10 Classic White Dinnerware Options That Will Blow Your Guests Away

white dinnerware options
When it comes to entertaining for friends and family, most people love to showcase their mouth-watering creations on a beautiful dining room table. To set the mode the dining room table is decked out with an impressive centerpiece and the latest trending dinnerware of the season.

The only problem with decorating with trendy dinnerware is that when the season is over the dinnerware is placed in a kitchen cabinet or storage bin never to be touched again. Why, because the stylish dish set was the trend of the season and now it does not fit in with the current trend or moment in time. As a result, your wallet takes yet another hit as you search for the next “that’s the one” dish set.

To avoid the money pit of changing your dinnerware every season let’s consider one decor basic that will save you money. When it comes to entertaining in your home most interior designers and home decor enthusiasts would agree that basic white dinnerware is the way to go. This neutral color gives you the ability to intermix your dinnerware during any celebration. Whether it’s Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter or a Mother’s day brunch white dinnerware is perfect and will never go out of style.

If you are looking to update your collection to something that is more clean, classic and timeless, then I am here to help. When it comes to dinnerware everyone’s style may not be the same. Some people prefer clean and simple designs. Then there are some that love the rustic farmhouse style that is popular in design today. Regardless of your style, I am excited to share with you 10 classic white dinnerware options that will blow your guests away.

american atelier Bianca Bead set

1. Simple & Elegant

The American Atelier Bianca Bead collection is so elegant with the simple beading along the edges of each piece. This set can be used for everyday dining and yet can be dressed up for your formal family gatherings throughout the year. I can totally see these dishes on a table setting for Easter breakfast or even a mother’s day brunch. How beautiful!

Thomson pottery Sicily White set

2. Ornate With Old World Charm

Is your style more old world? If so, the Thomas Pottery Sicily collection will be a perfect fit for your dining room table. You still have the white color accented with the beautifully aged motif along the edges of this set. Perfect set for those that want a little touch of color.

better homes and garden country set

3. French Country Inspired

If you are a lover of sturdy stoneware, then you will love the Better Homes and Garden Country Crest collection. This set features a delicate Fleur Di Lis pattern that adds sophistication and elegance to any occasion you may host in your home. I love the fact that this collection is dishwasher safe and can also be used for daily meals with your loved ones.


4. Farmhouse Chic

Clean lines and rustic charm is what this Madelyn set exudes. I can see this beautiful set displayed on open shelving in a farmhouse-inspired kitchen and used for everyday dining. I am in love with the weathered detailed on the edge of each dish. Just imagine your favorite recipe served on these dishes during your next family dinner.


5. Bohemian Rustic Charm

How special and amazing does this Everyday Chateau cream set looks by Pfaltzgraff? The delicate debossed stone wear is pretty and yet practical to use for everyday dining. I truly enjoy the burnished edges and the lace-like pattern on this set. For those of you that like a change from the traditional round shape dishes, then this one is for you.


6. Modern Square Design

If your style is more modern and bold, then you will love the Bianca Bead White collection of dinnerware. These square-shaped dishes are a bit different from the traditional round you see in most homes. You can get creative and mix these beautiful collections with other unique dinnerware or serveware you may have in your home.


7. Clean and Casual Style

Just in time for those casual family dinners, the Mikasa Cheers White collection saves the day. Sometimes your family dinner table calls for dishes that are simple, easy, and large enough to fit your delicious masterpiece on. These porcelain dishes are designed to uphold the everyday wear of a family dining together.


8. Old World Vintage

This Le Provence Four Piece Place Setting by Tabletops Gallery combines Old World charm and modern style to give your table a vintage look and feel that can fit your casual lifestyle. This white stoneware square dinnerware is designed in California by master designers and meticulously reproduced by their highly skilled artisans. Handcrafted features include scalloped edges, embossed beads and scrolls, and hand-glazed finish.

strawberry street nova

9. Everyday Basics

From your everyday dinner to a dinner party with friends and family, the collection by Strawberry Street Nova will get you there. If you are one that enjoys a sleek and clean dinnerware free from designs, then this set is a perfect match for you. Just imagine this set on your table for that next big family feast.

10. White on White Swirl

The Colorscapes collection by Noritake features a white on white design featuring an organic swirling motif. How gorgeous is this simplistic pattern! This would be perfect for people that do not like a lot of busy floral patterns on their dishes. Another great set to use for daily meals or entertaining for friends and family.

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