7 Ways To Make Your Bedroom Your Sanctuary


In average, an adult person sleeps eight hours a day, which means that we spend one third of our day, and our life sleeping. It is better to make every hour count, right? That is not going to happen if you are sleeping in an uncomfortable bed and a room that is making you feel anxious. Fortunately, these are all problems that can be resolved with some cleaver re-designing. You can decorate your bedroom in a way that will transform it from an unappealing space into a truly relaxing sanctuary where you’ll be able to get your much needed rest. Here are tips that will help you with that. image source: Anthony Kalambet

1. Make It Simple

Have you ever heard that simplicity is the ultimate elegancy? A cluttered bedroom will only increase your stress levels and disrupt your sleep. Besides, too much stuff will make your bedroom less functional.

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Observe the room and decide what you really need and what you can throw out. Do you use the chair in the corner for sitting or you just pile up useless stuff on top of it? If the latter one is true, it just might be the time to get rid of it.

2. Introduce Soothing Colors

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Colors can significantly affect your mood, and if you choose well you can sleep like a baby, but if you choose badly, you can go through similar moods as with a cluttered room. While red is a big no-no, since it can trigger stress, green is ideal because it’s soothing and it is thought to have some impact on preventing nightmares. Other great colors for painting the bedroom are lilac, blue and light pink.

3. A Comfy Bed Makes Everything Better

The bed is the most important piece of furniture in your bedroom and, as such, it deserves some serious consideration.

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A quality, but at the same time a classy bed will consist of a comfortable memory foam mattress, a chic headboard (make one yourself using things like fireplace mantel, reclaimed planks, etc.) and soft bedding – a few statement pillows won’t hurt either (combine different textures, e.g. faux fur and silk).

4. Form + Function

Nightstands are the ideal combination of form and function. They are the nearby surface you need to leave your book, a glass of water or decorative piece, but they also serve as a decorative element. Besides purchasing two nightstands for both sides of the bed, you can also test your DIY skills. Luckily, these furniture pieces can be made of everything, ranging from old suitcases to cinder blocks.

5. A Place To Sit

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If sleeping isn’t the only thing you like to do in your room, and if you love reading books or just need a place to leave your bag, get a small functional yet comfy seating, such as an ottoman or a storage bench. If you have enough room, you can include a small desk and a table lamp to create a true reading nook.

6. Make The Light Just Right

Unlike most of the other rooms in your house, the bedroom doesn’t require too much light. Even if you are reading before you go to sleep, it will be enough to include one lamp on your nightstand or wall lamp to complement the ceiling fixture. Since there are only a few light sources, make sure to use them as decorative elements. Consider a Victorian-style chandelier or a sleek modern metallic wall lamp.

7. Details That Count

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Although you should keep your focus on minimalism, it is important to include some details that will stand out. That can be your favorite artwork on the wall above the headboard, a subtle, yet stylish wallpaper, a houseplant, a comfy and soft throw, a photograph, etc. Just don’t overdo it with various elements that belong to different design styles. Your goal is to create a harmonic space that will reflect your personality, but also allow you to cherish every hour of sleep you get.

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By following these tips you will turn your bedroom into your own piece of heaven where every spent hour will represent pleasure that restores your energy.

Chloe Taylor

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