15 Stunning Coffee Table Decor Ideas

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Spring is here, and during this time of year, many people begin to refresh their living spaces with bright and colorful pieces of decor throughout the home. The most popular area that gets an update is typically the living room. In that area, the piece of furniture that gets a spring refresh is the coffee table. This is the space where most families display their family photos, favorite flowers, candles, and other pieces of decor that makes that homeowner happy. On the other hand, the coffee table can be a challenge for some people to style due to the size, scale, and function.

So, to help take the mystery out of styling your coffee table, I want to share with you 15 stunning coffee table decor ideas that will inspire you to transform your living room into the space of your dreams. Whether your style is rustic, modern, traditional or eclectic, you will find a variety of ideas to get you started.

1. Keeping It Simple

If you have a coffee table that is long and narrow, keep it simple by using 3 simple pieces. In this photo, I love how they balanced the beautiful and modern coffee table by Safavieh with a simple orchid and stacking a storage box on top of a favorite book of the month. Storage boxes can be a great addition to your coffee table if it lacks storage for your TV remotes. What a great way to hide clutter especially when it’s time for your special guest to visit.


2. Add Texture With Wicker Baskets

On this table, you will notice a grouping of 2 colorful vases at different heights. I love how they coordinated the color of the vases with the colors of the toss pillows on the sofa. In addition to that, you will see an element from the outdoors with the greenery placed on top of stacked books. What a great way to bring spring inside your home. Lastly, I love how everything is grouped with the beautiful wicker basket. This is an excellent play on texture within this room.


3. Play with Metallic Decor

If your coffee table has a smaller surface area, don’t try to force on too many decor items on top of it. Overloading your table can make your space look cluttered and chaotic to your guests. Keep it light by simply adding beautiful and modern looking vases like the metallic vases in the photo below. The shiny surface adds interest to the room and balances out the gray tones on the sofa.

coffee table-3

4. Rustic Themed

I don’t know about you, but the rustic or farmhouse look has been trendy this season when it comes to furniture and home decor. I love the mixture of reclaimed wood and metal that you see in the coffee table below, and I love how they carried the rustic theme to the decor pieces you see on top of this gorgeous piece of furniture. From the chicken wired looking basket filled with decorative spheres to the organic look of the outdoor planter piece.

amazon reclaimed-4

5. Table Trays For Organization

Table trays are another excellent source for pulling together items you love in one place. Another reason why I like them is that they are easy to remove if you and your family are getting ready to play a fun board game together or you are in need of cleaning your coffee table. Instead of removing your beautiful vignette piece by piece, you can just pick up the entire tray and you are done.

ashley natrina-5

6. Table Trays Used for a Solid Surface

Ottomans are another favorite centerpiece in living rooms. However, it can be challenging to decorate them due to the soft surface. In the photo, you see how the table tray is used as a solid surface for this homeowner to create a gorgeous tablescape. I enjoy the tall clear vase filled with beautiful flowers, clear vases with candles for an intimate and warm feeling, and the use of the small pottery to create a beautiful site line for the eye. If you have an ottoman, don’t be afraid to bring it to life with decor pieces that make you happy.

coffee table-6

7. Adding Warmth with Candles

Another great way to add charm to your coffee table is by dressing it up with candles at different heights. In the photo below, I love how they added candles inside the clear glass and nested them inside a simple square-shaped tray. Just imagine when the candles are lit the ambiance it will create in your room. Another thing I noticed with this table is the added basket to the bottom. What a great addition that plays with the element of texture.

amazon hammary-7

8. Minimalist Look with Candles

Here is another simple table tray with just 3 candles. Very simple easy and clean look for this coffee table that is thin and modern. I also love the look of the leather-like storage basket with the added books inside. This again is another great way to clear up cluttered books off your coffee table and make it guest-ready when those unexpected friends drop by to visit your home.

amazon zinus-8

9. Organic and Rustic

This coffee table is very rustic and massive in this space. I like that the decor also has an outdoor feel with the addition of the antlers and the greenery. What a great way to complete the theme of a rustic log cabin feel in your home.


10. Antique White Decor

Even though this coffee table is small in decor space, I love how they incorporated similar antique white decor pieces to create a clean, bright, and shabby chic feel. From the antiqued looking picture frame to the lanterns filled with candles. All of the pieces are the perfect size for this space which allows room for additional decor pieces like the table tray that filled with crafts and a yummy relaxing treat of tea.


11. Simple Art For Decor

If you are not a fan of adding flowers, trays, and photos to your coffee table, then this look is for you. The coffee table decor is very simple, modern, and streamlined with the use of 2 simple art pieces at different heights and pairing them with your favorite books. This look is very clean to the eye and easy to maintain.


12. Chose A Side To Decorate

Choose a side of the table to create a neutral vignette. In this photo, most of the decor items are pulled to the left. Leaving room for a family to eat together or play a hand of cards without having to remove all of your decor items of the table. Unless you are like my family and everything has to go because everyone gets super competitive and cards go flying, lol.


13. Beautiful Containers That Sparkle

Adding decorative containers filled with candies will make a great treat for your family and friends. You can stack your sparkly containers on top of books for visual interest or group them. The options are endless when it comes to styling your coffee table.


14. Tea Party For Two

Of course, a coffee table is always grand with a tall vase filled with your favorite flowers and candles, but how about making it a place for displaying your beautiful tea set. Whether your tea set is in use for actual drinking or not adding a beautiful table setting with your favorite drinkware can really glam up a space.


15. Adding A Catch-All Tray

Adding a catch-all tray or trinket tray to your coffee table can create a sense of function in your family room. Sometimes you may come home from a long day at work and just want to sit back take off your watch, glasses, bracelets, and other accessories and cozy up on your sofa and have a moment of zen. Your catch-all tray will be the perfect place to hold your items until you are ready to migrate to your bedroom for the evening.


Overall, I hope that you found this post enjoyable and inspiring as you begin to decorate your home this spring. Remember, regardless of what your decorating style is you can create a beautiful tablescape that is unique to you. Just remember to add items that are most meaningful to you like family photos, green up your space with flowers & plants, and placement of decor at different heights to create a beautiful story about you and your family.

Next week, I can’t wait to share with you all how I decorated my family’s coffee table. I will share with you my coffee table and why I chose it and theĀ items I used to style it. So stay tuned. Until then I wish you all a great and successful week and remember always to sparkle and shine.

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