A Splash of Style: Tropical Inspired Home Décor

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Every year, as the summer arrives, we start dreaming about some exotic getaway, even though we’re stuck in our air-conditioned homes in concrete jungle neighborhoods for most of the season. Even if we do get a chance to visit a lush tropical paradise, we hardly ever remain there for a long time, and when we arrive home, nostalgia takes over. What if we could hold on to the feeling by bringing the spirit of the tropics into our homes? Here are some tips that should help you turn your home into an everlasting summer vacation.

Paint the Walls Neutral

Summer is always the perfect time to give your walls a new coat of paint since you can open the windows and let the paint dry much faster. Use this opportunity to create a foundation for your perfect tropical inspired decor. A neutral palette will provide you with the most versatility when it comes to other colors that can be used in this particular style. Some of your best choices are ivory, khaki, mocha, and beige. You can also include some white into the mixture since it evokes a sandy beach feel.

Now, Make One Stand Out

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An accent wall is just what every room needs, no matter the décor style. The simplest way to achieve chic tropical interiors is by using decorative wallpaper with tropical motifs. A large artwork or a gallery wall can serve the same purpose. You can use wall art that portrays flowers typical of this climate, lush tropical vegetation (birds of paradise, orchids, hibiscus, palm trees, etc.) or animal species that live in these areas (parrots, antelopes, leopards, cardinals, toucan, etc.).

Add Tropical Patterns

The most affordable way to make your home look like your vacation destination is to use patterned accessories that will enhance the relaxed and joyful ambiance of the Dominican Republic, Hawaii, and all the other tropical paradises out there.

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Throw pillows, bed covers, tablecloths, area rugs, curtains, vases, etc. will do the trick. Use the motifs we mentioned as an artwork inspiration and scatter those items across the room, so the tropical feel spreads throughout the space.

Nature Inspired Furniture and Accessories

Unless you are aiming for an eclectic style, tropical décor does not tolerate plastic and furniture that is too modernist. Give your home a natural vibe by using wooden or woven furniture pieces. If you are operating on a limited budget, introduce just a few items such as palm tree storage cabinets, wooden coffee table, counter stools, woven hanging swing, rattan chairs, etc. After you’re done with larger pieces, add several small statement items, such as palm tree ceiling fan, pendant lights, etc. Search for unique elements on flea markets, garage sales, and craft stores and websites.

Introduce True Nature

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Your home can only benefit from introducing plant life. The air will be purified, the stress relieved and your life happier. The only thing here you should worry about is that you choose the right plants that will suit your prevailing tropical décor. Tropical plants live under canopies of large trees, so contrary to popular opinion, they are well prepared for staying inside an average non-tropical home, and they can even thrive all year long. If you’re not much of a plant lover because you need to invest time to nurture them, opt for low-maintenance varieties like palm trees, bird of paradise, dumb cane, or bromeliad plants. Make sure your flowerpots also fit the décor.

Get Creative

Sure, you could pay for a decorator, give him enough money to buy everything you need, but where is the beauty in that? Since you have already done a considerable chunk of the work by yourself, why not take it to a whole new level by making some décor pieces with your own hands? It doesn’t even have to be a challenging project. Buy a large amount of raffia and use it to decorate flower pots, vases, kitchen bowls, etc. Use palm leaves and watercolors to make leaf prints on a piece of paper. Afterward, you can frame it and use it as artwork on your accent wall. If you’re ready to step up your game, you can even make your own woven rope pendant lamp.

Do Not Lose Sight of Your Basic Color Palette


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Once you start decorating in this fantastic style, it’s very easy to get carried away by all sorts of eye-catching items and patterns. Still, you shouldn’t lose sight of your basic color palette. The neutral color on the walls provides the perfect backdrop for the remaining colors such as various shades of green (vibrant, olive, lime, sage, etc.), warm brown, coral, red, orange, yellow, russet and blue. You can also use pink, purple, lilac, hibiscus and other conspicuous shades in accents.

In the end, remember that a home inspired by the tropics should have plenty of natural light. Avoid using heavy drapes on your windows, especially when it comes to the living room (they’re perfectly fine in the bedroom). If you don’t have large windows, use layered lighting solutions (overhead lighting, wall, floor, and table lamps). Once you’ve finished, your home should be vibrant, yet not overwhelming and calming, yet not dull.

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