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I am so excited to share with you all my first home haul of 2016!! This home haul was inspired by watching a few of my favorite YouTube home decorating vloggers like bemyguestwithdenise, verikeri and athomewithnikki! All three of these home decor beauties share decorating and organization tips on their channels. They also share their favorite places to shop and where you can find beautiful home decor on a budget.  A girl can appreciate that because after buying our new house the budget takes a big hit and I want to decorate our home without blowing our budget.

My first discovery of this new year is HomeGoods. I knew we had a few of the stores in my local area, but I never thought to check them out until I heard many mentions of HomeGoods in many blogs and YouTube videos. So, I thought to myself let’s check them out for one of the many items on my wishlist was to have a basic set of cream/white dinnerware and serveware for my kitchen. As a result, my search begins (disclaimer, this is a collection home haul) and since my mom just moved to Texas this holiday I have my shopping buddy at my side.

portugal dinnerware

While browsing area my new favorite HomeGoods store in the Austin area I instantly fell in love with the Fapor by Portugal serveware. I love the creamy white color and the beautiful beaded detail along the trim of the bowls.  These bowls are perfect for serving pasta, salad, and sides for any occasion. So I was getting excited, but I had to calm myself down because I did not know what the price points of the beauties were? So I turn over the item, and when I saw the affordable prices it was time to take these home with me!! From left to right the largest bowl was only $9.99 vs. $18.00, the 7.5” vegetable bowl $4.99 vs. $8.00, and a 10” bowl for $6.99 vs. $10.00. Amazing quality for the price, SOLD!!

My only problem is that I wanted a total of 8 vegetable bowls and they only had 4 at the time. In addition to that they only had 2 of the 10” bowls (I wanted 4) and the largest bowl the only had 1 (of course I want 2). Needless to say my mission over the next few weeks of January was to find the complete collection.

serveware collection

After a few weeks of searching, I scored the remainder of my collection, YES!! I found all 8 vegetable bowls, 4 large serving bowls, and 2 large pasta/salad bowls. In addition to finishing my serveware, I also picked some greenery so that I can incorporate it into my updated coffee bar, and do you see the salad plates I picked up too. (shame on me, lol)

These cute salad plates are by the same maker Portugal and the cost was only $3.99 vs. $6.00. Of course, I had to pick these up. Now my next problem is that I must have 4 more of these and the dinner plate too! What did I start?? But I LOVE them so much!! So if you have any idea where I can find more of these, please PLEASE leave me a comment below! I must find them!!! If you love the simplicity of the cream/white beaded dinnerware, you can find similar looks like the Bianca Bead Dinnerware set at Amazon.

measuring spoons

When I was out shopping with my mom at Kirkland’s, I came across these cute silver plated measuring spoons!! They were only $7.99 regular priced at $9.99. The reason why I purchase these is I wanted to have some cute and stylish spoons for scooping out sugar or creamer at my hot beverage bar. I love the heart shape and the arrow detail on each measuring spoon!

coffee mugs

Speaking of my hot beverage bar, I score these cute coffee mugs from my local HomeGoods for only $4.99. I love the rustic worn look to them, plus they are the same creamy white color as my serveware and plates. I wanted to update my hot beverage bar from a holiday look as you may have seen in my “How To Create The Perfect Hot Beverage Bar” post to more of a bright, clean look for spring. I can’t wait to share with you in a later post of my updated hot beverage bar!! In addition to the mugs, I also found these Gracie Teaware sugar containers for only $2.99 too!

sugar creamer

I will most likely use one to store my sugar and the other one I will use as a holder for my cute measuring spoons! The next item I was on the hunt for is a cute canister to hold my k-cups, teas and stir sticks. TjMaxx was the place where I found the perfect canisters. One this I will tell you leave by the TJMaxx in the Bee Caves area you will see a lot of these, and the great thing is they are sold separately. You are not forced to purchase a 3 or 4 piece set. You can buy what you need, and that is what I did. I picked up the Treats canister for $7.99 and the Tea canister for $4.99!! I swear I was in heaven.


I love that these are very simple in design and I also adore the embellished metal labels on each canister too! Again a perfect fit for my home. Lastly, I was in need of a can opener and a few dish towels. So, on my last trip on the month, I picked up these cute, colorful dish towel and kitchen aid can opener from you guessed it HomeGoods.

bowls and towels

I wanted to have a pop of color and boy do I love teal/turquoise color. The Striped set by Platinum Kitchen Collection came in a pack of 3 for $5.99, and this set is 100% cotton. The solid collection, by Kitchen Works, came in a set of 5 for $4.99. This set includes 2 white towels and 3 teal towels that are both 100% cotton. The kitchen aid can opener was only $12.99. My old can opener died on me, so it was time to replace it with something cute and colorful!

I almost forgot to mention that I also visited my local Hobby Lobby and I found these cute Gallery Prints. They were on sale for only $3.49 for a pack of 6 quotes so I purchased 2 sets. I purposely wanted to have an inspiring quote by my hot beverage bar to get my day and my family’s day started on a positive note. So I could not resist!! You can find similar gallery prints on Amazon and other crafts stores.

gallery prints

Overall, I had a great time researching and hunting for these amazing finds for my home. I can’t wait to share with you all how I use these items for sure dinner parties and of course my spring beverage bar too! Until then, I hope that you enjoyed this post! If you shop at HomeGoods or TJMaxx, share with me your latest finds! I love to be inspired and share the excitement of turning your house into a home.

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