artwork with a simple call to the direction of wash and dry!! This would complete your laundry room decorating.

I hope that you found this article informative and inspiring. If you just finished your laundry room renovation or looking to decorate and add function and style to your space, then this article is for you. If you are aspiring to start a laundry room renovation or makeover and unsure of where to start then check out our previous article, “10 Sensationally Small Laundry Room Organization Ideas” to help get you started.” 

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