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Hello, my fellow fans of Chip and Joanna Gaines !! Did your mouth hit the floor when Chip announced on September 12th their new retail partnership with Target and the launch of their new home and lifestyle brand called Hearth & Hand?? I swear heart was filled with excitement and joy because I can not wait to see this new line that will debut during the best time of year, November 5th. (Image Source: Country Living)

November is the perfect time of the year to launch Hearth & Hand because many families will be in the mode of holiday celebrating as they transition into Thanksgiving.  Additionally, they will be in the mode of gift giving as we later move on to Christmas. Smart thinking on both Target, Chip and Joanna Gaines part. This new line will come action packed with over 300 items ranging from tabletop, home décor, and gift worthy items. Can I say sign me up? And let me set a reminder my phone for November 4th 11:59 pm so that I am ready to shop online at Target!! Here are a few shots of the line I found on the web:


Hearth_Tableshot collectionSource: All Things Target

This line will be available in-store and online so that all audiences can see it in person and shop from the convenience of their home. Now, the great thing about this launch is that it will not be a limited edition type of launch like other celebrity/designer collaborations Target had in the past. This partnership will last several years, and the line will debut newer items each season!! Way to go Target and Chip and Jo!!

The collection reflects a modern take on Magnolia’s signature style with modern and vintage touches. The price point will range from $.99 to $129 with the majority of the home and lifestyle line ranging from $30 and under, score!! For more details on this wonderful announcement, you can read about in on Chip’s post on Joanna Blog over on the Magnolia Market.

What are your thoughts about this new launch coming in November? Do you have plans on checking out this line for yourself? Is your wallet already on fire? Let me some feedback below for I would love to know!! Until then, stay tuned… As I find out more information about the launch and post-launch, I will share with you all what I decide to purchase for my home too!

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