Design Trend: Open Bathroom Concept for the Master Bedroom

Once a feature of chic boutique hotels, the open bathroom concept can now be found in homes around the world. While the daring greet it with open arms, the skeptical ones have a look of disapproval.

Nonetheless, no one can deny the fact that this bold concept creates an authentic and stylish ambiance. If you decide to introduce the open bathroom concept into your master bedroom, it will truly be a stunning décor statement.

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1.  Openness And Accessibility

Accessibility has become one of the most important features of interior design and is one of the main reasons why design enthusiasts have embraced the open bathroom concept.

By introducing this enticing concept into your master bedroom, you’ll be able to create an ambiance of openness while limiting the use of space and maintaining its functionality. Also, your lovely bubble bath will be just a few steps away from your comfortable bed.

The open bathroom concept is a great idea for smaller homes with limited floor area – instead of cramming your bathroom into a small, dark room, you can tear down the walls that separate your bathroom and bedroom and erase the limits that divide these two areas.

This way, you’ll create a single, multi-functional space that will gain a completely new dimension and a trendy look.

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2. Lighting And Airiness

Along with openness comes airiness that will make your open floor space feel much more enjoyable due to increased natural airflow. Your bedroom and bathroom will also be brighter because natural light will penetrate even to the darkest corners of your space, giving it a more positive, warm, and inviting feel.

When it comes to artificial lighting, you should create a lighting plan that will meet all of your needs. While bedrooms have gentler and more intimate lighting, bathrooms require a lot of focused light.

Dimmers are a stylish and flexible solution that will suit both purposes of your multi-functional space. You can easily switch between brighter and subtler light depending on your needs.

If you install a sink and vanity in your bedroom, as well, you should complement an overhead light with sidelights if possible because a single overhead light gives a rather unflattering reflection.

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3. Privacy and intimacy

Privacy is one of the major issues of the open bathroom concept and the main argument of the skeptics. While it might be true that by tearing down the wall you might be giving up your privacy to some extent, it can also mean that you’re erasing the barriers between you and your partner.

You might even deepen your intimacy and bring it to another level or rekindle the flame. Of course, this concept typically doesn’t entail the installation of the toilet in your bedroom – some things should be left behind closed doors.

Nonetheless, if you’re still worried about your privacy but like the idea of having the open bathroom concept, there’s no reason to give up yet. There’s plenty of practical and stylish design solutions that will enable you to both maximize your privacy and have a chic open floor master bedroom.

From movable walls to stylish wooden privacy screens to lovely gauzy curtains, your options to maintain privacy are numerous. Also, room dividers are often quite trendy, so they will both ensure that you have your peace and quiet and elevate your room décor.

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4. Spa-Like Ambiance And Relaxation

Bathrooms were once nothing more than areas meant for quick showers and other unavoidable actions throughout the day. Now, they are considered to be personal sanctuaries with a spa-like atmosphere where you can escape from the world at least for a while.

Bathrooms have become oases of relaxation and tranquility where you can nurture both your body and your mind. And with the open bathroom concept, personal home spas have been taken to another level.

With subtle lighting, stylish freestanding baths, and intimate ambiance, this concept has transformed bathrooms and bedrooms into romantic and intimate personal havens.

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5. Style And Décor

The open bathroom concept is undoubtedly a bold design statement that will elevate your décor. However, incorporating such a daring concept into your home requires careful consideration. It’s essential that you implement this concept subtly and skillfully to create a harmonious and balanced look.

Depending on your style and taste, you can choose between bathtubs and showers and decide whether you’ll introduce the sink and vanity, as well. Most importantly, it’s essential that you hire a reliable plumbing professional who will eliminate the risk of subsequent leaks and floods.

You should find contact information of a respectable and experienced plumber who will have both theoretical and practical knowledge to do the job. Otherwise, faulty work can cost a fortune in the future.

As for décor, you should aim at creating a balanced look that will have that spa-like feel. Neutral color scheme with pops of bolder hues, the use of wood and plants and plenty of candles will help you design a wonderful open bedroom-bathroom space.

Perhaps the controversy of the open bathroom concept has made it even more popular, but it will certainly create a sense of authenticity in your home. With appropriate lighting plan, the use of room dividers and stylish decoration, your multi-functional space will exude openness, airiness, and stylishness.

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