Guest Room Design Matters: 5 Stylish and Affordable Solutions

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When designing a home, guest room is almost always at the bottom of your priority list. And that is no surprise, since no one has guests all year round. Still, the one time when you do have a guest staying in that room, you will notice your mistake and want to fix it. Leaving a family member or a friend from out of town to sleep in an uncomfortable half-furnished room suggests that you are a bad host, and you surely don’t want to leave that impression. All of this doesn’t mean that you must invest the same amount of money as you did in designing your bedroom. Here are a few affordable solutions that will help you turn a cheap roadside motel into a cozy overnight stay.

1. A Fresh Coat of Paint

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Some paint can go a long way when it comes to a room’s overall appearance. You can paint the guest room when painting the rest of the house, especially if you have some paint leftovers. Try not to choose any funky color, and if you have some deeper hues, mix them up with white to get a nice soothing shade. Some of the colors that fit into this story the best are blue, beige, green, white coffee, sand, and white, because they can combine well with different styles and furniture.

2. Build a Comfortable Bed

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This is an inevitable item when it comes to designing the guest room. You don’t have to splurge on the most expensive bed frames and mattresses, but it is important not to skimp either. A bed frame can be built out of retired palettes which will cost you almost nothing, but it will still be visually pleasing. Now you will have enough money left to invest in a quality mattress.

3. Introduce Different Storage Solutions

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After an uncomfortable bed, one of the things guests hate the most when staying in someone’s house is when they can’t unpack because they have no place to put their stuff. This is especially annoying if they are staying for a couple of days.

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Installing a small custom wardrobe won’t cost you a lot, and it can be useful to have even when the guests are not there, so you can store your winter clothes in summer and vice versa. You can also add some interesting storage solutions that can, at the same time, act like decorative elements, such as vintage chest you bought at your local flea market.

4. DIY Nightstands

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Nightstands can be very cheap in furniture stores, but why bother spending any money on it when you can make one on your own and that way give the room more character? It can be enough to use a small stool, but if you really want to make something special, you can re-purpose an old bookcase, vintage suitcase, old typewriter table, a wall-mounted shelf, or a reclaimed log. To make the nightstand more appealing for guests, add a vase with fresh flowers, carafe with water, a lamp and a couple of books.

5. Enrich the Room with Textures

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Layering different textures makes each room look more special and homey. First, give your guests a soft place to land on in the morning by placing a shaggy or faux fur area rug on each side of the bed. An extra knitted blanket or two on the bottom of the bed will not only make the room look like something on the cover of Architectural Digest, but it will also let the guests know that you are concerned about their comfort. A bunch of throw pillows on the bed will serve the same purpose. Make the room appear more livable, by adding a sitting corner (a simple armchair and small table will do the purpose) and some striking artwork on the wall.

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Now that you see how simple this is, aren’t you sorry you didn’t devote more attention to guest room design before? A few of these affordable tricks are enough to make you want to switch your stylish bedroom for this charming space.

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