5 Effortless Tips To Style Your Bedroom Dresser Like Potterybarn

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I bet you are here because you are craving simplicity in your master bedroom? You are in your room right now with your eyes closed. You are imagining a clean and serene view that is beautifully decorated like the shows you see on HGTV, right? However, when you open your eyes you immediately see a cluttered dresser top filled with cups, jewelry, books, etc.

Well, you don’t have to keep the top of your counter looking like a hot mess for too long. Today I am going to share with you 5 effortless tips to style your bedroom dresser like one of my favorite home decor stores, Pottery Barn. I use this retailer for example because every time I walk into their showrooms they decorate each piece of furniture so elegantly without looking overly clutter. So, below I will be using an example photo and break down the decor process with you.

farmhouse bedroom dresser

1. Use Existing Dresser or Replace it?

I am assuming you already have the dresser of your dreams intact and ready to get started. If that’s correct then, Yay!! If not then, let me share with you this gorgeous Livingston 9-Drawer Dresser from Potterybarn. The knotty texture of the wood has me swooning over it already. I am also in love with the gray wash of this piece because it gives this dresser that weathered look. If the gray wash is not your style, this piece also comes in a dark brown wash as well. I also decided to link a few more styles that you may be interested in too!

2. Time to Clean and Purge Out Unnecessary Clutter.

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Before you begin to style your dresser I recommend purging, yes PURGE unnecessary clutter from your countertop. I know I am guilty of leaving out fashion jewelry, old receipts from purchases, books, mugs, T.V. remotes, you name it. Let’s put everything in its place! Once you have everything off its time to put a little elbow grease in action and clean. I love using my Method All-purpose cleaner in pink grapefruit! It smells so good and it gets the job done!

3. Create A Focal Point With A Mirror Or Artwork.

decorative wall mirror

Adding a mirror above your dresser is not only decorative but functional for any bedroom. You can add a rectangular mirror as you see in the photo above. This is the same mirror is featured with the dresser above from Potterybarn. The beveled glass mirror comes in two sizes 22×26″ or 30×42″ and it features a D-ring mount for easy hanging verticle or horizontal.

If hanging a rectangular mirror is not your style then I recommend hanging a round mirror. Round mirrors have been trending for some time now and you may have noticed as you scroll through Pinterest. Lastly, if mirrors aren’t your thing then hang a beautiful piece of art. Select a piece that is delicate to the eye since this is your bedroom and you want it to be a piece of art that is relaxing. Below you will find a few links to a few mirrors and art pieces I recommend checking out.

4. Add Minimal Dresser Top Decor

Now that we have the foundation set with cleaning, purging and setting our focal point it’s time to decorate. And, I mean let’s not re-clutter the area, but adding few statements pieces using the rule of 3’s, that is purposeful and functional. For example piece number 1, adding a table tray or bowl similar to the one in the photo above. It’s a simple piece that serves as decor and its functional for holding your nighttime essentials like skincare and other favorites.

For our 2nd piece, I recommend adding a stack of your favorite books. You can find designer books for your fashion divas out there. Or, you can find decorative books the fit the look and color scheme of your room. Once you have these pieces remember to group these items to the right since they are lower in height and stack no more than 3 books.

Finally, for our 3rd piece of decor lets add on a tall decorative vase. We will need to create balance from the shorter pieces of decor. I recommend placing your vase to the left side of the dresser. Once you’ve added your vase it will be time to add greenery which I will talk about what kind in the next section. Until then, below you will find links suggestions table trays, vases and coffee table books for your reference.

4. Final Touch With Greenery or Flowers

Decorative Plants

It’s finally time to add our final piece of decor which is bringing a bit of the outdoors inside. If you are blessed with a green thumb go for adding real plants like ferns, snake plants, and Aloe. These plants require the least amount of care. However, if you are not blessed with a green thumb then I’ve got you covered with a few faux plant ideas below. The name of the game is to go for a plant that has height especially if your vase is lacking in the height department.

I hope that you found this article helpful and I hope that it jumped started enough ideas for your to get started. Whether if you are going to shop your home for decor piece or hop online and check out new options I hope you feel confident and excited about decorating your space. Until then, please let me know below what tips you’ve found helpful or tell me what content you would like to learn about next.

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