10 Simple Ways To Decorate With The Color Yellow

Hello friends! I am excited to share with you a new series of inspiration boards I will be creating for this summer season. I know that when it comes to decorating a room, the common obstacle can be a simple as deciding on the perfect accent color for your home, right? If you live in a home with an open floor plan, it is very important to select a color that can transition through each space. Today I will share with 10 simple ways to brighten a room with the color yellow.

Yellow is known for being the most luminous color on the color wheel. It is also the color of happiness and creativity. Additionally, yellow in most cultures represents the sun, warmth, and courage. Needless to say, when the color yellow is used in the right intensity it can create a cozy and happy environment for your home. So let me show you 10 different ways to introduce yellow in your home. Let’s envision we are working in a space that shares a kitchen and a family room

10 simple ways to brighten a room

  1. Decorative Dinnerware: I am sure that you already own white dinnerware, right? Simply adding these adorable lemon melamine salad plates by Kate Spade New York would have an element of color to your kitchen table beautifully.
  2. Yellow Flowers: A simple way of introducing color to a space is with a little nature and what I mean is fresh cut flowers.  You can find yellow flowers in the form of tulips, lilies, sunflowers and much more from your local florist. If you don’t have the convenience of a local flower shop, then let your fingers do the walking and order through amazon prime. Did you know that they offer prime delivery for flowers now? Who says you have to wait for someone special to order them?
  3.  Accent Vases: You can make a beautiful statement with these elegant Lemon Ombre Bottles. Just imagine them on your family room table or a fireplace mantle. They would definitely catch the eyes of many guests that visit your home.
  4. Mid Century Modern Accent Chairs: Now, I am in LOVE with color let alone the style of this accent armchair. I can see this accented with your neutral sofa or if your sofa happens to be Navy, Gray or a Slate color this would be a match made in heaven! What a great way to create a conversation area in your family room that is bright and inviting.
  5. Throw Blankets: Having a throw blanket draped across the sofa creates a sense of coziness and warmth to a room. This yellow chenille throw is another great way of adding color to your space. It’s soft and perfect for the chilly nights watching a fun movie with the family. In my home, they are used a lot for just that reason alone.
  6. Wall Art With Pops Of Color: Hanging wall art that includes your statement color is key. This will set the mood of your space and help pull two spaces together for example and open floor plan with a kitchen an family room. Let’s say your kitchen has yellow bar stools and then your family room has wall art with pops of yellow. You have instantly pulled both spaces together.
  7. Mantle Worthy Mirrors: If you are fortunate to have a fireplace in your space then this yellow garden window mirror is to die for!! The farmhouse trend is hot, and if you are into this trend then this is perfect. I can see this place in the center of a fireplace mantel accented with to vases with flowers and chippylicious candles holders!!
  8. Striking & Distressed Bar stools: Now, I am in love with these Yellow distressed metal stools. Again is the farmhouse style is your thing then this will be a perfect addition to your kitchen.
  9. Toss Pillows: Adding toss pillows with texture are a must. These fishnet lemon toss pillows will do this that. It will take your sofa from fall to summer in an instant.
  10. Accent Rugs: Lastly, another easy way to add color to your space is with an accent rug with hints of your statement color in the pattern. This adorable yellow pinwheel pattern rug is perfect for your conversation area in your family room. Or, you can also slip this beauty under your kitchen dining table as well.

I hope that you all found this article to be helpful especially if you are getting ready to decorate your a space in your home. Just remember to figure out what your statement color will be and then research the decor or furniture items that fit your style. That’s where the magic begins. Lastly, once you find the special pieces, test them out in your space and make sure you love them. When you do that, you will create a cohesive design that and your family will love.

Tell me, what do you think about this inspiration board? Was it helpful? Would you like to see more of these in the future? If so, what color should I do next? Leave me some feedback by commenting below…

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  • LOVE this board and yes I want to see more in the future!! Would love to see how to incorporate metallics….especially rose gold…in a way that doesn’t look teenager-ish and remains upscale/sophisticated for a married couple’s home! Thank you for creating awesome content Tasha!!!

    • Krista!!

      Thank you so much for your feedback!! I really appreciate it so much!! Now, rose gold in a more upscale/sophisticated way for a married couple!! Ooooo!! I love a challenge!! Let me see what I can whip up!! Until then have a great holiday weekend my friend. Xoxo Natasha

      P.S. What room are you looking for inspiration for??

    • Sherelle!!

      Thank you so much for visiting!! Aw, that is so cute that yellow was your favorite color growing up has a child. I agree it is such a cheerful and bright color. Have a great holiday weekend my friend. 🙂

    • Hi Patrice!!

      Thank you so much for visiting and your feedback! Now, I am loving the color blue too!! It’s such and calming and relaxing hue!! Have a wonderful holiday weekend 🙂

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